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Malik, despite being more of a "mutt", has the well known qualities of an Arabian horse with his arched neck and tail held high. His coloring is similar to a tobiano paint horse with the base color being a red chestnut with white markings and red colored hooves. His markings are thin shapes appearing over his neck, around his front legs and over his hips. He has a small white snip on his nose. His mane and tail are also white. He usually keeps his tail long while his mane is trimmed halfway down to make his collars more comfortable to wear. Along with his collars, he regularly wears several types of jewelry including ear piercings with tassels, golden bands and a band around his tail. Almost as if to match all the gold jewelry, his eyes are a striking golden yellow (and he considers them to be his best quality). Lastly, he's maintained some of his muscle mass from his years training as a Davke warrior, but keeps more of a slim figure.

Outgoing • Spontaneous • Flirtatious • Carefree • Stealthy • Persuasive
Vain • Selfish • Dishonest • Dramatic • Non-committal • Impulsive

Malik has always been someone that others say isn't living up to their full potential. Honestly, he still isn't. Growing up Davke taught him many survival and battle skills, but he doesn't really use them anymore. Unless it's a life or death situation, he might spar here and there for fun, but overall he's a pretty useless soldier. He's become lazy and prefers living a more lavish lifestyle within the walls of the Court. He traded in his furs and spear for pretty jewelry and a shiny dagger. Plus, he has much more fun partying and hooking up. He will never understand how his family chooses to live the way they do while knowing it's much nicer elsewhere.

Malik is quite the party-goer and is a spontaneous type. He'd much rather wake up one day and go do something on a whim than have to plan it out. Sometimes this leads to him making impulsive decisions that he later regrets. At the very least, he considers himself to be the life of the party and is usually the social butterfly during gatherings. He's a huge flirt, but can learn the hard way that not everyone appreciates this. Still, he'll make many attempts to just about anyone that looks pretty or handsome.

He is quite selfish and would rather put his own comfort before others. He rarely commits to anything, especially relationships. The idea of settling down with someone terrifies him. If he ends up having a fling with someone who wants to take things a step further, he will do anything he can to lie his way out of it. In fact, he's actually not too bad of a liar. He's also pretty full of himself and thinks he's hot shit. He tends to look in the mirror often and cares a lot about his appearance, even if others don't find him as attractive as he thinks. Malik can no longer stand being even a little bit dirty from the desert sand and this will likely make him panic (somehow, living this new life has turned him into a bit of a neat freak?).

Lastly, not only does his lying help in getting clingy people off his back, it can sometimes help with thievery. He likes to call himself an expert when in reality, he's good but not that good. He's managed to steal some pretty sweet stuff including some of the jewelry he wears and other goods he's sold for a decent profit. He doesn't base his entire living off stealing, but it can be fun sometimes.

As much as he likes to pretend he grew up in the heart of Solterra's Day Court, he didn't. Instead, Malik was born to a hot-headed Davke named Aaliyah. The Davke lived primitively in the desert with their harsh customs matching the harshness of the desert itself. They were warriors, the women typically being the strongest. At one point, they were almost destroyed by Solterran war, but were able to rise up and grow their numbers again. Malik didn't live through those days, but he heard many stories. In all honesty, Avdotya scared him (his mother too, sometimes) so he tried his best to be a people-pleaser and not get on anyone's bad side.

He trained as any young Davke would with his war paint, spear and all. He took it seriously at first and enjoyed the adrenaline rush of a good spar. Although, he could always tell that beneath the watchful eyes of his mother was someone resenting him for not being born as a daughter. Malik let this roll off his shoulders the best he could, but there were days where it was hard to bear. He kept this to himself though.

It was when he was about a year old that Malik found himself more drawn to the Court. He would often sneak away to the market streets to steal anything shiny or a tasty snack off a merchant's table. As he grew to an adolescent, he would also get distracted by pretty girls and boys. He started wishing for the lifestyle that everyone lived here and for all the riches that could make a man comfortable.

He kept training the days leading up to his trials, but Malik was distracted. He kept dreaming of the better life he could be living inside the walls of the Court. He could be clean for one and not always covered in dirt and warpaint. He could finally get away from the judgmental gazes of these damn women, especially his mother.

And that's exactly what he did. The day of his trial, he never came back to the tribe. To this day they probably think he failed and died, but instead he went off to start his new life. Unfortunately for him, this was around the time Raum was ruling Solterra. While the man hadn't touched the Davke, Malik heard too many horror stories about what he was doing to the Day Court to go there now. He had hope that Raum would be overthrown some day, but for now, he went off to live his dream in another Court. So, for about a year, he wandered Novus and left his desert home to see the sights and indulge in his desires.

He was a Vagabond up until two months after Raum's death, at which point he returned to Solterra to join the Day Court at last. While he had fun being a free man, his heart always felt like it was meant to be here and, in some crazy way, he had missed the desert. Still, he will never go back to living the way his family does. He still thinks about them sometimes, but it's for a very brief moment until he falls asleep on top of his many soft pillows.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Nasir: Malik's bonded is a Common Kingsnake. He is glossy black in color overlaid with a series of white chain-like rings. He is about three feet in length and will not grow to be any larger. His species is not venomous, although he likes to pretend he's more deadly than he is. Often times he'll eat another venomous snake in front of others to make himself seem more intimidating. Malik doesn't mind because it boosts his popularity points and makes him seem badass.

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Jewelry: Malik wears several pieces of jewelry, his most noticeable one being a wide golden collar around his neck. He has three thinner collars he wears above it with the first being made of gold, the other two made of silver, only the third is coated in black. He has ear piercings on both ears, each including a small gold ring and red tassel. He also has a gold nose ring. On both back legs are golden bands that rest just between his hock and fetlock. Lastly, at the base of his tail is another golden band with a red gemstone embedded in the top center. Although he had his ears and nose pierced some time ago, he replaced his old jewelry with this collection. He doesn't remember where he got it, but most of it was likely stolen while he snuck around the streets during his first year in the Court.

Dagger: He sold his spear to buy a dagger once he came to the Court. He paid the dealer a little extra, but it turned out to be worth it since it's no ordinary weapon. It's been enchanted with the ability to heat up during battle to about 111°F, which is just enough to cause a burn on one's skin. Of course, he rarely battles anymore but it comes in handy if he decides to engage in a spar to impress someone. The grip piece is made of gold with a black leather-like material wrapped around the center of the grip. The dagger as a whole is 7 inches in length.

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