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For a mare, Avdotya is no delicate wallflower; she stands at 15.1 hands and her exterior is rigid and worn from the past, marked most notably by the extensive claw marks that have been carved across her body. They cut into her cheek and drag across her stomach, sprawling back to the hindquarters- it's truly a wonder that her guts were not spilled the moment she received them. Avdotya, however, wears her scars with great pride, as if they are tokens she has earned over time that are to be admired rather than abhorred. Clearly, the woman bears no concern for pure and pristine beauty.

Down the crest of her neck, Avdotya's mane and tail have been cut down to a blunt end, stunting most growth. It is only lower down, near her withers, that the hair has been left to grow long, but even so, it too finds a straight edge at the ends and rarely is there a hair out of place.

She is primarily coated in black, but shades of pale grey exist in faded patches that are scattered across her lithe body. It is her eyes that present a small pop of colour on an otherwise muted canvas, burning brightly like the fire of Solis' sun.

Certainly she is no stand-out among the crowds of Novus, but perhaps that is a good thing for her type...
"How is it, he wondered, that such a feral beast could live beneath her skin; how cold and empty her eyes could become?"

Rarely is Avdotya found without an accessory of some kind, but it's her tattered old bear pelt that she treasures most. Taken from the body of the grizzly she slew in her youth, the woman wears its skin as a prize of sorts; a symbol of her revenge upon a man who had ripped her from her family and dismantled her life bit by bit.

There are times where Avdotya wears an assortment of chains that adorn her legs, all of which that are fastened by glistening pieces of fine silver. Similar rosettes of silver and gold hug her knees and are sometimes used to her advantage by utilizing the points of each petal; they are dangerous as they are beautiful, and it should come as no surprise that they sometimes carry traces of dried blood gone uncleaned.

To complete the set, the woman will at times dress her tail in a golden cuff; she is not frequently seen with it, for it seems Avdotya only wears it on particular occasions.

Since childhood, Avdotya has been a particularly stoic creature. She was raised within a band of desert-dwelling horses whose culture gravitated around mental and physical toughness; to show vulnerability meant abandonment and abandonment often meant inevitable death. Certainly, then, Avdotya had little choice in who she was to become as she grew into an adult.

Because of her upbringing, joy and kindness are entirely foreign to her mind. She understands little of such warmth and responds to it with a rather sour attitude, especially when she experiences confusion from it. She cannot fathom why any being would so openly accept and trust a complete stranger and as a mare of fairly high intelligence, an inability to understand another causes her great discomfort. This explains her prickly response to those who do lean on a pleasant demeanor for everyday interaction.
  • Independent
  • Adaptive
  • Tenacious
  • Shrewd
  • Hardy
  • Logical
  • Negative
  • Ruthless
  • Cold
  • Indifferent
  • Merciless
  • Volatile
  • Vicious

  • In spite of her coldness, Avdotya can be quite adaptable. Her demeanor can range from sensual to sharp in the blink of an eye; however, the more she grows to understand the mind, the more her knowledge begins to influence her very being. She was built to survive and her mind will take on any form it requires to enhance her chances of thriving, regardless of the consequences to those around her. Over time, she has more often than not a relied on the portrayal of vixen-like siren and knows just how dangerous a single swing of her hip can be in the right situation.

    She knows very well how to navigate through many different scenarios on words alone thanks to a cunning and flexible mind; but even still, like the desert viper she has come to be, she will not hesitate to strike... yet to risk injury in avoidable circumstances is a rather foolish thing to do, is it not?

    Avdotya was born into a particularly harsh band of primal horses. They were poorly known to the world around them, haunting the deserts of Solterra with scant evidence of their existence ever left behind. Those folk who lived less feral lives often heard whispers of the tribe, sharing tales of midnight raids and claiming to have witnessed a ‘savage’ themselves. Their reputation was in low standing with most of the population for their terrible acts, but one particular sovereign had seemed to have taken great interest in the group. He was quite enthralled with the idea of collecting an individual for himself; being a possessive man, he often took pleasure in owning things others could not have... regardless of whether those things possessed a heartbeat or not. ‘How exotic would it be,’ he thought with a grin on his plump lips, ‘to own such a creature.’

    It was around the time of Avdotya's second birthday that the emperor, known to Novus as Zolin, had ordered the organization of a specialized unit whose sole purpose was to hunt down the tribe. They were to find them and capture one to bring back to the capitol for their ruler - to return home empty-handed was a sentence from their childish king to their own extermination.

    Many months passed and the group proved to have little success in their hunt. Their targets were elusive, tracking them was near impossible… and yet, on one particularly hazy evening in the desert, they happened upon a branch opportunity, the fruit of which was ripe for picking. Such opportunity, however, was young Avdotya’s great misfortune, for it was on that night that she had been sent on a solo hunt of her own. It was a rite of passage within the band; those who survived childhood would be tested for their skill. They were expected to track and kill another being as proof of their strength, ability and mental toughness.

    The young mare had been silently following a lone stallion for many days when the hunters found her as she awaited the perfect moment to lay her trap. It was when her victim had settled in to a small clearing near the oasis that she revealed herself to him, her prowling silhouette glowing dimly in the firelight that crackled between them. She spoke not a single word, but simply stood there and offered him an impish smile. There was a glimmer of suspicion in the man’s eyes as he studied her - and the pointed spear sidled up to her leg - but he acknowledged her nonetheless. Avdotya mimicked his hello as she sashayed around the fire, causing him to step back with hesitation, but he couldn’t help but find himself becoming intrigued by her mystique. He did not reel back the next time she advanced, leaving them nearly nose-to-nose, close enough to feel each other’s warmth and for him to smell the subtle stench of death upon her skin. Once again, a smile snaked itself across her velvet lips... this time it was different. There was a certain viciousness to its curl, and the expression that befell her features reflected that all too well.

    In the blink of an eye, Avdotya reached for her spear and the stallion, quick to realize his mistake, immediately spun on his heels. The young huntress disappeared into the darkness of the thick overgrowth that blanketed the oasis, pursuing him like panther with its prey; she was out of his sight, nothing more than the frightening sound of rustling foliage getting closer, ever closer. Panic soon flooded the man’s wild eyes when she finally burst out from the brush with her pointed spear aimed at his throat, piercing the soft flesh with deadly accuracy. He only made it a handful of strides further before his knees buckled to the sand, collapsing into a pool of his own blood - she had hit his jugular, as intended, and the already significant loss of blood left him helpless as Avdotya now loomed over him. With her bloodied spear still aimed, she pointed it to his heart… and never hit her mark.

    As the young woman was about to end her target’s suffering, the plants around her had come alive and suddenly gripped each of her legs. She was jerked to the ground and dragged away, thrashing wildly but unable to escape the strange leafy appendages that entangled her. Shortly after, three hooded figures appeared with satisfied grins spread wide across their darkened faces. Then, without warning, a dart laced with some sort of toxin was delivered to her shoulder, administering a poison that left Avdotya in a drowsy stupor for many hours; all she could do was watch as the world turned to a whirling blur.

    When she finally came to, she was surrounded by lavish decor and cushioned pillows. The mare squinted with sleep heavy in her eyes and an awful sting that the sunlight - which spilled brightly through the window - brought to them. She moved suddenly, struggling to get to her feet when a gentle voice reached her ears- “Shhh,” it cooed, “you will hurt yourself if you flail like that.” Avdotya threw her head towards the sound and glared at the man who stood before her. It was Zolin, the emperor. He looked entirely ridiculous, dressed in gold and feathers like some sort of gilded peacock. She spat at him and finally got to her feet, watching with satisfaction as his eyes followed her saliva while it trickled down his chest with disgust. “You filthy wretch!” he cried, “disrespect me again and you will be put in your place!” That was all she needed to assault him a second time with her spit.

    That was the first day Avdotya encountered the boy-king’s abuse. Like a coward, he lashed her with the stinging edge of a whip and tore into the mare’s cheek. It left a mark that would forever mar her savage face, yet she continued to push him further and further. She was no object to be possessed, no treasure to be flaunted, and so, making her existence in Zolin’s life as dreadful as possible was all she could do obtain her freedom once more. Unfortunately, it only seemed to dig her deeper into the fortress that contained her.

    After months of fraying Zolin’s nerves, the young woman was sent to the very pits of his stone-built abode. It was used as a fighting ring for the emperor’s most ferocious collectibles, a source of entertainment for him and those that worked in the ranks below. Many different species of animals were housed there; the conditions were pitiful and most of the creatures were little more than skin and bones. Avdotya herself had lost a considerable amount of weight and muscle, though her mind was still as strong and resistant as ever. For this, she was thrown in the ring against the king's most vile beast, a massive old grizzly, with only her spear to defend herself.

    For a few long minutes, their battle was quite one-sided. In a single massive swing, the bear had carved into her entire left side and left her bleeding in the dirt while he circled her like a piece of meat. In that moment, Avdotya closed her eyes and whispered desperately to Solis above; it was a plea, a cry for help to release her from this forsaken life.

    She did not anticipate his response.

    The ground below began to push against her weight, willing the young mare to rise to her feet and fight back. It was as if the energy of the desert itself had invigorated her being. Dripping with blood and smeared in dirt, Avdotya reached for her spear and faced the grizzly head-on as he lurched towards her like a freight train. She did not falter, but instead watched as the ground quaked at her will, rippling beneath the bear's heavy charge and sending him crashing to the ground perfectly before her in a cloud of dust. It took only a moment to drive her spearhead between his eyes, killing him in an instant.

    There were no rewards for her victory. The woman was simply thrown back to her cage and left for the next battle- but there were to be no more pit-fights for her. With the help of her newfound gift, Avdotya escaped her prison in the dead of night; however, there were a couple of stops she intended to make before fleeing the capitol. From her earlier opponent, a part of his hide as a prize for her own selfish desire… and Zolin, she owed him a visit.

    The woman razed through his guards with astonishing ease, driven by anger and a intense desire for vengeance. She did not hesitate to tear down his lavish doors when she reached his quarters, the very sound of which startling him awake from his peaceful slumber upon silken blankets. White as they were, they would soon be stained red.

    In spite of the emperor’s desperate sniveling, Avdotya did not hesitate to run the edge of her spearhead clean across his throat and watched with satisfaction as he bled out on the cold hard floor. She paused only to wipe the blood from her old spear upon the pristine hairs of his coat, then turned to leave him and the memories of this place behind her. So she fled, leaving behind what chaos would soon flower in the wake of the king's death and returning to the sands of the desert where she truly thrived. In fact, she flourished as she matured in solitude, building a name for herself as a skilled killer for those who knew how to reach her.

    Finally, she had the freedom she so yearned for.

    Active & Parvus Magic



    Avdotya's magic is unrefined and sometimes out of control at this stage. She can stir the sand and soil, lifting particles from their resting place and forcing them in the direction with which she wills them; however, she tires quickly and the motion lacks any kind of grace or refinement. It seems she has developed some kind of connection with the earth...


    With practice, she has gained more skill in the use of her abilities. While her powers seem work with footing of all kinds, Avdotya has taken a special liking to the sand that surrounds her in the deserts of Solterra; she is able to take the sand and create small, simple shapes with it. She cannot maintain control for extended periods of time, but she is more than able to move sand and soil with ease now.


    Avdotya can now make use of her skills for extended periods of time. Every movement is sharp and precise, as if the sand has been willed to life and given purpose. She can manipulate much larger volumes and the shapes she creates are becoming all too real. Much like the physical spear she wields, Avdotya's favourite trick is to mimic the shape of an arrowhead and point it wherever she so pleases.


    Having finally mastered her abilities, the desert is quite literally at her command. She can summon sandstorms and stir violent funnels of sand, leaving any nearby creature entirely debilitated. Her work is magnificent and certainly a power to be admired, though it is best to keep a distance, lest one desires being buffeted by a relentless battery of tiny grains of pelting sand.

    Passive Magic

    In Avdotya's moments of rage, a small tremor can be felt underfoot by those who are near her. It is not significant enough to throw one off balance, but it can be quite unsettling.

    Bonded & Pets

    Avdotya has a Borzoi named Feliks as her companion. His personality mirrors her own quite well, often seen as stoic and austere; however, his seriousness has been known to crack at times, unleashing an energetic soul who would love nothing more than to tear up the desert dunes... much to the chagrin of his bonded.

    Armor, Outfit, and Accessories


    Outfit one.

    Avdotya owns an old, worn bearskin as a token from her past. Thick, brown fur drapes over her back with the support of protruding ribs and vertebrae left over from the animal's body and is further secured by red fabric. The skull, dull and cracked in its age, still remains part of the hide and is the focal point of the piece itself. It holds a special place in the mare's heart and she wears it with utmost pride.

    Outfit two.

    A more religious piece, this outfit is Avdotya's representation of Solis. It is made from a mixture of various materials including fabric, gold, silver and bone. She often wears it for more prominent occasions, but will at times wear it simply because she can.
    reference here.
    Avdotya can sometimes be seen wearing a collection of thin, gold chains that adorn her legs. They are fastened by pieces of silver and a cuff that sits around the base of her tail.
    reference here.

    Additionally, Avdotya wields a primitive spear that is always found strapped to her left foreleg. It is never outside of her telepathy's reach as it has become something of an extra appendage to her.
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    (x1) small weapon

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