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Draft Mule Red Dun Sparse Mane & Tail Identifying Marks Build Expression
- By an American Mammoth Jack - Light chestnut body - Frosted: Hair looks darker at ends than roots - Small star on forehead - 16.1 hands high - Inquiring
- Out of a Latvian Harness Mare - Dark reddish points - Mane is short, sticks up haphazardly - Big ol' ears - 1250 lbs - Affable
- Dorsal Stripe: Reddish line down spine - Tail is typically hock-length and thin - HEEE-HEE-HE - Heavy warmblood type - Courteous
- Transverse Stripe: Reddish stripe across shoulders - Light feathering on legs - Black, solid hooves
- Leg barring: Reddish horizontal stripes on legs

+ Curious + Innovative + Accessible + Deliberate + Equable + Adaptable
Curiosity is the driving force behind much of Willfur’s behavior. He strives to know, understand, and expand upon all things. He feels that he was born with senses to absorb raw data and a mind to comprehend it. Constant observation and endless analyzation of the world around him gives Willfur a deep base of knowledge and allows him to gain insight and explore practical applications of many ideas. Despite his focus on the intellectual, Willfur is neither cold nor reductive. He enjoys spending time with others and endeavors to be a comfort to friends. His perceptiveness allows him to empathize well and express his emotions clearly. There is nothing Willfur does without consideration; When he is kind, he means to be kind, and when he is not, he fully intends to cause offense and will tell you so. He prefers to be open about most things and dislikes lying. Willfur can be both refreshingly level-headed and frustratingly impassive. He rarely gets upset and genuinely couldn't care less whether someone likes him or not, so his decisions aren't swayed by whether an action might reflect positively or negatively on him, but to those who think 'loyalty' entails taking their side in every argument he can appear changeable or undermining. Though he abides a few overarching morals, Willfur is always open to debate and willing to have his mind changed when presented with a strong argument. He values those who add to or challenge his beliefs in an interesting or unforeseen way.
- Hesitant - Invasive - Judgemental - Frivolous
While others might feel something is an obvious solution or decision, Willfur would entertain options and opposing viewpoints even in the face of blatant expectations or standards, sometimes to his own and others detriment. His own openness can sometimes lead Willfur to wrongly assume intimacy with others who might hold their thoughts and feelings more closely than he does, but he's quick to recognize an overstepped boundary and makes amends with genuine care. Used to his own philosophical view of life, Willfur sometimes finds other’s overly emotional or thoughtless responses unsettling, which can lead to an opinion that many are unreliable or unable to think truly freely, remaining bound by the ideas they're used to rather than interpreting for themselves. Willfur's whimsical nature can sometimes make him seem childish and unorthodox, his interest just as strong in the aesthetic and recreational as the useful or innovative.

Birth Youth Adolescence Adulthood
Willfur doesn't think much about his beginnings, neither kindly nor bitter. He was just a baby, born as vulnerable and disarmingly adorable as every other foal that year. He looked a little different, but he nursed the same, played the same, and got into the same mischief as others his age, so the slight differences in ears and tails and withers were easy to overlook, especially in those spider-legged, frenetic first months. Curious, but cautious, Willfur was often the last one to approach a new unknown and was sometimes teased for this hesitation. He isn't a particularly fearful animal, he just prefers to observe and analyze instead of acting in a way he would think is careless. His interest in exploring and experimenting was as much for gaining general knowledge as it was for experiencing tangible milestones, so even at a young age he could often be found dwelling quietly on some new object or idea, far longer and with greater attention than any of his companions, which quickly began building an encyclopedic memory in him, along with earning the humorous reputation of 'Jack-of-all-trades.' While others his age began suffering their first jilted hearts and battered prides, flaring tempers found Willfur's casual disinterest and overall dismissal of everything teenaged angst infuriating, making him an easy target for ostracism and abuse. He tried not to take any of the other's outbursts seriously, since he could see how impersonally the freshly rejected filly called him 'jug headed' or the colt he'd bested in sparring sneered 'freak,' under his breath, but even with the uncanny understanding that none of it was really about him, Willfur struggled not to hold grudges or become mistrustful of others friendship when they repeatedly made amends only to lash out again over something just as trivial and misdirected. He'd always known he was a mule, of course. That much was obvious and his mother had never hidden or shied away from the fact, but he hadn't known, growing up in a home that never singled him out or treated him unfairly, that in many parts of the world his long ears and hoarse voice would be looked down on. He didn't know that his personal strengths and weaknesses would constantly be overshadowed by assumptions of 'stupid' or 'stubborn' or 'bad tempered' until his desire for knowledge inevitably led him away from that sheltered place. It was a shock at first. He was hurt, then angry, then intrigued, as always, as to how he might use this stereotype to his advantage and what else he might learn on his journeys.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Bag: A small leather bag with neck/shoulder sling for carrying even smaller items.
Bell: A small metal bell, braided into his tail, that rings pleasantly when he moves.
Ear Warmers: A pair of knit tubes to warm his ears. Think big mittens just shoved on there, and yes, they do have the little string that ties them together so he doesn’t lose one.

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Hello, I’m Townsen!
Between working ridiculously long hours and frenetically cleaning the house, I enjoy riding my three horses, playing games on the PS4 or 3DS, and getting temporarily but intensely obsessed with various things.

Veer is my lovely, talented wife, so check out her DA link on this profile, and feel free to contact me if you’d like to plot, thread, or just chat about whatever.

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