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she's beauty she's grace she'll fall flat on her face

Mercy is both unique and a little plain at the same time, at least she thinks so. Her coat is a beautiful pale lavender color that shines with beautiful dapples in the light. She has large white tobiano patterns on both of her sides, and stockings on all four legs. Her hair is the same color as these white markings, and it's almost constantly unkempt. She finds it a bit impossible to handle, or maybe she just never really learned how to tame it, but regardless she doesn't feel like it looks like a total rat's nest... at least not all the time.

Her body is built very thick and heavy-set. Mercy is very self-conscious of this fact, especially when comparing herself to other mares. However she's decided that if her body looked any different, it just wouldn't look like her. Everything about her mind & soul seems to match her stocky build, and though Mercy has fantasized about being small and lithe and skinny like other beautiful mares, she doesn't think she'd feel like herself if she suddenly looked that way. The road to self-love is long and rocky, but she'll get there eventually.

Because of her breeding and just overall body type, Mercy's legs are thick and perfect for walking long distances or carrying many heavy things at once. She has long feathers that cover up hooves that shine and sparkle like multicolored opals. Mercy also has a twisted opal horn, one of the only parts of her body she is very fond of, and it glitters beautifully in sunlight. Her eyes are a brilliant teal color, and between them hangs a radiant gemstone from a diadem mostly hidden by her bangs. It's one of her few sentimental treasures.

a heart's a heavy burden

Optimistic - Friendly - Kindhearted - Innocent - Imaginative - Creative

Gullible - Clumsy - Unfocused - Ditzy - Flaky - Easy to Take Advantage Of

Mercy is a bright, happy, lovely individual. Every part of her sparkles and shines like a ray of sunlight. She has the energy and innocence of a child -- and unfortunately is as gullible as one, too. She sees the good in almost everybody unless they are absolutely awful, probably as a coping mechanism so she doesn't have to face how negative the world can be. Some part of her deep down realizes that if she starts to see the glass as half empty instead of half full, she might never emotionally recover.

Mercy is also extremely clumsy and prone to getting lost. She begins to daydream after a certain amount of time, and her hooves will take her just about anywhere they please without her mind ever noticing. It's caused quite a few problems in the past, but she's always come out okay. She tries to always keep a map on hand, but honestly sometimes they only make her more confused.

Despite being extremely friendly, Mercy has had a hard time making friends. Maybe she's just too flaky, or just not interesting enough. It's probably just her lack of experience. She wasn't allowed to have friends ever since she was born, so she doesn't exactly know how a typical friendship works. As a Vagabond she travels constantly, almost never stopping, so she ends up leaving places before she can make any deep connections. However this means she's made many acquaintances pretty much everywhere, so it's not all bad.

Mercy adores her travels, especially getting to see all the scenery. She hopes to one day see every inch of the world, but whether or not that's possible is questionable. She brings her painting supplies with her and paints all of the most beautiful views. Painting is her passion, and was her only reprieve from her mother as a child. It's as important a part of herself as her constant optimism.

find a thread to pull and watch it unravel

Mercy's story is actually more complicated than she knows now, but perhaps she will soon find out the truth...

Her mother raised her with a firm grip. She never allowed outside of their home without her mother's company, which was hardly ever. She was kept in almost complete solitude. Despite this, however, she believed everything her mother ever told her. The world was too dangerous a place for Mercy to go out alone, and she was just much too precious for her mother to lose.

Except her mother didn't treat her like she was very precious at all. Mercy was forced to do every single chore around the home, cleaning and cooking and whatever else her mother could come up with to keep her preoccupied. Mercy was more of a servant than a daughter. Her only means of escape was the occasional book or, if her mother was gone for a long enough stretch of time... to paint.

Her mother detested her paintings. On the bad days, Mercy had to hide her precious brushes and paints to keep her mother from destroying it all in rage. But for the most part, so long as Mercy did all her daily duties, her painting went mostly unnoticed.

Whenever Mercy seemed more inclined to go outside, to see new things and explore a little, her mother would instead tempt her to stay home with loving, kind words. It wasn't until Mercy got older that she realized these niceties were just a facade to keep her locked up. Sometimes she thinks she's stupid for letting it happen for so long. She wishes she ran away sooner.

It was on her third birthday that Mercy finally broke. Her mother had tried to sound loving and caring after Mercy confessed she wished to go outside and into town, but the argument only grew. Mercy's mother went on a rampage, destroying anything and everything Mercy loved about their tiny prison of a home. After her mother left to do her business, Mercy quickly packed up anything she had left hidden away and ran from home, the only place she had ever known, and far away from her mother. She hasn't turned back since, but the thought of her mother finding her and forcing her away again strikes fear into Mercy's heart.

She doesn't know the reason why her mother kept her away. She had said it was dangerous out there in the world, and Mercy understood after a few weeks on her own. But truly it wasn't as terrible as her mother made it out to be - really, it was beautiful. So many strangers were kind. What was her mother's motive? Why was she kept hidden away for so long?

Was it just to keep an obedient house slave? Or was there something more sinister and dark lurking beneath the surface?

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- A small diadem, barely noticeable under her unruly bangs. It's crafted of silver and has a single dewdrop-shaped gem of opal that sits right between her eyes. It matches her horn and hooves nicely, and she's convinced it's the only possession she's had since birth. She found it hidden away in her mother's home one day while she was deep cleaning, in a box with her name on it. She kept it hidden under her floorboards ever since, drawn to it with a vaguely fond sense of familiarity. It's very precious to her, though she doesn't really know why.

- She keeps a small satchel with all her paint and brushes. She can usually barter a little in towns to get more paint or canvas, offering her paintings as payment of some sort. She can also keep food and other belongings in here, but it's a little messy and unorganized.

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i'm here for the girls and the gays, that's it

(just kidding)

I started roleplaying a little over 10 years ago, and I started off on a horse forum. I remember having so much fun and making lots of friends, but after the site went down I never really could find a place in horse rp's anymore. I've always loved horses despite never having the opportunity to be around them, so my art has sort of revolved around them for years now. I follow a decent bunch of horse/equine artists on instagram and happened upon an ad for this site, and I became fully invested! I'm very excited to get back into my roleplay roots, I've missed this very much <3

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