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Entia is black as the night he was born, during a wildfire that ripped through the land - and his eyes were left the same red as his sire's bright red eyes while he took after his mother more in her elegant, refine Baroque build. For a long time, he was like this - regular equine, but after his sire tried to have him killed, he changed. His horn grew but was shattered during his drifting on the oceans, and the breaking of the horn cause it to turn white and begin to leak down over him. The white is slowly moving still, and will one day encompass all of his body but this will take years and looks although it is barely moving. However, already it has claimed the majority of one side of his head and his right eye has long turned a brilliant, bright white, but he has not lost his vision in it. The teeth in his mouth have changed over the years, giving him the appearance and ability to eat both meat and plant - Entia's an omnivore, of course.

Where he used to have large wings once, he no longer does - in the place of the wing on his right is a large scar, the biggest of all the scarring he has. He has numerous other scarring, some larger than others - the telltale signs of his fighting, his warring against the world and his struggle against it. It was worth it all for him; the fighting had become a core part of who he was and still is to this day. He still enjoys a good squabble, both literally and figuratively.

He stands at sixteen point three hands from the ground, and he has the build of a Warlander, but more towards the Andalusian side than the Friesian. He is relatively agile for his breed, strong but not particularly fast. He never had been nor did he worry about it either - he prefers to amble and go at his own pace rather than try to rush. Why rush, when you can take all the time you need?

Confident - Reliable - Exuberant - Sociable - Keen - Persistent - Mischevious - Sarcastic - Impulsive - Lazy - Obnoxious - Rude at times (...or is it all times) - Extraverted

Entia has always had a penchant for being one to make trouble. As a foal with his half-brother Suicide Note, they would often seek out what they decided was fun. He always had a love for it, and enjoyed watching others squirm when he asked them strange questions. As he got older, he became worse with it, often letting his thoughts turn quite rude and always having strange little comments about others. There was a period in his life though when that went away and what was said to be the madness of his family line began to show itself in full form. Entia became somewhat insane, along with his brother, and they became cruel and strange. Their sire ended up doing what he thought was best; but it left Entia with a hate for his family.

Yet in Liridon, he found his way out of the dark and soon he was making friends, proper friends – some who would be lifelong. His madness subsided after his near-death experience, and he was told himself he’d enjoy life from them on. He has always enjoyed a good flirt but he has stopped being quite so confrontational, but he still tends to enjoy seeing how far he can push others sometimes. He loves fun, he has a dirty mind, enjoying pushing the limit of how far he can take certain trains of thought. His time as a king in Liridon brought out the ability to make decisions and be strong, putting others before himself always. Entia still says what is on his mind, very rarely resisting the thought. Only when it was inappropriate would he hold his tongue.

He has become a non-believer in his older age, believing that strength comes from within and shouldn’t be given to others by those who call themselves gods. He is a little less full of mirth, but it will never be gone entirely. He uses his sharp tongue to shield himself from others consistently, preferring to keep them at arms-length. Breaking through his exterior shell is quite difficult – but it can happen. Behind his mask of mischievous words and smirking face, Entia is a loving, devoted and caring individual. Once he has found a cause to himself towards, he will do whatever he can do ensure it stays safe and well. And he does enjoy a good fight...

Among other things.

Entia was born amidst a disaster in a far away land, just after a terrible fire, to a mare who was burned and a stallion who had not yet found his place. He had left with his mother though, not again seeing him until he found his way to Broken Wings – and there he found his sire, ruling Ravens Cliff and so well known amidst the commoners of the realm. He found his way home to him, and his sire found Entia in need of teaching. He taught him about being a King, how to fight. He never forgot it, not even when he went insane along with his half brother and their sire tried to kill them both, by throwing them from the edge of the cliff into the ocean.

He had woken in Liridon, on the beach – and he found his purpose in life here. He became fast friends with Lucian, primarily when they journeyed together to the Donietas and they had their first rather interesting experience there (and let's just add, Entia rocks pink). Shortly after he showed his prowess for using his silver tongue to return the Dreamer King and his daughter Inwe to Liridon, there was a great fire and they all had to shelter from the world. After the fire, everything changed. Entia became King of the Ilirs, leading them through the invasion of the Shadows – and showing him what he must avoid in life at the same time. He lost his son Cyrus to the mad demon Respane whom he will always hold an everlasting hatred. He also found himself falling in love with Inwe when they spent a lot of time together, and so they became quite close.

After Liridon, Entia bounced around for a long time. Sometimes he'd find Lucian and a sensation of home, but it always faded. Nocturne had always felt the closest, and so he returned. He no longer had his wings, one torn off by Respane during a violent fight, and he had simply lost the other when he had bargained with a demon, no longer needing the useless appendage. Entia met Namtar during his wanders and while she is quite brisk and fiery, he considers her one in his close circle of friends. He stands with her in Nocturne, and hopes that here he will find the place to be until the day comes when he will finally die; though wandering gets the better of him, and so he found his way to Helovia - knowing he'd return to where he came from though, perhaps in time, but there's more ahead for him. After spending time here, with friends, with others, Entia felt the time dragging at him. And he left; he headed back towards Liridon. His home.

Here he is broken a little, less himself, not as sure of anything anymore. He is at odds with Namtar, knowing it was his words that did it but unable to bring himself to admit what he did now; all it does is make him angry. The anger festered, and he is left feeling alone - only Lucian is his constant in life, and Entia is glad for his company, despite knowing... something was coming.

He recovered a little in Oblivion, especially after seeing Salem, but he moved on soon - leaving Seze, who'd find him in time - and he wandered. He was beginning to be more himself, but that angry streak was still there... Yet during his time in Caeleste, Entia’s story altered. He missed Namtar, he missed Lucian and Inwe – he met Naveen and he enjoyed his time with her very much, and if she’d asked him to stop flirting and sleeping with everyone else, he would have. They had twins together, Quinn and Kinsley, who both went their own ways some time ago. During his time here he took part in helping the gods to be freed from their prison despite his disdain for anything that called itself a higher power, and it was only solidified when they got nothing from their efforts, nothing but a few measly little, worthless trinkets, and not even a thank you. Entia’s disdain became hatred and he shed his magic, throwing aside his magic as he did not want the might of a so-called god touching any part of him. He would speak loudly when questioned and he despised those who followed blindly, especially the leaders of the seasonal kingdoms. He took up residence on the edge of a bay and others who shunned the higher powers were welcome – and he still spoke loudly, wanting to rib anyone who came to see him. He ultimately left Caeleste in disgust, disturbed deeply by the way the world worked and their blind devotion to their gods who did nothing for them, but also for the way in which the world ran. Petty leadership fights, alienating their own people for the sake of themselves, and Entia wanted no part of a world that didn’t care for its own people. He left Caeleste in his wake with Seze, with his own heart steeled. He’d remember Naveen fondly, but the rest of his time there would be forgettable. It only solidified his status as a non-believer.

Entia wandered far from everything he knew. He wanted to return to Liridon and fall into the chasm that was left and die with those who’d fallen, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to. He wasn’t ready to leave the mortal plane – and it was in his aimless wandering that he was drawn to the world of Nordlys. Seze would wait for him, in another time and place, and perhaps here, Entia could regain some of himself that he had lost. He would never believe again – his son’s death had been the first moment he had realised that there was no actual higher power, to him – but he just wanted to be around others again and live.

He spent some time in Totem, before he was whisked away by the surge and fell into a portal, more less. He is still himself, still atheist, and believes in the people. One day, he will return home and die in the fire of Liridon. For now though... he wanders. He is good at that, if nothing else.

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A legendary companion joins Entia at his side, a Utahraptor of red colouring with light feathering down her head, giving her a crest, down her back, and growing long at the end of her tail. Her red colouring on her back is maroon tinged, while her underside is lighter and tan. She stands at the average height for Utahraptors at just under six feet the hip, and she is about twenty feet long. She walks with all the grace and agility of raptors, her tail sticking out behind her. Her talons end with a hooked scythe claw, what makes her so deadly in her hunting. She has a short temper, and only Entia can stop her from attacking, unless she really, really likes whoever is talking to her. Her name is Seze (pronounced seh-zay). To see an approximate image of her appearance, follow this link. (Note; she does not look entirely like this, as she is more vibrant red, darker and more a maroon red than orange red).

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