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i'm gonna build me an empire

species; equine
breed; marwari x akhal-teke x thoroughbred
eyes; dark gold
coat; desert sand
scent; sun, spice, slightly metallic

Like the color of the desert sands in the winter—subdued, soft—Amunemhet is the color of Solterra on an overcast day. All the colors of the Mors are splashed across his form: tan, beige, cream, even darker shades nearing on brown, as if he has been marked by the canyons of his home. Amun is slender, tall and sleek. He is neither entirely feminine in build—though his swan-like neck and willowy legs might suggest such at a distance—nor entirely masculine, but for his straight nose, chiseled profile and sinewy musculature.

Amunemhet’s hair is as fair as his skin, and long and straight. Well maintained against the Solterran sun and sand, he wears his mane tied back to his withers, where it hangs loose, but for two pieces at either side of his forehead, decorated with beads at the end. Amun’s tail is quite long, half of it hanging loose beneath the cover of a bit of fine cloth, whereas the rest of it has been cropped short and wrapped tightly. His eyes are a dark gilded color, like the glint of gold from the shadows, and he wears rather simple but exquisite wraps on his legs, of a mauve color with shimmering gold thread.

and it's lonely at the top

loyal, cunning, disciplined, witty, bright, methodical
pious, arrogant, controlling, vain, superstitious, secretive

Amunemhet comes from a long line of Solterran nobility, and his family’s beliefs have been instilled in him since long before his birth. They are in his blood, in his every cell—he is a Sevetta, and the Sevetta’s blood is old. He does not believe in the new ways trying to be thrust upon a court that has known what it is since its birth. Amun believes in the strength and power of pure Solterran blood, and above that of noble Solterran blood. It is all he has ever known.

He has always been bright, since he was a child, quick to pick up new things and look at challenges in creative ways. It made him a promising heir to the family business, something he has always been fascinated with. Amunemhet displays great discipline, a characteristic of his grooming, and comes across greatly concerned with his appearance. The Sevetta’s must always put their best hoof forward, of course.

But it is the parts of Amunemhet that are not quite so visible that perhaps make him stand apart from the rest of his family. Oh, as old nobles they are all worshippers of Solis and his great light but Amun… Amun reserves a special place for the sun deity in his heart. His faith is based on something nobody can quite understand, something he has never explained. It goes so much deeper than birth, than teachings.

He is controlling, ever so. Amun will control every detail in his life down to the smallest if he can. His family says it’s an oddity, one of his quirks, but it makes him great with business they say. He’s very good with a contract. But for Amun, it is more than that, because if he does not have control, he has nothing. Without control, he ceases to hold up the image he has been carefully crafting for years.

but madness and greatness can  both share a face

Amunemhet Kha’lid Sevetta, one of many of the Sevetta’s brood, was born of a political pairing. His mother, wed to another of Solterra’s well-off families, produced many children, but none as delicate and arguably beautiful as young Amun, who rivaled even his sisters in his foal years and beyond. He was a favored child, certainly, among his many relatives and the many nobles they often rubbed elbows with.

As a boy he was a veritable sponge and encyclopedia, who soaked up knowledge with eagerness and retained it with ease. From an early age the colt was set on the path of all Sevettans, one that required much care to maintain. Amun was thoroughly trained in all the typical trials required of him and any other Sevettan child: etiquette, image, politics, business.

He thrived in all of them, and he took every word his elders said to him to heart. “This is as things have always been, and as they should always be,” they would say, often. Amun never thought to question them, and never would. He believed every teaching as simple fact.

The boy grew into his svelte build, though he never lost that effeminate arch to his neck. Amunemhet took to business and politics, his parents noticed, and were quick to set him up with an apprenticeship under a family friend. Amun was familiar with the man, who often came to the manor when he was young, and was excited to begin learning beneath him.

Oh, things started out fine, and for a while Amun was able to convince himself that the brush of a shoulder here or the off hand compliment there were only accidental, only because the pair worked in close quarters and as mentor and pupil they had grown close.

But the man was enamored with Amunemhet, and over their time together slowly began to groom the younger male until the touches became lingering, almost constant when they were alone together. Until Amun no longer paused uncomfortably every time it happened but laughed and leaned in a little further. Until they were whispering in each other’s ears.

Amun thought that he was in love, and believed that his mentor felt the same way, so the first time they slept together he didn’t think anything of it. They were both adults, and he had put his whole heart into the connection that they had with each other.

Then one day it became less about what Amun wanted or needed but what he could do for his mentor and lover, whose own needs became even more pressing. But the Sevettan’s upbringing prevented him from speaking up against the man who showered him in more attention than he’d ever received in his entire life.

After a particularly difficult day, he found a book in a section of his mentor’s vast personal library with no words upon the leather cover but a sun embossed into the front in a perfect reflective gold. He opened the first page, which began with the phrase, “Light be with you.” It was a book about Solis’ teachings, in a way Amunemhet had never heard them before.

He devoured the book page by page, started to invoke the phrase in his everyday life. It was the first of many quirks he would develop, beginning first with his deeply spiritual attachment to Solis and ending with a number of superstitious habits.

They got worse after his mentor turned him out, saying they were done, claiming to Amun’s family that his learning was complete but the truth was that he had gotten tired of the young man. He had never loved Amunemhet, never truly felt the way for the Sevettan that Amun had for him. Although he kept up appearances for the sake of his family’s name, these quirks he had picked up were the only way Amun felt in control after that.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Heret, the Peregrine Falcon

Heret goes the way of all her peregrine kin—a surprisingly powerful and fast-flying bird for her size. From above she appears mostly dark blue-grey with a dark helmet marking covering most of her head. Her eyerings are yellow, as are her legs and the base of her beak, which is small and strongly hooked. Heret's underside is pale, in addition to a partial white collar, and the majority of this white is covered in dark barring but for her breast. Her eyes are dark, like a moonless night sky and her wingspan just over 3.5 feet.

Heret is Amunemhet's nurturer and caretaker. She is the only one who truly knows and understands how he is feeling, and she acts, in a way, incredibly maternal toward the young Sevettan man. The falcon would do anything to protect him, and will often try to offer him a piece of sound advice when she feels he is in need of it. All in all, she is both his guardian and his confidante; a mother and a friend, whenever he needs it.

Size Comparison

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

the gilded one

Amun wears a few reminders of his status—Sevettans must always look their best, of course. Beads in his mane of the richest red-orange coral, straight from the reefs of Novus' Terminus Sea, and satin leg wraps in a dark mauve color, embroidered with gold threads and edgings. He wears a covering over his tail of the same fine satin, certainly the largest piece he adorns himself with on a day to day basis.

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