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Andalusian x Appaloosa


16.3 hh







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From a distance, and sometimes (with his lack of care over his appearance) even up close, Torin comes across as very plain. His dull coat is painted in a solid shade that could put even a starless sky to shame. But there is a little more to see than what meets the eye, just above his left hip, closer to being on his back rather than on his side are three little white spots that if connected by a thin line would create a triangle. These markings, other than scarring caused by his disorder (described in his personality section), are the only sign that his breeding is anything other than that of the strong spanish lines that create his broad and muscular frame.

His mane and tail are simple, ink stained and long. In an almost perpetual state of tangled, if you look closely enough you can make out a braid or two in the thick mass of hair that sprouts along his spine. The only thing spectacular that stands out about this stallion is the fact that he sees the world through pools of flame.

Build wise, Torin screams that of a normal Andalusian. Nothing even remotely giving away the fact that his sire had blood of a pure appaloosa running through his veins aside from the three spots on his rear. Even his mane and tail are full and thick, unlike that of the other half of his breeding. Long legs bring his bulky frame to a total of 16.3hh.

breeding; andalusian x appaloosa

coat; non-fading black few spot appaloosa

eyes; orange

height; 16.3hh

genetics; Ee/nLp

headstrong | loyal | aggressive | distant | distrusting | man of few words | ambitious | adventurous | aloof | quick witted | sarcastic | self destructive | dare-devil

As a child Torin felt the strong need to be a "grown up" since his father found himself called off to the front lines quite often. While there is still, even as an adult that mischevious streak that all boys and men tend to carry with pride. He tends to be very stoic and although raised around his mother and sisters, Torin is very introverted and doesn't enjoy expressing emotions.

When he does speak it tends to carry a hue of sarcasm that can bring either a quick friendship or a fast enemy depending on how welcomed it is by the receiver. Due to this, he would rather spend his time honing in his talents as a medic than carrying on with the social butterflies of the world.

Due to his familiarity with death and the evils of the world, his sense of humor is a tad bit warped and could lead to others wondering if he would benefit from seeking out mental help. But, Torin is quite sane, he has just figured his own way to cope with the darkness that shrouds him.

He does desire to settle down and have a family of his own one day, a dream deep rooted in the fact that his own family growing up was quite large and very close. But he is unlikely to reach to obtain this goal until he is well settled into a role as someone needed and admired in a court.

Torin comes from a long line of militia along both sides of his family tree. He was born to parents who adored him and his plethora of siblings more than life itself. Once his mother found herself pregnant she quickly removed herself from the front lines to remain home to raise their children. His father, continued onward to protect them and their home from enemies foreign and domestic.

You could say their life was grand. Occasionally father would be gone for months on end but he always returned and they would fall back into their happy routine. Until shortly after Torin's first birthday when father was supposed to return and things were supposed to carry on as if he had never left like they always did.

This time though, things would be quite different.

While he still returned, he was no longer the same creature that had left. There was a wound in his shoulder that festered and caused fever dreams, irritation and caused their normal routine to fade into the past. Their herd was a small, primitive one nestled in the rolling green hills and their medical skills lacked.

After much agony, his father passed away from the wounds gained in battle. It was then that Torin promised he would make it his goal to learn as much about trauma and medicine so there would be no more suffering.

Although there was little more important to Torin than his family, he knew that their home would not be the best place for him to be able to learn and hone on his abilities. He waited a month past the passing of his father, made sure that his mother and siblings could thrive without his presence before heading out into the wide unknown to find the place that would be able to bring his knowledge further than the primitive teachings he knew already.

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