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They say Van Gogh ate yellow paint to make him smile

She is delicate, wispy, almost like a ghost. She moves just as silently. She bends and curves like an aspen tree. Her hair is just as pale as one.

Those eyes are too big for her little face. Blue eyes. Blue, blue eyes. Too blue, like her mother’s.
Too blue like the sky.
Too blue like water on a clear, sunny day.
Too blue like winter frost.

She has asked what the mark upon her shoulder means. Her mother tells her it’s the moon, it’s a blessing. Elliana wonders just what it is a blessing for. She wonders if it means she should be like the moon, beautiful, quiet, strong when she has to be. Maybe, maybe, she should be like the moon.

She has dreamed about that mark upon her leg. A spirit came to her, with paintbrush and white paint, turned that leg from dark, dark, dark.

A heart upon her brow.
A gift from mother to daughter.

She will look at her mother one day, in the sun, and wish she were just as blonde, just as beautiful. But, another day too, Elliana will go into her shadows, and realize she is sunlight.

Sunlight and shadow.

I started to wonder what might happen if I ate paint for awhile
ref image by cannon

Some days, I feel everything at once. Other days, I feel nothing at all.

They say ‘you are Elena’s daughter.’
She says ‘I am.’
They say ‘you will make a good medic like your mother.’
She says ‘thank you.’
And she breaks a little inside before gathering up her brush and paints—trying to turn that pain into art.

Her smile is a small thing, it teases at the edges of her lips but does not claim them entirely. As if her happiness is not so easily won.

Where her adoration for the sunshine and starlight comes from is unquestionable. Though it terrifies her to ask either her mother or her father why she finds herself so deeply in love with the shadows. She is terrified of them, she loves them—they haunt her. She hears them whisper, hears them rattle and shake. She sees things in them.

“The shadows, they breathe, Mom,” she says to her mother one night, huddled close in her mother’s bed. “Shadows don’t breathe,” her mother says with a sigh to tuck her in. Shadows that breathe, shadows that talk, shadows that dance. Elliana wonders what else can they do? She thinks pulling the covers over her head will keep her safe, as so many children believe, it’s like closing the closet door, looking under the bed.

That little dark filly pulls those covers down only when she hears the steady breathing of her mother. She is quiet then as she stares out across the bed, big too blue eyes looking down along the edge. She sees her for the first time, a lady with bent neck who stares back at her. Elliana doesn't scream, she learns tonight the art of silently weeping, so no one knows you are crying.

“Wanderlust, is what it is called, Elli,” her papa tells her. They camp under the stars, just the two of them. “It’s a desire to see the world.” Elliana places the name to the feeling that sears like hot iron in her veins. To see the world. She wonders how long it would take, but the thought of it makes her dizzy. Maybe one day she wont feel a pull to be elsewhere like a fish with a hook in its belly.

Her voice is a little too serious for such a young girl, but not unkind. It sounds like bound books with dusty pages, like oil paintings, and candles just blown out, the little line of smoke rising from them.

She paints landscapes—red flowers blooming, snowy mountainsides, reflecting oceans. These make her mother smile. She paints faces—those she doesn't know, her family, her court. These make her mother kiss the top of her head. She paints spirits—the one that haunts her, the ones in the shadows, the ones who murmur. These make her mother bite her lip to keep her worries inside her mouth.

Don’t ask Elliana to pick a favorite color. She has one, but she just wont tell you.

If only she had her mother’s confidence, her ability to slip into a situation like she was born into it. She could see how it would be so much easier if she had that appetite for life and the tools to meet it. Instead, Elliana is left as a dreamer on the outside, her face pressed to the windowpane.

Where her mother is the summer sun, Elliana is the winter snowfall.

They will say it is not normal for a child her age to be so withdrawn. They will ask has she been eating okay? Is she sleeping? Her mother will tell them she has nightmares often. They will discuss her, and discuss her, and discuss her. And she just wants to scream “look at me, look at me and you will know!” But they talk to each other as Elliana paints a cardinal in the snow.

She is a happy girl, she is infinitely kind, forgiving. She is just lonely sometimes, but maybe, she likes it.

I don’t know what’s worse: drowning beneath the waves or dying from thirst

how wonderful yellow is, it stands for the sun

Born 505 Winter from sunlight and shadows.

the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day

Active & Parvus Magic


Her mother had made her such a sensitive thing to the world around her, but she is not aware of the emotions of those who are alive—but instead she remains all too keenly aware of those who have passed. And from her father, his powers created the bridge, and she can feel, see, hear, those spirits coming from the shadows.


When any living thing around her starts dying, when they start to become more spirit than flesh, Elliana can sense it. Her skin grow cold, her hair stands up, she can feel something flutter inside her soul. Her instincts point her like a compass towards what passes, what is preparing to cross over, as if telling her go, go now.

i. Disculpi

Elliana never experiences any sort of spiritual activity in the day time, even with those trees and buildings casting such large shadows over her. But come the night, that is when the whispers will start. Sometimes they are mumbled, sometimes she catches words, and other times still she will hear what message they are trying to tell her. They rise from the shadows of the night, alive and wild, only resting when the sun breaks over the horizon like a savior riding to her rescue. Elliana has no control over when the spirits whisper to her or what they say, she cannot block them out. And, on nights with a full moon, when the shadows are strong, a corporal form of a bent-neck lady will appear before her.

ii. Vexillum

They have started to spill over into the day time. Elliana will walk by the shadows and they will call to her, trying to communicate, their whispers, their cries, their laughter. She hears them, all of them. She tries to spend time in the sunshine while it lasts, away from the shadows, even if she cannot ever escape her own. Except at high noon, it is the only time she remembers what true silence is. At night, that is when they come to her, that is when they truly awaken. The spirits take their shapes, young children gone too soon, elders who just want to make sure their families are okay, and scorned lovers with tears stains still pressed upon their cheeks. They can touch her now. They brush hair from her cheeks, they reach out to her shoulder, they hang on her ankles asking please, please, bring me back. Elliana does what she can, she tries to make things right, tells herself she will live without regrets, without grudges, and only with love for all. Sometimes she tries to bring them back, when the moon is full, she tries to bring them back, but they always look..wrong somehow, they are not flesh, they are just a ghostly imprint of what they once were.

iii. Periti

During the day, they still talk, they are always talking, and sometimes out of the corner of her eye she will see them smiling at her, but she has learned better control, she can quiet the voices to a dull ringing, like wind chimes on a breeze. At night she has started sleeping better, is able to keep them from touching her, is able to keep them away from her. They stay longer now though, the ones she chooses to keep. Elliana sometimes forgets they are dead, it is only evident in the way they never age, night after night after night.
It could be forgotten in this instance, that a bridge goes two ways. Elliana had forgotten herself, until she ends up in the spirit world herself. They are brief lapses, a few minutes at most, but she exists in a realm that is neither living nor dead. Purgatory? You would ask. Elliana says not quite. She sees them all then, all those spirits and even the ones that have not appeared to her before. She always makes it back, is forced back by them, they say you do not belong here, she says I don't know anymore.
And when the moon is full, she can make a single spirit appear, to both her eye and those around her, she gives them a living, breathing form, before the moon passes and the sun rises, and they sink into the shadows, invisible to all but the girl who talks to shadows, and tells everyone how they talk back to her.

iv. Dominus

She is in full control of those spirits now. There had been so many who had taunted her, who had haunted her, lurking around every corner, in the shadows of the night, she tells them leave me alone, and they listen, they walk away and she knows they will not come back to her. At night, when the world is bathed in shadows, she brings them back, brings those spirits back to life as they dance in the darkness, knowing they will slip away when morning comes like an unloyal lover.
That bridge is well worn by her now. She can move across it at will, stay there for a while, and those spirits they sometimes think she is one of them, but she always leaves in the end, she has to leave, Elliana knows if she stays she will one day not be able to get back to the world of the living and her immortal heart could not bear the thought of it. And those spirits try to come, they try to use her to be brought back. She says go away, and they leave forever, she looks for them in the spirit world and they are gone, she banishes them to wherever they go after, neither here nor there. Elliana, someone will ask, are you a ghost. And she will say she is more living than dead, but more dead than living. Her heart still beats, but she thinks her soul might exist only in a place of in between.

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets


Jack, the ring-tailed lemur. Ask Elliana and she will tell you there could not be a more perfect companion. He comes to her when she is frightened, sleeps with her at night, he is a constant companion, typically right there on her shoulder. Ask Elliana and she will say she could not live her life without Jack. As Elliana and she will tell you Jack is her best friend, the only friend she needs. They found each other, both children, they grow up together.

Ask her mother and the story is entirely different. Jack is troublesome and fiercely protective of Elliana. He is mischievous and her mother thinks Elliana is far too attached to her companion, that she needs to make real friends. Ask her mother and she will tell you she knows how important Jack is to her daughter and she would never do anything to part them from one another.

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