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the maiden

Jane carries herself with the spiritedness of a maiden. She is still not completely an adult, and her body reflects this; her limbs still slightly lank. She has the slightest of roman noses, with a well structured shoulder.

Coat- At the fresh young age of 3, Jane has already been set apart as a beauty in her homeland. Her base coat is a deep mahogany bay that becomes dark around her joints and muzzle.

Eyes- Her eyes are a soft, intelligent gold.

Markings- Her face holds a white star and stripe that falls over her left nostril. Over her body spreads gold vein formations. This colour also outlines her white markings as well as the tips of her mane.


Positive- Kind, Charismatic, Book-smart, Emotionally intelligent, Optimistic, Witty

Negative- Sheltered and a little bit out of touch, A horrible gossip, A bit reckless, Can be a bit blunt

From a product of age and upbringing, Jane is a rather sheltered young thing. In the details she is educated on all the dramas and little things she needs to know, but she knows nothing of the world. Part of her expects to be cared for, and it is something that she will soon need to learn, that there will be no catching her if she falls.

On the other hand, she carried with her a blend of kindness and wit that make her charming to nearly everyone to comes across her. The opposite of the cool, deadly charming beauty, she is instead incredibly personable and charismatic.

She is something of a gossip, being desperate for that connection that any mare her age desires. Having been hidden from the other ‘normal’ horses in the land, she can be somewhat out of touch with what people talk about in normal conversations. She has been educated in the languages of political French and Latin, but the one language she hasn’t mastered is that of common, ordinary emotions.

This is why she can be a little bit desperate, attaching herself to those who may not necessarily be the best for her in the long run. She tries not to be, but her naivety assumes that all those who talk to her have her best interests at heart.


Jane is the daughter of a noble family in a far off kingdom called Angora. While not a princess in line for the throne, she was a distant cousin of the current lead stallion at the same time as being a daughter of a lady in waiting. At the same time her father, though untitled, was a high warrior within the society.

Being the only child of her father, she was provided with education and lavished with attention. She was taught the place of a young lady by associating with the lead mare; a mare called Astorax. She taught the young filly everything she had to impart in terms of etiquette and social graces.

She was not allowed to associate with colts until she hit 2 years of age. Regardless of circumstance, she was to be a diplomat. For this reason, it was all the more scandalous when she fell into a relationship with the son of a gentry, a handsome brown colt on the verge of becoming a bachelor. Having become something of a beauty, it was only a matter of time before the band of developing outcasts noticed Jane and started to vie for her attention.

It started with a conversation, as all these things do. Out by the woods, he managed to salvage some apples for her. Whether it was something deep for him or a fancy of lust, I cannot say, but Jane was nearly instantly smitten by the colt. It became difficult to attend to her duties or her lessons with her mentor. All the while, she would see the colt, named Castor, at night while the herd was asleep.

All things considered, it was an innocent relationship. Jane knew her place and the value of her body, and she was not one to place it outside mateship. Still, the association with a common colt- and a potential future threat to the lead- was a troublesome thing that would soon rear her head when her cousin followed her to the edge of the herd and caught the two in conversation. Nothing sinful, but that was enough.

Before she could even consider what was happening, her relationship to Castor was severed by every mare in her life and he was kicked from the herd for dallying above his station.

After discussion with the lead mare, it was decided that she would be sent to stay with far, far distant cousins in the House Vogelstein, in Novus. She doesn’t know what she can expect, but the till now sheltered Jane will no longer be completely covered from the worlds of scandal and politics.

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Hi! I'm Jet, a 19 year old Australian living in Norway.

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Jet - Sophie Elsa#6804

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