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You've been my reason to breathe...

Smooth, sleek, gray as the voids of space. His body is clad in smoky black hues. Dark navy blue splashes upon his limbs and visage. Purple voids invade his thorns and nares. Pastel ivory fading indigo bones protrude from the ends of his limbs and face in the shape of a crescent moon. Purple iridium chasms peer out from the depths of his navy, starless galaxies. Atop his crown, extending the length of his nape, is finely cut fibers of ash. Down, down his back falls rivers of night and ash. It falls below his starless hocks.

Finely chiseled muscle settles beneath the canvas of sleek grays. Upon his barrel creep stars so pale they are almost invisible to the viewer. They creep from his belly up to the edge of his spine. In stature, he is the most average. His frame is imposing only for its simple beauty. Imposing only because of the way he carries his 16.3 hand frame. It is said that he might have been painted by the gods of night themselves. Perhaps the most striking part is his fathomless voids that threaten to expose one's soul.



The gravity that keeps me in...
Charismatic. Insidious. Intelligent. Passionate. Volatile. Possessive. Selfish. Vengeful.

Gifted with the ability of a silver tongue, charisma is Sebastien's most noticeable trait. He represents everything that House Vogelstein embodies. Diligent, charismatic individuals. Those adept in social politics, and navigating the seas of high society. Sebastien is passionate about the positions of power and how the courts are interconnected. It is one of his main interests, alongside his interest to keep up appearances. Sebastien is first and foremost a very charming individual. He knows the right things to say, and exactly when to say them. Sebastien is adept at reading body language, and even better at exploiting that by using his magic or understanding of behavior. Studying behavior is something he takes great pride in.

To a degree, Sebastien thinks very highly of himself. It is something that he hides as best he can with his charm but it is not foolproof. If he is challenged or called out for his words or actions he is quick to anger, though it is disguised with cool tones. His emotional state is volatile, not unlike a heavy object that is teetering atop the peak of an isolated mountain. When Sebastien feels he has been wronged, he is quick to plan an act of scathing revenge upon the offender. It may come in swift, damaging words or slow insidious actions. Sebastien is often the type to lure unsuspecting equines in through his charismatic magic.

This is because he cares so much about his appearance that he is not likely to enact any of his acts of revenge publicly. Sebastien prefers to carry out his vengeance out of the public eye, and in a way that no one is likely to believe his victim. Sebastien is the type to fixate on someone who has wronged him in an obsessive manner or someone he believes he deserves. Sebastien feels entitled to those he finds beautiful or unique, and very rarely accepts the answer of "no". These areas are where he uses his magic the most, to convince those he is fixated upon to root themselves in his life.

Sebastien uses his charm to pull others into his gravity. He is generous and lavishes those he pulls in until they let their guard down. Then he slowly seeps in seeds of doubt. Sebastien does everything in his power to make others dependent on him. He thrives on controlling others. It is something he strives for in life, to control as many as he can. He wants nothing more than to be revered as highly as the gods of Novus. To say his ambitions are grandiose would be a severe understatement.

Sebastien is only capable of protecting himself and his family. He cares only for them. Not even those he 'loves' come first in his life. He is secretive and careful in everything he does. So few know what he is really like. It is hard for many to see beyond his charm and passion for knowledge. So few see beyond the charitable and knowledgable son who belongs to House Vogelstein. He knows this so well. He is dangerous.

Once he sinks his teeth in, he is unlikely to let go.



This heart is torturing me...

Solterra. It is a place many call home, many violent and passionate men and women. Sebastien is no different, for the story of this violent man too begins in the heart of the desert. Beneath Solis' watchful gaze, this child was born to parents who would never imagine the kind of destruction he would unleash upon Novus. His existence begins with an obsession surrounding one's status. This child is a distant relative of the noble house of Vogelstein which calls Denocte home. His parents were convinced that they could challenge the status quo of the main house without consequence. Their reward for their folly was abandonment. The head of the house turned their backs on Sebastien's parents. Something they would lament the duration of their existence in his life. A child of Denocte born in Solterra. It was blasphemy, according to his parents. It was something that he could not understand, nor did he care to understand. That's the thing about Sebastien, his inability to truly care about others without regard for himself.

His mother and father taught him everything there was to know about Denocte, they taught him so much that he grew to resent Solterra. He rejected Solis in favour of Caligo as any child of Night should. That was not all her learned, no for he soaked up all the knowledge he could in Solterra. Sebastien was as well educated as one could get, academics was something he excelled in. True to the claims of House Vogelstein, he also excelled in the ways of the court. Sebastien too was blessed with magic by Caligo, magic, not unlike that of his distant cousin Reinhart. Ah, but his magic will come later. Sebastien, even without his magic, has always been incredibly charismatic. Charismatic and obsessive. He was only a child when he first saw her, someone he was convinced he would someday possess. This is something that would eventually come true.

He watched her, it is the first time the wolf made its appearance in his life. For all his charisma, there was no amount of time that could make him love anyone else. This inability to love, combined with his fascination with how the minds of others worked would prove to be a terrible combination. Her name was Meira. Sebastien was first drawn to her when he caught a glimpse of her family. He knew what they were the moment he watched her step out of the ocean late one night. A kelpie. They bore strange pelts, that were shirked the moment they set foot on land. Each night he would stalk to the shores to catch a glimpse of the strange creatures, and each night he would follow her home to listen to the vicious words of her mother. Words that would someday shape the way he broke her. Sebastien was diligent in his studies and continued to excel, and in his free time, he watched her.

Watched, and watched, and watched. They were only a few months apart in age. One night, he was finally able to set his plans to possess her in motion. Tensions had been building in Meira's household, he had overheard something about a trial that she was going to face. Out, out into the night, she ran. Sebastien knew exactly where she would run to, he met her there. This is the first time he would use his magic on someone else. Meira was to be his first victim, but she would be far from his last. It is this night that he promises her everything will be okay. She believes him, with all of her being because she needs this. She needed him and he knew it. Sebastien knew all the right things to say, and they began to meet in the night until the day of her trial.

He promised her that if she said the word, he would take her away from this place to a home his family still owned in Denocte. His parents could not bear the thought of returning, but Sebastien was innocent and so he could show his face in Denocte. That night, they met again. Meira was in tears, and he became her shoulder to cry on. She begged him to take her away from this place. Far from Solterra where her failures could not reach her. Sebastien knew this was his moment to make her his possession. He agreed and the pair fled Solterra as if the devil were on their heels. The only devil was the one beside her.

They raced onward for days until they reached the borders of Denocte. The promise of a new life with him was enough for Meira then. For a time he did give her everything. His 'love', his affection. He knew all the right things to say and do to make her fall in love with him. Then he forced her to be dependant on him. It was enough she was in a strange kingdom, but he had to ensure she did not make connections. There were times where he did take her around to the noble house of Vogelstein, for he had not been punished for the actions of his parents. Then, he began to get inside her head. He kept her in his gravity with the use of his magic, while he stabbed her in the back in the same breath. His life was soon filled with other women, and he convinced her that it was her fault.

Sebastien watched the way she broke, because it was the only thing he could appreciate. The way someone shattered. Things continued on like this, with him continually brainwashing her to believe she could not exist without him. Then she changed, and he could not understand why. He learned that Meira had made a friend in Denocte. Furious, he trapped her in the house he owned in Denocte as punishment for betraying him. It was one of many nights where he grew too vicious with her. It was that very night that Meira fled for her life. Far, far away from him.

Sebastien destroyed the interior of his home in a fit of rage. His obsessive nature and many connections afforded him the ability to track her down. He hunted her in a way that no man had ever hunted someone in all of Novus. For a time, he pulled her back into his gravity, but she never left Delumine. Eventually, she cut him off, and no amount of magic or pleading could bring her back. Sebastien was furious, but he was now hooked on breaking others in the same way that he did to her. It was an obsession. He returned to Denocte, where he would seek out a new victim.


Active & Parvus Magic


You've been my reason to breathe...

It is hard to look away, and though many try, they often succumb to the nature of his gravity...
Charismatic Influence Magic

Parvus Magic:
Sebastien, like so many of House Vogelstein, has a charismatic aura. This is what many describe as Sebastien’s “gravity.” With a close enough proximity to him, others may feel more open to suggestions in his presence. It is a small, and subtle bout of magic. The effects of his Parvus magic is not unlike an individual imbibing a drink or two. The effects are not long-lasting nor are they drastic. They simply find themselves more agreeable towards Sebastien. Once out of his proximity the effects immediately vanish.

Tier 1: Discipuli —
So few like the politician, and yet so many fall for their lies. At this level, Sebastien is no more than a neophyte. He is just learning how to wield his power over others. This magic comes in the form of heightened charisma. It allows him to understand and add an appropriate flourish in conversation. At this level, he is not dangerous, but merely a nuisance. Sebastien is only capable of utilizing his charismatic magic at this level to further influence his networking capabilities. Others may find him more agreeable, or suave depending on many external factors. Ultimately, many can still see through his facade at this level. It is much easier to tell when he is being disingenuous at this level. Sebastien cannot rely heavily upon his magic at this level for he grows exhausted.

Tier 2: Vexillum —
What happens when the politician ascends? Sebastien has grown more adept at utilizing his magic to further connect with others. At this level, his magic affords him the ability to bolster and build his reputation with ease. It is harder, but not impossible, to detect the ulterior motives that lie beneath his hide of ink and hate. It is at this level that he is beginning to understand how to better use his magic in combination with his Parvus magic. Sebastien is beginning to notice the way that the shoulders of others seem to droop, and their breathing begins to slow. His magic at this level allows him to read others far better than all his learning of psychology. It can be said at this level that he has far little patience for those who seem too wise to be influenced by what he calls his “gravity.” He is less exhausted with each use of his magic at this level, but recovery from this weariness still takes time.

Tier 3: Periti —
When he is on the rise to power, his magic grows hungry. At this level, Sebastien has become adept at utilizing his magic to enhance his manipulation of others. Many in his proximity find it hard to tell him ‘no.’ Sebastien is aware of this, and he does not relent in his charming, outward appearance. At this level, he may venture out on behalf of his family or court to influence inter-court relationships for the better. Sebastien, although largely self-serving will do things for the good of the court. His gravity grows, and even when his influence wears off it seems that others may find themselves desiring to be in his presence again. After all, who doesn’t want to feel that they are the most special and heard individual in all of Novus? It is very difficult for others to sense his insidious motives at this level. Many are likely to believe that he has their best interests at heart. He can make others trust him with a few expertly placed words in a quiet conversation. It is very hard to hate such a charismatic man.

Tier 4: Dominus —
His gravity grows and grows until it threatens to devour everything in sight. Sebastien has become a master manipulator. He charms others with the greatest of ease. If he simply speaks their name, they are convinced that they are good friends. It is nearly impossible to tell what his motives truly are, and yet others find themselves willingly trusting him. He has become an expert at utilizing his Parvus magic in combination to make others put at ease. Delivering terrible news always sounds like gold when it falls from his lips. The influence of his magic may take longer to wear off, but that is entirely dependent upon how long they are within his close proximity. Many keep coming back because of how he makes them feel. That they are special, loved, and so very important. At this level, so many are able to turn a blind eye to the heinous actions and words he commits if they learn of them. They believe he has a good reason for everything.


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