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Heavy Warmblood x Arabian


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Breed: Heavy Warmblood x Egyptian Arabian
Gender: Female
Race: Uniquine
Horn: Two white horns
Eyes: Green
Mane: White
Tail: Black
Body: Dappled Bay
Hooves: Grey
Markings: White Face Markings

Sarai is an almost perfect blend of her parents. From her mother, she gets the more delicate boning in her face, the arch in her neck, the more delicate way of moving, and the lift in her tail as she runs. Like her father, her body is heavier more like the draft horse lacking slightly in both speed and endurance. She is taller than her mother yet just barely shorter than her father. Her coat is bay, as the bay markings on her father with white markings across her face similar to the black marking on her mother. Her horns are pure white, coming out of her forehead and laying back between her ears before curving upward to the sky. When Sarai's emotions are heightened, white harmless flames flare from her skin along her back. They can not burn anyone, not even herself.

The Good

Loyal | Noble | Courageous | Compassionate

The Bad

Moody | Stubborn | Distrusting

Sarai has taken on much of her Father's and Brother's personalities as well as her life molding her as well. Her short time with both had a major impact on her life. Especially because they were both very important figures to her. Like her Father, Sarai is loyal to a fault. Which of course can be both a positive and a negative. Once you earn her loyalty it takes a lot to lose it. She also is very noble in her actions. Sarai is all for making sure everyone is treated equally as well as having high morals in different situations. She is courageous simply because she has had to be on her own most of her life. She has had no time to be afraid. However, her short upbringing has also made her very compassionate for others in need. She well remembers trying to find her way around at night, before the something in her exit from the Rift fixed her eyesight. However, her rough start to life and the rough upbringing she had mostly on her own has made her very moody, stubborn, and distrusting. Sarai takes a long time to warm up to those she doesn't know, let alone trust anyone. She can be very moody depending on the situation she is is as well as very stubborn.


Born of a one-night stand between Aaron of the World's Edge and Beloved of the Aurora Basin. She was wanted by her father, but not by her mother. Her first memories of life are dropping onto cold and hard ice. Followed shortly by her mother attempting to murder her with a hoof to the head and her father and his hellhound saving her life and chasing her mother away while she swore to finish the job later. The next memory was meeting Amaris the dragonmare and Alysanne who she would come to know as Mama Alysanne. The pegasus mare nursed her until Kaos.... Well until Kaos made them all go through to the Rift.

She doesn't like to think of that day. The day Kaos ripped her away from everything she knew. Kaos took not only her home but her family as well. He killed her father, brother, and cousin before her eyes. They, along with many others died to try and stop Kaos... But they failed. Even the Helovian Gods failed. In the end, they were all forced to go into the portal.

The Rift

Once in the Rift, the last of her living family was ripped away. Sansa, Calypso, Sapphira, and Ceto all ended up somewhere else while Sarai was dropped out alone. Her poor nighttime eyesight did not help. She wandered around the Rift for ages by herself. She learned to fight, sort of. She learned to defend herself at the very least. One day, very suddenly she was tossed through another portal almost exactly the same way she had arrived. However, it seemed that the Rift had left her one parting gift. Her poor nighttime vision was healed. After being tossed from the Rift, Sarai wandered around even more. She tried day and night to find anyone from her family. Her search eventually led her to Novus.


Immediate Maternal
Great Grandparents ? x ? (?)
Thalien x Darling (Ruse)
Grandparents ? x Ruse
Mother Beloved
Neices & Nephews
Distant Maternal
Immediate Paternal
Great Grandparents Adulwulf the Steadfast x Aera the Shadowkissed (Ataraxia)
Gideon the Warheart x Amani Leila the Fair (Solstice)
Grandparents Ataraxia x Solstice
Father Aaron
Siblings Brendan (Aaron x Phantom)
Neices & Nephews Sapphira (Brendan x Calypso)
Ceto (Brendan x Calypso)
? (Brendan x Aurelia)
Distant Paternal
Aunts Azale Moniet (Shamsiel x Solstice)
Sakura (Torasin x Solstice)
Takara (Torasin x Solstice)
Uncles N/A
Cousins Amani (Farhan x Azale Moniet)
Farah (Hector x Amani)
Merida (Tyradon x Sakura)
Sansa (Hertz x Merida) Tybalt (Ilios x Sansa)

Active & Parvus Magic

Not yet obtained : [Magic: FirexLight | can create a flame that doesn't burn, but is so bright that it blinds others, but not the user] :: [Restrictions | Able to completely null the eyesight of an opponent for 30 seconds, which is the duration of the burning flame. Even when eyes are closed the light causes the effect and often immobilizes the opponent. Effects may linger for longer afterward]

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

:: [ Item: Jewelry | Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby beads spread through mane]
:: [Item: Small | Silver chain necklace with a sapphire, ruby and emerald pendant]

Agora Items & Awards

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