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The only thing overly striking about the short, sturdy mare is her ice blue eyes. Although blue eyes don't seem an overly large rarity among the population, especially given her genetics. These seem to stand out more against her solid wild bay coat.
There is no white marring her coat, her limbs have been dipped into ink along with her muzzle and the tips of her ears. Her topline is darker and fades slowly into a lighter bay as you travel down her sides to her barrel, giving her an almost pangre look.
Her tail drags behind her on the ground, and is stained as dark as her limbs. As is her mane, which while not as long as her tail, has a significant length to it.
From her shoulders sprout two wings, both of which are a brownish black color that blends beautifully with her bodice. This brown is broken up by the occasional white primary and flight feathers. From her crown sprouts a pair of antlers that anyone would be proud to have mounted on their living room wall.
Around her neck she wears a blue fire opal, surrounded by a bronze ring of flames. This pendant hangs from a leather band and was handed down from family members and has been in her family for quite some time.

Spirited | Stubborn | Sarcastic | Aggressive | Ambitious | Adventurous | Outspoken

Signe is a very outspoken mare, she doesn't think long before allowing herself to speak whatever it was that was on her mind regardless as to how it will affect whoever the words were directed to. If the words hurt the receiver it is unlikely that Signe will feel remorse as she believes that painful honesty is better than tactful dishonesty.
Signe is quick tempered and tends to be pretty emotionally driven much to her dislike. If something has upset her it will be painfully obvious and it takes her quite a while to get over whatever it is that has bothered her. A grudge keeper.
Signe aspires to be the best. She strives to have others beneath her, she doesn't care if they wind up looking up to her, or if they hate her. Signe is not worried about what she has to do to climb the ladder, she would kill if it meant being able to better herself and gain social status.
Signe will spend a lot of time studying in the libraries if she is not out sparring. When in the libraries, she is studying anatomy and learning various different ways to break down bodies and what weaknesses there are.

Signe was born to a simple family in the Dusk Court. Her parents held no status. Her father was a simple soldier and her mother was a merchant of sorts, who earned her keep selling trinkets at a booth in the bazar.
When the time came, they were quick to send Signe off to the temple in hopes that she would have a better life if she became "married" to the gods. Although Signe has no desire in any sort of religion, she found herself aspiring to become the top of her class of Hierophylakes. She played the role of the perfect priestess, her looks made it easy for her to not be overly swayed by the attraction of the opposite sex when hormones began to course through her body unlike the girls who were typically pretty and had the colts chasing after them like a toy.
Although obtaining the rank of a Hierophylake was important to Signe, aside from her religious books, her love of anatomy bloomed while in this training. Having access to the library was ideal and the bay began her understanding of the way a body works.
Upon graduation, Signe's family did not show up to the ceremony. She had not heard from her parents since the first two months or so of her religious training, although this caused some pain deep inside the small mare, she was more surprised to find that she was much less upset than she would have expected with the absence of her family. Her new family was this group of zealot females who she had struggled alongside for the past year and a half, and even they weren't that close.
Taking on the rank of a medic, Signe stepped as far away from the temple as she could without losing the favor that came along with being a Hierophylake.

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Necklace: Blue Fire Opal encased with Bronze ring of flames, attached to a piece of leather that rests around her neck. Gifted to her by her mother when sent to the temple.

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11/01/20 Character app accepted, Dusk Court Medic and +20 signos for visual ref. Redeemed Weapon for Incentive-0013; sent item and added to records. -INKBONE
04/17/22 Moved to inactive from Dusk Court Medic during EOY507 AC. -INKBONE