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Build; Tiamat has all the refinement and elegance of her Arabian ancestors, being slight in conformation and delicate in her features. She has a slender but well-shaped body, a deep chest, and good bone. Her head is very fine, similar to an Arabian’s, but not quite as “dished” in profile. Her legs are long and willowy, the blood of her Thoroughbred heritage granting her scope and speed where the Arabian cannot. Overall, she is quite effeminate, with soft curves and velvet smiles.

Color; A blue buckskin, Tiamat is swathed in soft shades of blue. The main part of her body is lighter, mimicking the sky on a clear spring morning, before fading to a deeper hue along her face and legs. Across her torso and neck, there are also faint streaks that lace her skin, imitating the refractions of light as it plays through the ripples of water.

Mane & Tail; Tiamat’s hair is long, flowing, and silky to touch. Her mane cascades around her shoulders in a waterfall of the softest beach curls, while her leonine tail is generously fringed with a plume of wavy tresses that kiss the ground behind her. Both are a rich, dark shade of navy.

Horn; A single horn protrudes from Tiamat’s brow. It is slightly curved and tusk-like in shape, sharp at the tip, and colored a glittering ivory. Most notably, it is hollow, and carved with decorations of various designs, all honoring the sky and ocean waves.

Scales; Just below her eyes and above the curve of her cheekbones, rest a few clear scales. They are dainty in shape and slight in number, just enough to catch the sunlight and illuminate the light of her gaze.

Eyes; Framed with luxurious dark lashes, Tiamat’s eyes are large, expressive, and doe-like in character. Washed a pristine white, their color is vivid and glowing against the deep blue of her complexion. Only the thinnest trim of sapphire outlines her irises, hardly visible unless one were to look close enough.


pure, selfless, respectful, passionate, endearing, playful
naive, gullible, fearful, helpless

Tiamat is a rare burst of purity in this dark and dreary world. Against all odds, despite all the horrors that life has seen fit to haunt her with, she has held fast to the chastity and innocence that were born in her heart. She is gentle and caring, the warmth of her kindness large enough to swallow the earth and everyone with it, harboring intentions that are unadulterated by the monsters that surround her.
Respect comes naturally, as does the loyalty that burns fiercely in her heart. Even so, such passions do nothing to hinder the playfulness of her spirit, or the eagerness of her charity. She loves to learn, and readily seeks out the wisdom of those who can teach her new things, particularly anything related to healing or nature.
Unsurprisingly, her affections are earnest and uninhibited. Tiamat loves easily—her opinions unencumbered by judgements of appearance or reputations.
Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible for innocence to exist without naivete, and such is the case for her. Perhaps she trusts too easily, perhaps she lacks some vital questions that need to be asked, perhaps she is too enchanted by the sweetness of virtue to look past the light. Tiamat fears the darkness, and thus is unwilling to accept the power of its existence.
She fights it, even when it has left its ugly scar in her life. Following the events of Helovia’s destruction, and her subsequent experience in the Rift, Tiamat struggles with her own, very real demons.

Furthermore, Tiamat, having forgotten her true past, has created around herself an idea that she is the child of nature—a daughter of the ocean and sky.
Although she understands the concept of traditional birth, she does not believe to be physically birthed by the sky—she considers the event of her birth to be her awakening in the aftermath of the storm, and does not concern herself with how she came to the world prior to that event. Spiritually, the ocean and the sky are her parents, and it does not occur to her that she is different in any way for not having a traditional mother and father.
That being said, Tiamat also does not consider herself better, more special, or different than any other creature for her parentage. In her beliefs, all are born equal. She similarly believes that everyone has spiritual connections to the land, but that not everyone remembers them, or stays in touch with them as she does.


The Beginning…

Tiamat was born to her mother, Akkadia, and her father, Apsu, within a foreign, faraway place. As a girl she was abused by her parents and doubted by her herd—it was a cruel and harsh environment, wrought with molestation and violence. Suddenly, mercifully, there was a massacre throughout the land, slaughtering everyone, and leaving Tiamat as the sole known survivor. With her young mind blocking the horror of the memories, she fled the wreckage strewn behind. Soon a storm arose, and she became lost, before she awoke on the shores of Helovia. She believed this to be her birth, her awakening, her creation, and assumed that the ocean was her father, and her mother was the sky.


Within Helovia’s Threshold, she was greeted by a kindly mare named Lena, and joined the people of the Aurora Basin. Mentored by Lena, she began to study the art of healing. However, tragedy suddenly struck when the sky went black. Terrified of losing her mother, Tiamat wandered away from the home she had established. Guided by her father, she risked everything in order to find her dearest mother sky. Eventually, with her mother found and light restored, Tiamat sought out Helovia once more, wanting to begin where she had left off.
Resuming her tutelage under Lena, she soaked in the information, and learned quickly. She healed many people, friends and strangers alike, and rose within the ranks as a healer of the Aurora Basin. To her dismay, tragedy struck suddenly when the Rift Wars began—foreign gods spilling into their world and wrecking havoc. She was distraught and troubled by all the violence, but continued to fulfill her duties as a healer. Ultimately, she proved herself talented and devoted enough to become a Time Mender of the Basin, a healer graced with holy magic from her beloved God of Time.
Once the Rift Wars were over, and peace began to bloom again, Tiamat was given an egg when she helped save a young moose calf. When the egg hatched, Nimue was born, and the two bonded—their souls entwining as one.
Not long after, Tiamat was promoted to lead her beloved herd, and she became a Lady of the Aurora Basin. She ruled alongside one of her many friends, Rikyn, and was a charitable and compassionate queen. She loved her people, and they loved her in return. For a while, all was good in the world, until Kaos rose from the stale ashes of the Rift Wars, and began to inflict chaos and grief all across Helovia. He began to destroy their world piece by piece. Eventually, her beloved Basin was consumed by the deathly darkness, and in a rare moment of anger, she cursed this barbaric monster. She didn’t want to leave the home she had loved for so many years, and almost succumbed to the darkness herself—she only survived when her dear friend, Wessex, saved her from its corruption. She was shocked by the death of Helovia, aghast with pain. Wessex had to force her through a magical portal, saving her life a second time.

The Rift…

The portal spit her out into the Rift, the very home of Kaos. It was a strange and dangerous place—brimming with glowing plants, bizarre creatures, and beady eyes that always seemed to be watching them from the shadows. Still careening from the shock of losing Helovia, the mare was lost within the treacheries and monsters that lurked around every corner. Unable to find her loved ones, Tiamat and Nimue were alone and suffering. She didn’t know how much time had passed, or if time passed at all in this twisted place, she only tried to stay alive. It was on an unsuspecting day that she was suddenly swallowed again by a gateway to another world. This time, with precious Nimue ripped from her side, she was truly alone.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic


Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Seaweed and Sea Shells: Woven carefully into the dark tresses of Tiamat’s mane and tail are small seashells and strands of seaweed. These are trinkets from the ocean, tokens given to her by her father that she carries with her to always keep him close.

Necklace: There is one simple necklace that Tiamat wears. It consists of a thin silver chain, and bears three small charms: a colored-crystal orca, a shard of marbled-blue eggshell that is encased in glass, and a little piece of a once-enchanted mirror. Each charm holds dear sentiments, and she cherishes them with all of her heart.

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