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Nightwish’s appearance is reminiscent of a Friesian, though instead of a traditional coat of black, he is painted in hues of blue and purple. Dapples cover his body, and white patches fringe the night-tones of his frame. His mane and tail are long and always seem to hold a bit of windtossed curl. They are ombre shaded, as if dipped in paint, dark at the roots and tipped with blue. His eyes are indigo, as blue as the sea and with an uncanny complexity to them that seems to peer past the simple plane of earth and into something deeper, drawing others in with their sparkle of wonder.

Ever the storyteller, Nightwish is a fantasist at heart. He is an easygoing sort who loves to make friends (though these friendships are often shallow and lack longevity). He is quick to spin a tale of fantasy and intrigue, weaving together elements into a compelling and engaging tale – but his own story is something of a mystery… for despite his jovial nature, it is difficult to get Nightwish to open himself up to others. He doesn’t often speak of his emotions, choosing instead to bring a smile to other’s faces and focus on their own wishes and dreams.

He is a wandering soul, never content to stay in one place or commit to one thing, always wanting to find the next adventure. Despite this wanderlust, Nightwish is also afraid of being alone, a paradox as many would find his itchy feet as off-putting. If one were to break past the walls of humor and charisma, they would find Nightwish to be a sensitive sort of dreamer. He is a romantic at heart, and though he is slow to commit, once he does, the stallion is devoted and loving to his companions. The friends he does have are friends for life, and ones which understand his need to roam and interact with as many others as he can.

Positive Traits
- Kind
- Easy-going
- Good Natured
- Adventurer
- Adaptable
- Charismatic

Negative Traits
- Restless
- Impulsive
- Impatient
- Undisciplined

If three people were to ask Nightwish how he came to this place, they would get three different answers… for the storyteller is always quick to spin a tale, weaving intricate fabrications into a web of intrigue and wonder. Perhaps he was marooned here, shipwrecked on the shores. Or maybe the magic brought him here, with a poof of glitter and glitz. Maybe still, the male had simply appeared in this place, walked down from the mountains as if he belonged or crept across the wide plains with nary a stranger to notice. But whatever the story, he was here now, at least until the winds might change once more.

Born to a musician mother and an absent father, Nightwish learned to build his stories from his grandmother – a soothsayer in their tribe. The best sorts of nights are those where they sat around a burning fire, making pictures in the smoke and laughing long into the night about adventures and conspiracies. The children would gather around, their eyes wide and their smiles bright, ears pricked to listen as they lost themselves in other-worlds and fantasies – and it is this magic which drew Nightwish toward the art, ever the entertainer, giving his talents toward the enjoyment of others.

His father was absent, always a figment of imagination in his life, the endless source of his creativity. Nightwish liked to think him a brave explorer, one which whisked his mother away with wit and charm, filling her life with lust and passion, giving her enough memories to last a lifetime before wanderlust dragged him away once more. And perhaps it is true, for Nightwish himself is always drawn to wander, inadvertently pushing those who might care for him away with his big dreams and bigger ambitions. At least, that is, until this point… with Novus in his future, it was anybody’s guess what might come next in this endless tale called life.

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