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Solstice is a beautiful and feminine creature. She is tall and lithe, painted with the colors of the sunrise. Her base coat is a rosy brown, fringed with hues of blue and gold. Upon her chest, a star-flecked patch is emblazoned upon steel blue. Her eyes are honeyed gold, and her mane is an ombre fade of gold to blue, matching the shades on her large wings. A leonine tail replaces the familiar horse-tail, flicking this way and that, mirroring her mood. In all, she is a picture of beauty and grace, and though she could appear and intimidating and fierce creature in the skies, her personality instead reflects a meek and gentle soul.

Kind | Gentle | Introverted | Inquisitive | Disciplined | Warm
Naïve | Trusting | Sheltered | Prim

With her cold and impersonal upbringing, it would be understandable if Solstice were to have become a callous sort of creature, but on the contrary, she has a gentle and warm soul. Wide-eyed and unaware of the ills of the world, she is very much a naïve and trusting girl, who could easily be taken advantage of. She sees the good in everyone, and finds herself curious about love, but unsure of her own beauty and allure. In the right circumstances, she could be a strong and loving partner – but with darker intentions, her innocence and sheltered persona could be easily manipulated.

Solstice is just beginning to taste freedom, and is torn between guilt and curiosity. She is still young, and can be perceived as being socially awkward due to not having peers to interact with throughout her childhood. Interacting with her will require patience and kindness, and a disposition to teach her both the good and bad about the world. She is desperate to learn, but just needs a willing teacher.

Having been raised by the priestesses, she is also restrained, disciplined, and prim. Her conscience is constantly warring between this restraint and her own naturally inquisitive nature which is fighting to take flight.

She was born on the solstice – a blessed and cursed day. On the day of her birth, there was a hush which fell over the mother, for she knew this child was not hers to keep. Instead, all those who would be born on the solstice were given to the temple to be raised by the priestesses. Treated as a symbol more than a child, Solstice was not allowed a traditional childhood upbringing. Instead, she was revered as a treasure by her herd – unmarked by sin and unable to leave the confines of her temple-home.

When war came to her land, the temple was ransacked and Solstice was stolen away, with only her status to protect her from being ravaged by her captors. Like the place where she was raised, the young maiden was commanded to stay far from the others, allowed only the company of the warlord who stole her away and of the priestesses who demanded her to fortune-tell and cast good omens upon their warring tribe. Through it all, despite the cruelty and the shuttered existence she was forced to live, Solstice remained a kind and gentle soul. She was simply unknowing of anything else, of anything better than the existence she’d come to accept as inevitable.

It came to her one night in a dream, that the world was a bigger place than she would ever know in her current confines. In the dreamscape, she followed a light which beckoned her far from her captors, slipping away through the tent-flaps and into the unknown night. Under a shroud of darkness, her imprisoners lost their unsullied maiden to her own free-will… and the light brought her safely from the shelter she’d always known to this place. Novus. A place of new beginning – of choice and of opportunity. Here, Solstice was free.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Solstice finds a lost kitten, abandoned by her mother, and takes her in as a bonded and naming her Luna. The kitten has imprinted on her and remains steadfastly loyal. She is a long haired mixed breed, black in color with unusual purple eyes. Luna is fiercely protective of her master, as fearless and bold as Solstice is timid. Unlike her keeper, she is slower to trust, but friendly toward those she accepts.

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