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Lumaris is half fae and half elf, a dangerous combination of grace, speed and strength that makes him both beautiful and deadly. With centuries to hone his abilities he has mastered the art of battle and makes it look elegantly lethal. Baring similarities to the Baroque breeds Warlander and Lusitano his form is comprised of strong muscle, particularly his shoulders and neck which carry the brunt of the giant elk antlers upon his head. Long-legged though proportionately so, he stands reasonably tall at 18.1 hands with his lithe but muscular physique speaking true of his battle ability. A warrior of many decades he carries himself with a detached kind of pride, walking tall but ever watchful and ready to fight. Evidence of his fae and elf heritage are his slightly extended, pointed ears and teeth.

Swathed in velvet of the deepest blue his pelt darkens subtly at the legs, nose and back with pale bird-catcher spots dotted sporadically across his form, mainly on his head, chest and neck. About his face and hindquarters are lines and dots forming a nonsensical pattern. These are in fact primitive tattoos representing everyone under his responsibility that Lumaris has lost. The two dots at the corners of his right eye represent his former mate and her brother, the most painful scars and most painful memories. These tattoos are there to remind him of his failures and mistakes, to teach him to do better and to never grow close to others lest he fail them too.

From his muscular rump extends a long unicorn tail with dark, less saturated blue hair flowing in gentle waves from the appendage. His spinal column extends most of the way down that tail allowing him mostly full movement of it, its length aiding in balance. Similarly blue locks adorn his neck, long and slightly wavy with a single braid trailing the length of it. Golden jewellery adorns both his tail and mane, a clasp to tie his plait and rings with beaded chains decorating his tail.

Perhaps the most eye-catching aspect of Lumaris’ appearance is the large pair of dangerous elk antlers rising proudly from his brow. Glowing gold, blue and black they appear woven from fire and lava, practically dripping yellow-gold down the tines. Each point is razor sharp and with the right amount of power behind a jab, capable of spearing the heart of anyone else. Unlike natural elk, Lumaris’ antlers do not grow fur in the summer but remain hardened keratin all year round. Surprisingly heavy, his thick neck and powerful shoulders are more than capable of wielding them with strength. Lumaris’ hooves are also the same fiery gold as his antlers and possess a similar glow.

Whilst his antlers may seem daunting his mismatched gaze is practically unnerving. Previously baring the ability to manipulate both fire and ice, Lumaris oculars display this. His right orb is a fiery amber colour, glowing much like his antlers and containing no white or black in their depths. The left eye is an icy blue, cold and calculating and again glowing with no white or black in the unending pools. (until i get passive magic, he does not actually glow)

Courageous | Well trained | Secretly passionate | Clever | Good leader | Calm/collected

Controlled | Previously rash/reckless | Self-sacrifical | Protective |Distant | Obedient | Cool | Closed | Reserved

Cold | Harsh | Broken (wont admit it) | Lost | Slightly self-loathing

Lumaris has always been a horse a war; a horse at war with the two aspects of his personality. On the one hoof his ice ability gave rise to his legendary calm, his icy composure and unnerving, distant stare. On the other hoof is the wild recklessness, untameable power and flaming passion of his fire abilities. The battle of his two powers has led to him needing constant control over himself and what he is doing in circumstances. Control of his body is also an important aspect of his fighting ability and makes him deadly upon a battlefield. It is when he loses this control that his fire abilities come to the forefront making him quick-tempered and aggressive. During the long years after his mate’s death it was the flaming aspect of Lumaris that took over, driving him nearly insane with anger and self-loathing. It wasn’t until his father sent him to fight for his aunt’s army that Lumaris regained his infamous calm. Lumaris is also known for his courage, leading skills and intellect. Rising to elite among his aunt’s army his fame grew among both Elves and Fae, revered and even feared for his tactical and commanding nature.

Off the battle field the blue stag is usually avoided. Closed and distant he keeps himself very much to himself and will never let anyone in. Even his little group of warriors understand his reserved personality and do not push him for friendliness. At social gatherings, unless acting as a body guard for his royal relatives he is very much out of his element. More often than not he comes across as harsh, particularly when he is training others, and this is mainly due to struggling to connect to others since he keeps himself very reserved. He doesn’t deal very well with other’s feelings or even with his own and so he keeps away from others when they are feeling particularly emotional. Lumaris will never let anyone in and will never admit to anyone, much less himself, how broken he really is. He never got over the death of his mate and continues to blame himself for her and her brother’s demise.

In order to understand Lumaris’ history one must first understand the world into which he was born, Alanaris. A place where the weird and the wonderful, the mythical and the fantastical all exist in relative peace. Among these legendary creatures were the Fae, the Seelie and the Elves. Many, many years ago, soon after the Immortals’ war, Elves and Seelies came together in a union and 5 couples were wed. The offspring of these couples, Elves and Seelies, became known as Faeries. Though in present day the Fae have developed somewhat as their own species, the cross between Seelies and Elves are still known as Faeries however they are looked down upon by the Faeries who can trace their lineage to the original couples. Seelies keep very much to themselves and besides the odd one, do not interact with the outside world. This left Faeries and Elves to get along. Elves were a calm species, finding their happiness in nature and making their homes in forests. Set apart from mortals by their immortal life spans, pointed ears and slender forms, they kept much to themselves in perhaps a haughty manner. Fae on the other hand were a more temperamental species, more animalistic. They too considered themselves above many other species for their extended life spans and enhanced strength and speed. Set apart by their large ears, extra height, pointed teeth and ability to shapeshift into a single other form they were far more tricky than elves and often had a hoof in nasty relations between other species. Despite their similarities they were forever at war, hundreds of horses each year losing their lives to centuries old feuds. Until an elf and a fae fell in love. Both species would only ever take one mate throughout their infinite lives and there would only ever be one true mate for Faeries- this could be told immediately by scent. It was not unheard of for interspecies matings but it was looked down upon. That was until an Elven Princess and a Fae Prince found their other half in each other. And so began an uneasy alliance, the wars halted and tense relations begun. Although for many centuries after no Fae found their mate in an elf or the other way around, both species began to get along and realise their similarities. In order to keep the peace a group of 13 elite warriors from both races would give an oath to act objectively in maintaining prosperity and protecting the fragile bonds between Elves and Fae. Once an oath was formed it could not be broken unless the leaders of both races agreed to release a warrior. This had not occurred and given that the Great Elven King, Durann enjoyed using the Ring (the 13) to his own ends it was unlikely to ever occur.

Many centuries on from the beginning of that uneasy alliance an Elven princess by the name of Ayleana and a Fae Prince known as Decante once again found their true mates in each other. These were Lumaris’ parents. Immortality meant that few Kings or Queens were replaced and so neither Lumaris or his parents were ever in danger of having the responsibility of a Kingdom. Nevertheless they were expected to act in certain ways, part-take in certain meetings and learn certain things. Thus Lumaris was brought up with the best education available and taught under the best fighting instructors there were. His abilities were always a problem; Fire and Ice magic were both a rarity individually but together it was unheard of. Lumaris was the first to possess both sorceries. It made him volatile, uncontrolled and unhappy. Many a magic professor saw to the stallion but learning to control both magics, to put up with the constant battle of his energies was something he had to learn on his own. And so he did. Growing up he was always a remarkable steed, not just because of his unique magic but also because of his strength, intellect and battle ability. Immortality gave him the blessing of a long life to learn how to control the fire and ice so that by the time he was 112 and found his mate he was in perfect control. Secari was his everything, his whole world and the perfect match for him. They spent 23 happy years together, during which time Lumaris befriended her brother too. Nevertheless he was still a reckless young stallion and when war with the mortal came Lumaris was ready to rush headlong into battle. Upon the fields of war he was in his element, his magic a great asset to the Fae. The antlered steed lead his people but despite his efforts the mortals made an attack on home territory, aided by the help of the demon King Mammon. Secari had made Lumaris promise to protect her brother for she cared more deeply for her brother than herself. When the armies came and the sword fell Lumaris had been protecting her brother when she died. He felt it in the very core of his being when Secari’s life left his. Fire raged and ice reigned but he was too late to save her. In getting to her body he left her brother and he too was killed. In the end the fae won but the scars were too deep to call it victory. Lumaris left the stronghold that night, unable to bear the memories of who he had failed. After tattooing himself to remember those he’d lost the steed fled into the night.

It was years before anyone caught hide or hair of the stallion, years he spent alone and simmering in his guilt, sorrow and self-hatred. It is said that Elves or Fae that lose their mate do not live long afterwards. However his father cared too much to let his son while away his life into nothing but ashes. News of his deeds during the war, his successes had turned to legends among his people and so his father sent him off to the High Elf King to work as his Captain of the guard. Under Durann Lumaris learnt his icy cool, learnt to pump all that anger and self loathing into his fighting until one day signed over his life to join the Ring, giving up his rights as a Prince never to rule should the crown fall to him. The High King was pleased to add Lumaris to his roster, pleased that his grandson was to be one of his most loyal servants. Although the Ring were supposed to work objectively for both the Elves and the Fae there was no doubting that they served Durann’s wants more than anything else. For 205 years he served Durann, fighting his battles, killing his enemies and maintaining the prosperity of the Elven and Fae races. Many of his deeds became legend among mortals, fair folk and other species alike and some of his deeds were unspeakably immoral but when he made that oath to join the Ring he made the oath to do as he was bid. A week or so after his 376th name day there was an assassination, a demon attempting to break the alliance between Elves and Fae but killing the only inter-race mateship. Lumaris’ parents were killed. This time it was Lumaris’ ice abilities that won out; nary a tear was shed for his parents, simply a cold vengeance and an icy cool that made him oddly intimidating. Deserting the Ring was unheard of but Lumaris could not go on being a part of this world and so he left, never to be seen again.

Following his desertion, Lumaris found himself in Sovereign where he met Aelin, a beautiful winged mare. Her kindness and patience inspired him and the two became fast friends and then lovers. After her death he was distraught, giving into the feral part of him that separated the more animalistic Fae half from the peaceful elven blood. Reckless and utterly destroyed, he left Sovereign and haunted various lands before finding himself in Edana. There he found Aelin once more, alive and well but for the loss of her memories. The woman believed herself to be called Lekha at the behest of the Wraith, Angvar who manipulated her into thinking she knew him and the rest of his cult. Secretly he intended to sacrifice her to his malevolent God, believing she would be reborn like him. Unable to accept that Aelin did not recognise him, Lumaris trailed her for some time, telling himself it was to protect her. After hearing Aelin in distress he races to find her. She has broken free of Angvar's facade and the Wraith was attempting to keep her in the swamp by force. Lumaris and Angvar fight, with the former's extensive training and experience allowing him to win with ease. Aelin and Lumaris reconnect and somehow end up in Novus.

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