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i am not the things that i have done

Your face is still fresh with the youth that you have been shorted, only just now beginning to form the start of wrinkles against the wear, and tear that it has received in such a short time. Never have you been anything extravagant, your looks are simple, easy upon the eyes, and pleasantly-filled with love when others come across you. A tad bit long for the length of your face, narrow, yet filled enough to keep your cheekbones from climbing through. Scars, some faint, some not, littering themselves against skin that you found yourself surprised to learn is thick.

Creation poured you forth in the colour of faded apricot, a tad bit deeper of shade used when it came to shaping your locks, but nonetheless, never straying far from the original palette. Some accenting occurs at the ends of your legs, and muzzle, but otherwise you remind bathed. There has been some blue growth at the base of your tail due to some embedded birthmark residing within the mass of hair. To keep up with the theme, your parents gifted you with soft, baby blue eyes, and a matching, smooth horn.

As much as genetics have gone to ensure your attire is pleasing without going to extremes, you're quite lacking in the 'build' department. Tall, and lanky with a thin, slender body that requires effort to hide vague rib bones, you're never going to make it as a soldier (what irony). Muscles never found themselves at home with your body anyway, try as you may. Your neck is long, and thins as it nears the base of your skull. The legs you glide around upon look as if they were made from willow branches shaped together, and your chest is far from robust.

It is with good fortune that your face is so enduring, the love that you give this world, and the karma that it's brought you so evident in the simplicity of your pleasing smile. You warm a room like sunlight in your darkest of days, the wrinkles in your face do nothing to hide the good of a kind soul.

NOTE: Horn doesn't glow currently. Design is being re-used from previous character that included horn. Novus-specific explanation for the lack of glow is that any previous magical properties failed upon entering. He doesn't mind for the loss.

may the sunrise bring hope

I could never think of a way to describe you other than to begin with that you've got the loveliest soul I've ever known. You remind me of the softest sunlight on a particularly dreary, cloudy day, never overwhelming with the comfort that you're able to provide, but simply relaxing in presence. You're a deep breath of fresh air, a well-earned sigh after a hard day of self-care, and love.

  • Well-Mannered
  • Optimist
  • Resilient
  • Honest
  • Patient
  • Inquisitive
I believe that's the reason it hurts me so deeply that you feel the way that you do now, left disorientated as you quietly mourn yourself in your books. You aren't as welcoming as you'd once been, preferring the comfort of loneliness than you do having others around. For those that do make a place for themselves, the love you have that you have to offer them is the pearl from your oyster, your last glimmer of what is left of the person from the past. Attachment is your biggest downfall, but we can save that for another day.

  • Reserved
  • Distrustful
  • Obsessive
  • Selectively Cold
Rest assured though, you have never truly been a terrible person, and refuse to let yourself become something you're not. Call it what you may, but it's a gift that you're desperate to leave behind the guilt that you carry with you, taking it everywhere you go. It eats away, gnawing into your nerves, and memories.

sons are like birds, flying upwards over the mountain

When I remember who you are, the person that comes to mind is a teenage boy who spends his days in contentment, never one to long for more. Your mother teaches you how to be simple, and light of use. Selfishness was never your vice as a child, taught in the love that you adore those around you with. The happiness that encourages you into the next morning is your privilege: the ability to read and write, something that doesn't come easily for someone at your level of existence.

That though, is nowhere near close to who you are now, but you'll never leave my memory as that.

Every story should start at the beginning, correct? Well, you are the last of your line, the final son to gain the family name! Your mother, and you both are only children, even you are a surprise to those aware of your conception. She'd been fading into her older years, working away her youth and life through servitude to a family with a different kind of luck. You could've never imagined the surprise among her peers as she announced your brewing existence. A mare as far as your mother was sure to have difficulty in her pregnancy, not to mention labor, and for what you would know as the only time, you are dreaded.

You come into this world the same way you live it: easily, taking your time but nonetheless, arriving without a stitch. She loves you from the second you take your first breath.

Literacy is not something you are assured either, living within a comfortable country estate as an intended servant boy doesn't require one to be able to read. Instead, they teach you to need less, to be seen and not heard, to look clean and presentable while carrying basic manners, and most importantly, obedience. Luxury comes through one of your mother's friends, an indentured servant siding as tutor, who cares enough to gift you with what they can for your first birthday.

It comes to be your downfall, but you love it still. The opportunity is all you need, a grip, and a foothold to climb the social ladder a bit higher.

You don't remember the day they came for you, or at least you don't try to. It sits in the back of your mind like the biggest mistake of your life, watching your mother cry as you slowly figure out the seriousness of escaping ignorance. By not wishing to be lesser, you are carried to a higher form of being below the higher class. The soldiers sweep you away as if you are theirs to take, and you guess that you are, everyone has a purpose. Your purpose doesn't reside with the ones you love though, and it breaks your heart.

Soldierhood comes to you in the same way a fish takes to land. You flounder, and flail, you wield any weapon with clumsiness that can't be ignored, but an able body will not be wasted. To your home, you're nothing more than replicable, slowly but surely becoming a pawn wishing to be disposed of from superiors. In which they do try, placing you on scouting duties that required patrols into the wilds, outside of the walls you'd learned safety behind.

Patrols become your escape with time. The partners that they place you with, - to die with, out there, - eventually become the only friends you're able to make. Outcasted by your tasks in a militaristic state, you aren't exactly favoured. You treat each other with kindness, you're the only ones to mourn each other's deaths should one of you pass. You trudge through misery together, in wasteful hopes of something better.

You go until you break. For the life of you, you cannot remember what the final act was that caused you to flee at last, to risk your life just to be able to feel value in yourself again, and while it breaks your heart entirely to abandon any hopes of running away to your likely dying mother, you know you have to. You barely remember the names, and faces of those who take you away, smuggled inside of the cargo of a trading ship. You only remember the feeling of knowing that it's over when your hooves touch solid earth again, somewhere else, somewhere you don't even know the name of.

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