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Aoife is a small stocky pony, but her carriage is graceful and her head alway held high, possibly trying to compensate for her small stature. Five pronged glossy antlers spring out beside her perky ears and her long white mane trails on the ground between her heavily feathered hooves, often picking up twigs and leaves. Her coat is ivory with jagged splashes of a medium chestnut colour that gleams copper coloured with golden highlights. Her right eye is brown and her left eye a cloudy grey colour and slightly scarred, although she still has partial vision out of it. All in all she’s a compact cutie.

Never having much confidence, Aoife tends to project outwards a lot to hide that fact. She’s always felt insecure about being small and perhaps less elegant looking than other girls. She’s a genuinely kind and bubbly little being but it is often to an unhealthy level where she puts others needs before her own constantly to the point where she has no time to focus on herself. Aoife has what you might call a unique laugh, and she’s always had a proclivity for rough housing and practical jokes. She’s a little shy with the opposite gender and has always been romantically unlucky and never particularly popular with the boys which led to her being very discouraged and pessimistic in that area. When asked she’ll often act like she doesn’t care but under the surface she does really long to be loved romantically. She wasn't born when her people were massacred but it left a deep festering scar of fear in her heart. Though friendly, she is very wary of strangers, especially tall ones, and she is often somewhat scared that even horses she does know may turn out to be monsters. She doesn't let this show though and she always tries to be kind to those who look different to her, as she knows how it feels to be judged on appearance and she wouldn't wish it on anyone.

A small cave sits deep in the heart of a cold dark pine forest. A lone white figure moves solemnly between the eerie rows of trees, the moonbeams casting an unearthly halo over her ivory coat. “We’ll be safe her little one” the tired mare, Orlagh, whispers to her unborn foal as she lays down in the little hollow. The cries and violent screams ring in her ears as she sits in the darkness. She tries to sleep, but sleep will not visit her that night or many nights to come. She catches a few minutes at a time, listening, straining to hear or see any sign of the monsters that killed her tribe. “They came from nowhere” she said, her brow furrowing with sleep deprived confusion “they looked almost like us but they had no antlers, they looked so odd, so unnatural”. Her tribe lived high in the mountains, weeks travel from any other civilisation. Her tribe travelled so little that outsiders became like a myth, aside from one neighbouring tribe, the Tekes who had spiraled horns instead of antlers (can you imagine?). Then one day they came in the night. They slaughtered and plundered and laughed as they did it, stealing away mares and fillies and killing stallions and colts. They were huge, at least 15hh, taller than anyone her tribe had ever seen. She ran, swiftly, silently, tears streaming down her face and the wind stinging her nostrils. For hours she ran, sweat streaming down her heavily pregnant body, she tripped and fell and almost screamed as she felt one of her ribs crack but she dare not make a sound. She knew they had been following her but she didn’t know if she had lost them. Her side stung every time she took a breath. She lay panting and crying on the forest floor for an hour before she pulled herself up and slowly plodded towards the sacred forest. The pine trees were tall and straight and the lines between so symmetric it looked like a dark gothic church. Mist on the ground cooled her off and she walked slowly on towards the cave. Her foal was mostly healthy, though her mothers escape and subsequent fall caused some damage to one of her eyes it barely stopped the capricious little fawn. She bounced through the pine forest alone for six months chasing rabbits and bringing her mother more joy than she could imagine possible. But finally her mother decided her daughter needed company. Already her daughter was a little socially stunted but none the less they headed of for Tele territory, hoping they too had not been slaughtered. When they arrived her mother was relieved to find a bustling community waiting for them on the mountain lakeside. They were welcomed in with much sympathy and a lot of cooing and doting from the mares as Aoife fluttered her silky little eyelashes and giggled at their funny spiral horns. The Teke fillies were slender, shiny and beautiful and that made life a little hard for a tiny and surprisingly muscular little filly like Aoife. It’s not that they were outright mean but they never made a real effort to include her and they thought she was funny. She did get along with the colts however and spent a lot of her time rough housing with them. Many a sunny afternoon was spent butting heads, quite literally, and the dull crashing of horns on antlers could be heard ringing throughout the valley as they sparred, from foals to yearlings and even into adulthood. She was always seen though as one of they boys, and as much as she loved her friends at a certain age she really began to long for a romantic companion, not just someone to head butted and occasionally dunk in a lake. So she set off, bidding her mother farewell and promising to visit just like any other kid who knows they probably won’t. She travelled to Terrastella where she wandered around with a kind of happy go lucky aimlessness, taking joy in the scenery and living off the kindness of strangers, and sunbathing.

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I’m a happy go lucky ray of sunshine I love all animals and plants and I love walking thru forests with my dogs and having coffees with my handsome man :) I have 2 senior dogs, an adorable rescue cat and three gorgeous spoiled pet rats and I’m Australian :D

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