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a staggering colossus, levi is carved out of the bones of mountains and the earth, war wrought and torn over the years to become something of a beast. he stands at a solid nineteen hands, firm and sturdy, wiped to be a gray based grullo as a base of coloration. black flickers to existence in a firm stripe down his spine, reappearing on his legs as zebra barring and thick black stockings over heavy feathering. it even settles part way over his face, between his eyes and stopping just short of his nose.

he's dappled gently along his flanks and rear. his eyes are a glowing icy blue with black sclera, though the right one is marked with a massive scar, jagged. it's not the only one he wears either; his face has several scars, as does his nape, and his body is littered with them underneath his muted hues.

all four hooves, when you can see them, are a heavy slate. on large horn spirals from his face, interwoven with spots of bright blue that contrast the otherwise black color, like living crystal ( it isn't, it merely looks it ). it's chipped and worn, the blue being the color under the black, revealing itself as the core of his horn.

his mane and tail are the same, though his mane starts off short at the withers, beginning to grow longer the higher up you go, transitioning from dull black to grey white ( roots to tip ). the tail starts off the same color, beginning with dull black that soon mingles with dingy white, kept short at his haunches. his ears are surprisingly large and wide, serving him well in hot days. don't be surprised when you see him smile, and see a set of sharp golden fangs situated in an otherwise pale set of teeth.


iron clad in his emotions, a man born of fire and battle, of war and the ripping teeth of the world. leviathan was once a creature of anger and seething bitter hatred, tearing the world apart and aiming for the jugular. he's come a long way from the creature that hated all, that pulled and seethed toxic hatred, killed all he touched, destroyed what he came in to contact. from a fiery and hotheaded boy to a man of stalwart confidence, leviathan is well guarded in his emotions, choosing to keep many of them locked down and allowing only minute fractions to seep out here and there. affection is a rare thing from the beast, something he doesn't divulge in too often, and smiles are rare on the scarred lips of a man that has choked on too much blood.

he's a sturdy stone in the face of howling winds, with a spark of anger that can light up like a wildfire and consume all in its path. though he's learned over time to direct his anger, it is still as destructive as ever, burning hot and bright as it rolls forward and out. he takes his aggression out in battles and spars, and has been known to be rough against anyone coming against him. when not angry and battling, he relies on the thump of adrenaline to give him feeling again, to tickle at his nerves and make him feel more alive. he's a man that gets a kick from wounds and laughs in the face of danger. scars are worn like trophies to him, no greater honor than to wear what you have survived against.

overall, he's a creature of grumpiness most of the time, gruff in voice, caustic in attitude, blunt by nature. he will not beat around a bush for anything, bold and forward with his voice and choices, shouldering his way in to things should he have to. he gives respect where it is earned, and does not hand it out lightly. it's wise to not cross him, either, in any shape or form. betray him and you will have an enemy that will hunt you until his last dying breath, until he has his teeth around your throat and is tearing it out. levi is protective of what he cares about (what little there is), and will defend it with every fiber of his being.


war torn, battle ready, ripped and wounded and a plaything of the gods. the titan has gone through many phases in his life, starting off as a wild creature ready to bloody his teeth and sink them in to the flesh of his enemies, to someone more levelheaded and grinning just as bloody as he had when he was younger. he has been carved and wrought from iron and war, steeped in battle and blood, formed and molded by bone and sinew.

he started off in a family, once upon a time. a father and mother, a twin sister. his father pushed him for battle and greatness, constantly testing the limits of even a young foal. his mother was a whore, sleeping around, creating many half siblings, and his sister was someone that he'd never blinked twice at. she didn't have to suffer at their father's hooves like he did. pushed down, bloody mouthed, bruised, beaten down with a mighty roar in his ear to get up, get up, do better. fight, damn you, fight! a constant weight on his shoulders and hundreds of failures to impress molded him to a creature of short fuse and bitterness that lashed at the simplest of things.

a young age, adult, proved to be a downfall when he went after his sister. at that point in time, he'd had wings, a creature of the air and from hell itself with his coloration. his wings were ripped from his body in a bloody maiming, grounding him from his once joy of the air. the only escape he'd had in his life, torn from him because of a choice he'd made. the punishment to keep him down. it churned in his gut, created more bitterness that seethed under the surface, sickened him. his grounding made him angrier, more volatile. his anger bubbled and churned in his being, seeping out of him. it created a monster, more than he was already, and he'd hunted a crown. it was to get a position of power, to wear a crown on his head and force those around him to bow to him.

he won with that battle, grounded with stumps of wings and scarred, with a crown on his head. challenge after challenge rolled at him, and he beat each one down. a lover taken, another lover, one after the other, until a pair of queens came to him and tore him off his throne in a betrayal. hot headed and snarling, he went down screaming and kicking, taking out anyone around him. his anger festered, even as the healers of the lands granted him his wings back through magic. he turned to the only thing that could soothe and nurture him; battling.

a tournament brought forth someone golden and gilded, a woman that stole his heart from him before he could even realize it was taken. the thrill of the battle was one thing, but meeting her after, her mellowness, soothed the beast within. their lives went on together, in which he'd thrown away his family name and even his heritage, erasing bloodlines by magical means to begin anew. the beast became soothed, going from savage and feral to a man smoothed over time. they grew apart, something unsurprising, and his journey was taken alone when the lands they had once lived in was overtaken by nature in a massive earthquake. his life fell apart, and he sought out new lands.

the new lands had gods and deities, something he did not once think of, and they grasped him in mischievous claws, turning his life inside out. they took his barely used wings and granted him the body of a ground dweller, bulky and darker, more natural. his scars remained, as well as the chipped horns he'd once wore with pride, though they were moved to the front of his face. even then, in those lands, there was nothing for him save for a few friendships. they fizzled and died out as that land too, seemed to be swallowed by the world, devoured, never to be seen again.

this brought him to novus, after years. immortality had once been an achievement given to him by the gods (perhaps something of a gift for enduring their meddling), and thus, he was eight for many years. though, stepping in to novus stripped that immortality, and his body picked up at the age he'd left off at when he'd been frozen in time.

solterra was a home that he'd come to enjoy, with the beginnings of novus, the teryr fight, the sovereign. a thrill. there, he found love once more in the form of a paladin woman called eden. it was a rocky beginning, one that included more treachery of the gods, until he came out as the creature he looks like now. from muted colors to ivory and ebony, a contrasting combination that had spooked the woman he had come to enjoy. he had come too far, too long, to care what happened at the whims of deities. from hot headed and short fused to a stalwart warrior, leviathan was a man shaped and carved by years of trial and error, a bloodied past that led to the scars and danced across his skin, forming maps that could easily be traced. his nature was to wander, after the disappearance of the first sovereign. he did.

with eden at his side, he wandered with the paladin woman, exploring until their paths had led them.. elsewhere. apart. despite it, he is ready to take on the world once more, to push and shove at it and tear it apart should he have to. the world has tossed him around and toyed with him, has forged him from the heat of battle and the iron of blood. the warrior returns.

Active & Parvus Magic

Discipuli - the beginnings of a magic he once held . it starts so small , the teasings of magic that once pulsed in his veins as a near drunken power that had leveled mountains . heat in its simplest form at the moment , that can be focused in small sections . nothing larger than a perhaps a canine , and nothing too intense . it will grow stronger , over time .

Vexillum - it grows in waves . the heat of his magic intensifies and he begins concentrating easier . he can pinpoint in the molecules , much like he used to . it's easier to collapse them , to create sudden pressure in spots that can create small implosions . these are much like fancy fireworks in a way , but being too close to them can and will hurt due to the sheer intensity of the heat itself created from it .

Periti - the size of these low pressure areas from the heat created has grown . Leviathan has begun finding the strength he has sorely missed , from days long past in a land he can no longer find on maps filled with dust . the implosions are larger , louder . far more painful if you're caught up in them . beware .

Dominus - while his power in Novus will never reach what it once was , he is still strong . the implosions can reach the size of himself , creating pockets of heat so intense there are flash fires and glass left behind in sands of the Mors . he is a living , breathing , destructive force from the blink of an eye . the heat he generates warps the molecules around him , and the resulting sound from the implosions can actually be heard for miles .

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

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Enyo the Indoraptor is not truly the size that she should be. Born stunted due to too much heat and not enough moisture in her egg, she stretches the maximum seven feet tall and seven feet length when she stands up. It's quite frightening, really, that she could be larger, but she isn't. At least, she will be. Right now, she's the size of a chicken and her feathers are nothing but little pins in her head and her teeth are needles, her claws, little knives. She's as scary as an angry cat. But she'll develop and grow, and become more cunning with age, learn to be more stealthy, use her toe claws for echolocation almost and listen for what is where in the dark, be inhumanly smart.

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