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Cicatrix is surprisingly tall despite being very slenderly built. Standing at 21 hands, they don't come off as imposing as they could due to the thinner build they carry themselves with. Every step taken is effortlessly graceful, and first glances given often end in fear due to how they look.

Cicatrix is a base of blues and black gradient with sharp accents of gold along the feathering of their half and half wings. They start off feathered, and end with leathery edges like a bat, spread with thing fingers and revealing the maps to the cosmos along the skin and feathers, the outlines thin shimmering gold colors and glimmering stars. Their tail is elongated, ending in a fluff of hair that's black and streaked with thick chunks of gold.

The most startling features of Cicatrix aren't their wings, their hooves, or their tail, but their face. There are no eyes, no ears, but they do not need them. They can hear and see just fine, as it is the way they were born. Blue fluid drips from their mouth and eyes, a gooey and glittery flow that even slips between their golden teeth.

More often than not, Cicatrix is wrapped in a cloak that settles around their neck and head, covering their blue and black mane, and tucking comfortably around their head. It matches their dotted pattern on their body, while also being a shining gold underneath.

Cicatrix also has a golden halo of light around the back of their head, one that's always there, lighting their way, uncontrolled by their will.

compassionate || adoring || obsessed with the stars || curious || soft || ethereal || otherworldly

Cicatrix is a soft heart and a gentle soul, a surprising feature given that they look like a deity that has come for your soul. They were raised by a kind and loving pair of horses, and taught that looks don't mean a thing, it's the heart that counts. Soft hearted, they are aware of the way the world works, and seem to be in their own little space most of the time.

They have their heart set on the stars and the wonders of the cosmos, as well as some things that are more grounded around them, like animals and plants. Being raised like they were, they also endured plenty of sneers and stares and sharp comments that made them eventually pull away from socializing in any manner. They can be very awkward and uncertain of personal space when around new faces, always curious, especially of those that are colored like the skies above.

Sometimes they can come off as something akin to being ethereal, as their face has no way of being read. There are no expressions, only a soft voice that slips from between golden teeth, a gentle tone that they try their hardest to keep kind and gentle in a way to not provoke any hostility. Due to how they look, Trix tends to always come off as unreadable, even though they are very expressive with each syllable spoken.

Cicatrix is the offspring of a deity of death and an angel, a crossbreed that should not have ever existed ( all things considered ). They don't know how their parents met, only that they were born to the stars and the appearance of a golden face above them. Wings, soft feathers, gentle words. A whispered 'I'm sorry'. Cicatrix was alone after that, shaking and scared, a tiny helpless foal that only survived because someone had the heart to gather them up and nurse them to health. The heart to raise them. Because of that, they learned compassion and how to read the stars that they so adore.

Growing up wasn't easy: there were too many stares and too many whispers of how strange they were, how could they be alive. What existence did they have, as strange as they looked? Eventually, Trix grew used to the whispers and stories that were spoken around them, only ever holding the opinions of the ones that knew them in their heart. Because of that, they grew up less callous than one would under such circumstances.

Even though they've lived for so long, surviving decades and centuries because the strange mix of blood in their veins. They saw everyone they cared for grow old and pass, but never once did they allow their grief to overcome them. Death is a part of life, as even stars die, they had learned.

Cicatrix became obsessed with the stars and the constellations, as well as the moon and things around them. Animals, flowers. Each thing brought them joy in their heart, and they learned that everything was beautiful in its own way. Never once has Cicatrix strayed from that path, though now? Coming into Novus poses a challenge. How would anyone take their appearance? Would they see past it, and learn the gentle soul Cicatrix really is?

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

-- looping necklaces for an accessory

-- long starry cloak ( outfit )

Agora Items & Awards

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-- light forms into a halo around their head, a constant source of light even in the night. -- blue goopy liquid drips from their face, not enough to be a fast flow, but a sort of shimmering, glittering delicate ooze.

*Staff edit: Due to our character design rules being changed April 2021 (now all recognizably-equus fantasy designs with aesthetic, non-harmful designs aspects can be joined without items), your character's passive magic is no longer needed! The cost has been refunded and the item removed from their inventory.

Played by:

Kaiju (PM Player)


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Staff Log

Saved incentives/prizes: None.

11/10/20 Named changed from Saint Sovereign to Cicatrix per member request. -INKBONE
11/10/20 Refunded accessory item (150 signos), removed from inventory. -INKBONE
11/10/20 Character app accepted, NC Scholar. +20 signos for visual ref. Accepted upon approval - character pass (free restricted item), passive magic x2 (1 purchased, 1 from pass), immortality (purchased), outfit (purchased). -INKBONE
11/10/20 +2EXP for purchased passive magic and passive magic from character pass. Quest declined. -INKBONE
12/22/20 +1EXP for visiting on Dec. 20th of advent calendar. -LAYLA
12/26/20 +2EXP for visiting on Dec. 25th of advent calendar. -SID
01/08/21 +3EXP, Rank changed from Night Court Scholar to Night Court Champion of Wisdom, TID6103. -INKBONE
01/08/21 +2EXP for participating in IC Event Denocte Summer Beach Bash TID5877. -INKBONE
01/09/21 +3EXP for 1 year OOC anniversary (10-23-19). -INKBONE
01/17/21 +1EXP for gaining Immortality. Member declined quest. -INKBONE
01/18/21 +4EXP for starting Subgroup Star Walkers, TID6083. -INKBONE
01/23/21 25 EXP Milestone -- +10HLTH / +10ATK. -INKBONE
01/23/21 +45 signos for worship thread TID6180 and completing TID6223. -INKBONE
03/19/21 +200 signos and Shadowfeather item for encountering random event TID6223. -INKBONE
03/28/21 -1EXP for losing Counsel rank due to member-requested deactivation and no IC stepdown. Moved to inactive from Night Court Champion of Wisdom per member request. -LULLIVY
04/04/21 +1000 signos and removed passive magic item from inventory & records. Passive magic (for halo of light) no longer needed for this character due to the April 2021 design rule changes. -INKBONE
04/06/21 +2000 signos and removed character pass item from inventory & records. No longer needed for this character due to the April 2021 design rule changes. -INKBONE