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The essence of regality lies within one particular fae: Uttara. She was born to the fairies of Evermore, a notable beauty blessed with grace and splendor. Her frame is willowy, lithe and dashing, tall and empowering, yet entirely disregarding a ‘lanky’ appearance. She is all exquisite beauty, like a perfect statue carved by a highly skilled hand. Her form is reminiscent of an Anglo-Arabian, a thin and elegant creature. She is a breathtaking sight, eye-catching and effortless.

The base of Uttara’s coat is a dark and glistening velvet, a royal purple that flows luxuriously over her agile frame. Hints of a dark turquoise blue threaten areas of her velveted purple, such as upon her shoulders or neck, but are hardly seen underneath the most spectacular part of her appearance. Painted upon her hide, like the northern lights themselves, are magnificent stripes of cyan and turquoise. They begin as starkissed, faded bands that reach down her legs in swirling patterns of ribboned grace. As they fade down her body, they become much brighter, easing into a bright cyan that fades into turquoise at her hooves. Her entire body is spotted with light, starry freckles. Many of these “starry freckles” are clustered nearer to her shoulders before spreading out across her entire body.

Such a celestial being would not be complete without a thick flowing and beautiful mane and tail to accompany her. With stardust in her hair, she is a divine spectacle. Sprouting from her neck is a lustrous, smooth mane that boasts attention. Ever so slightly lighter than her coat, the base of her mane is a deep purple. Her long forelock is dipped in cyan and turquoise, as the purple fades to these bright colors as it comes to end. The rest of her mane is reminiscent of her coat, following the flow of her body and striped the same way her coat is, in the same locations. The ends of these strands are sprinkled with stars. Her tail is much the same, if not more beautiful. At its base, sprouting from her dock, it is a bright, cyan blue striped with electric mint, an interesting combination that lends to true beauty. Slowly, it fades back into a deep, velvet purple, spotted once again with stars from a distant galaxy.

Set within Uttara’s skull are golden eyes that reflect the kindness deep within her heart. They are warm pools of fire like melted riches, thoughtful and revealing of her true nature. Even as a princess, courted by many and complemented by untold others, she kept her modesty, and such a humble nature is reflected by her eyes, bright and beautiful, shining with a light untainted by vanity.

Decorating Uttara’s face is a unique, moon-like disk that covers the utmost portion of her features. From her crown to her nares, the cyan faded turquoise moon sits perfectly upon her slender face. The stars scattered across her coat shine brightest at this point, sparkling against the moon as their backdrop.

The last to adorn Uttara’s face is her long slender and pointed ears. These ears directly lend to her ethereal, otherworldly appearance. They are rimmed by the same cyan blue that touches the rest of her body. This particular trait is a common occurrence between her fae-kin, a symbol of her heritage.

Finally, to finish Uttara’s glorious appearance, her hooves are polished and smooth, a direct pop of color against the rest of her coat. To complement her velveted pasterns, the keratin upon her front hooves is tinted a lovely gold much like her eyes. In the same way, they sparkle like a refined treasure, easily catching the light and flashing as she walks. Her hind hooves are decorated with a bright, electric cyan blue, a brighter hue than the rest of her coat. They, too, glisten like distant stars.

Overall, Uttara is a posed, sophisticated and fashionable creature of noted grace and elegance. She was crafted from wondrous beauty and raised in grace and harmony. Like a river flowing smoothly through a plain, she is an otherworldly femme, a fae out of a dream.

Scent: Rich fruity florals with a balance of cassis and fresh night-blooming jasmine.

Voice: Sounds like

Uttara was born with the personality of a warrior, a fighting princess with a strong independence and confidence in herself. However, she lacked a brash and pushy demenour, and was always kind-hearted, though stubborn and commanding with a prepotent presence. After the massacre of her subjects, something broke in her, though, and her fighting manner crumbled. She became what she is now, a suffering, shattered fae recovering from an experience that rocked her world.

Uttara was always kind, caring and compassionate. She often times put others above herself in all situations, a selfless leader destinted to always be the devoted and loving princess of the fairy throne.

"You'll burn for this, witch."

"No, but you will."

In the beginning, Sighel only desired a child from the southern lord that came seeking the advantages of her dark magik, to help further her own ambitions. There was power in king’s blood after all, and he reeked of it. A descendent of the Khan perhaps?

But on the night of Yennefer’s birth, however, everything changed.

By no means was it love that overcame the necromancer, but rather the child’s raw, inherent power. Changing her mind then, about sacrificing her infant daughter to the Pagan-Celtic gods of whom she served, Sighel instead chose to raise the girl in secret. For, if any were to ever recognize who’s horns she bore, it would, without a doubt, lead them both to their deaths.

Growing up, there wasn’t much for Yennefer to occupy her time with besides her mother’s books. Though she learned most of her spells from Sighel, Yen liked to expand her knowledge without her dam’s general overbearing presence and constant criticism of her every incantation. Finding pleasure in the mixing of herbs, she oftentimes would stray from written recipes when instinct pulled her towards a different ingredient. At first, her mother disapproved.

Indeed, the older mare was quite territorial when it came to her recipes and the things she prized.

It took time for Sighel to realize just how superior her daughter had become in the art of brewing, but by then, it hardly mattered.

Yennerfer was gone.

Discovering a scroll, written in her mother's hand, detailing a sacrificial ritual that directly involved the blood of an innocent child - her blood - she fled helplessly into the night. Knowing Cindertop, a Sundowner's paradise, would be the first place her dam might think to look for her, Yen made for the southern state of Edana, instead. But of course, her horns being a near perfect reflection to that of her father's, she was recognized almost instantly.

Taken hostage, the people of Heti hoped to lure Sighel, a known necromancer (word was quick to spread when the Khan's nephew came skipping back through town with his undead bride back on his arm), out from her longtime, Faeforest lair.

She dared not believe her mother capable of mounting a rescue, not after reading the woman's notes on the sacrifice of her very own, newborn foal. Yet, to Yen's genuine surprise, her mother turned herself over that next day.

In exchange for Yennefer’s life, she would willingly give herself up.

"Let it be done." She had said, offering the men permission they cared naught for nor needed.

Immediately, she was taken and bound to a pyre. Sighel would burn for her crimes as a dark magic user. And given no other choice, Yen was forced to march up and out of the city – sentenced to a life of exile, but she could still hear the screams of her mother as they rang throughout the cobblestone streets of Heti.

In the end, it was fire that stole the necromancer’s heart, and fire that stole her life.

Active & Parvus Magic


A rare and powerful form of magik, Yennefer is capable of casting spells. Usually following a series of words, it is a practiced art meant for the production of specific magical effects; supernatural forces coming together in order to attain whatsoever her desired outcome may be. Able to achieve almost anything through the use of incantations, so long as it pertains to her chosen element, spells may also be cast by mere thought, with gestures and magical objects, or through a ritual of some kind.

Novitiate, Just discovering her abilities, it takes more than the power of cited words to conjure the forces necessary to be able to perform spells in an appropriate manner. Confidence being key, her voice must never waver, or else, the spell may lose its effectiveness. And though she may concur the power of Pagan-Celtic gods, its Edana's leylines that, essentially, fueled her mana pool. A vessel not yet capable of channeling the flood of such raw energy, she would tire easily. Temporal headaches are common, as are nose bleeds, but should she push herself any further, Yen's body may be wracked by that of a seizure.

Apprentice, Though she finds spoken spells to be more successful, she can now cast by mere thought alone, but such a feat is taxing and never quite so accurate. Sometimes, it may take several chants, words repeated in her mind like a prayer, before certain spells decide to take into effect. But even then, they are weak.

parvus | Astral Projection

Yen can employ divination, a method of reading the future, the present and the past, and/or provide help to a problem at hand by reading patterns found in a deck of tarot cards.

Novitiate, A hit or miss, Yen finds predictions of the future hard to pin down, and even if she's struck with a vision, it's never quite as reliable as she might try to make it sound. Events of the past and present, signs easier to read, require a practiced mind, but more than that, Yen must begin and end with a clear head. The thoughts and feelings of those involved translating via drawn cards, she plucks at the information given until an image begins to form - her understanding deepening.

Apprentice, Her visions are clearer now, but like all those in the beginner stages of their magik, the strain of its use wears heavily upon her. Should she search too hard for answers, her body may collapse under the immense amount of pressure, rendering her unconscious. Depending on the severity, it could be mere seconds to a whole hour, before her mind so chooses to reawaken.

Passive Magic


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