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Creamsicle is a cream-colored stallion standing at 16 hands high. He has a scattering of black spots across his rump, shoulders, and neck. His mane and tail are long and luscious, black in hue. His forelock extends down past his muzzle, oftentimes getting in the way of his vision, much to his dismay. He has green eyes, bright like emeralds, full of cheer and mischief. A smile seems to be forever present on his face and in return, others are known to smile back at him - he's been told numerous times that his smile and laugh are contagious. His hooves are black, sturdy, and strong.

Always friendly to the point of it being a flaw, Creamsicle believes in treating everyone with respect, kindness, and love. He does his best to always have a positive outlook on life, never wanting to bring anyone around him down with his own sadness or negativity. He enjoys laughter, so long as he's not being laughed at. He likes to make friends and prefers to have a large social circle rather than a small one. Creamsicle is the type of guy that will always have your back, no matter what. He wants to see others happy, even if he does oftentimes struggle to find true happiness within himself. He doesn't understand why he deals with a deep-rooted sadness, could never figure out what caused it. Life had always been great for him. He was always told he was lucky. A loving family, friends, everything one could wish for. He knows he's lucky, too, which just makes him feel all the more guilty. Because of this guilt, he always pushes himself to have a smile on his face, even if he feels like the sadness is rotting him away from the inside out. He wants to be happy, he believes it's possible, he still tries to remain very positive despite it all. He just doesn't know how to go about accomplishing that.

Growing up in a world that was dealing with the aftermath of a war, Creamsicle knows what it's like to not have everything you need in life. His home had been born apart, burned, stained with blood. Food was scarce and freshwater sources were hard to come by after being poisoned. A once large Kingdom was forced to scatter into smaller nomadic groups in order to survive. Creamsicle was born after the war, but he remembers the separation of the Kingdom. He remembers the tears, the fears. He remembers having to leave his childhood friends, never to be seen again. It was hard for a young colt to understand why he had to leave the only home he'd ever known.

The first few months of nomadic wandering with his parents and a few other relatives - two aunts, an uncle, and a set of twin cousins - had Creasimcle complaining almost daily. He was hungry, he was thirsty, he was cold, he was tired, his feet hurt. But as the months passed by and he got older, he learned to deal with it. He was no longer the whiney young boy, but a young man. He had stopped complaining, instead insisting everything was going to be okay. Life was going to improve. He clung to positivity despite his inner pessimism. This has not changed.

Living as a nomad for many years, Creamsicle struggled to make lasting friendships. Always on the move, it was hard to stay in touch with others. He tried to never let this get him down - even though it did, he just didn't show it. He tried his best to remain positive. To stay happy. Even when his whole world turned upside down yet again.

First, it was his cousins that got sick. Then, it was his uncle. And then both aunts. Finally, his parents and then himself fell ill. They managed to trace back the illness to a water source they had drunk from. Creamsicle was the only one to survive. He watched his family die, slowly and painfully, and when he thought death would surely come for him as well... instead, he got better. Every day that passed while he was on his own, he grew weary and lonely.

Nomadic life was one thing... nomadic life all on your own was entirely another thing. He struggled with it. When he was alone, the sadness so easily consumed him. He tried to find others to talk to, but he was wandering further and further away from the lands he knew, deeper into uncharted territory. He could only hope that, wherever he ended up, it would be an end to tragedy and the beginning of a much happier life for himself.

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Hello! I am Gray. I am 26, genderfluid (they/them), and queer as heck. I am a dog groomer and work full time - doing that adult life thing, ya feel me - but I still find time to be online and rping. I am absolutely always open to plotting and threading so just hmu on Discord with any ideas!

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