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Elegance and femininity wraps this fine frame in an air of grace and decadence. Her movements are subtle, purposeful and determined. The silver doe’s body is one that displays the noble heritage of her Arabian ancestors with a subtle hint of her Warlander blood. She is built a little thicker than those of pure Arabian descent. A more refined crown, Arah’s head is gently rounded rather than the regular angler sharpness of Arabian heads. Dignified by her long, strong neck, it holds her crown and gaze high. Solid and graceful her from is petite but thickened with powerful hindquarters and strong forequarters. She is still slight, despite this reinforcement. Height is not impressive on this doe, instead she is compact, built for speed, endurance and agility. Crossing precarious or rough terrain is an easy feat for this light footed and quick witted mare. Distinguished by her blood lines, they grant her a powerful mix of natural abilities while also bestowing her with striking features.

Draped in moon and star light she glows in the embrace of her goddess' gaze. Her silly coat is not an unadulterated silver, hints of pink and golden undertones can sometimes be spotted in the right lighting, adding an extra layer of exquisite artistry. Luxurious and fine her coat is full and thick during the winter but thinner during the summer months. While her coat does thicken during the cooler months it is not enough to fully protect her against the harsher winter climates. The doe is more comfortable is cool or warm climates. Though she detests being too hot and keeps away from summery places.

Small and dainty and often concealed beneath her forelock, a winter's kiss in the shape of a star sits on the centre of her forehead. It is white, rather than the doe's usual silver. Aside from this no mark or colour stains her glossy coat. It is a plain as the embrace of the moon's gaze. With no really distinguishing features she does not stand out in a crowd but, much to her preference, blends into the crowds.

Her maw is delicately painted with pink and grey hues, thick lips whisper secrets of the past, thoughts of the present and ideas of the future. The pinks of her maw end around about her fine nostrils, though they do detail and define her nose.

Bright liquid gold eyes with darker flecks of colour reflect the profile of others back onto themselves. They are round and wide with intelligence often critically accessing and memorising her surroundings. With such globes she can enchant beasts and stags alike. Framed by thick lashes her gaze is haunting, disconcerting those who are not familiar with her all seeing gaze.

Antlers crown her regal head, majestic and impressive. They speak of her heritage and breeding, in a previous life they served as a sign of royalty and longevity in an individual. They are a natural light brown with fine delicate hairs softening the hard edges. Shaped with an artist's eye they curve slightly inwards, crowning her in decadence. Granting her a monarchical air.

Silky, fine and an abundance of it, gold silver tresses tumble to the ground. Loose it trails behind her, when braided into thick knots her tail finishes just above the ground and her mane tumbles to her knees. Framing her face, Arah’s forelock hangs down low, strands reaching to about the middle of her neck. Often her locks have flowers braided into the strands, this way she feels attached to nature.

Resplendent, her looks are reflective of the nobles from her homeland.
The silver doe is an apt name for this mare. Bestowed with the appearance of ancestors she embraces her history through her appearance.


"Her coat was a nearly perfect match to the snow covering their home, and like something out of a fairytale her mane and tail both trailed along the ground as she walked. "

― Crowley, White Lace And A Black Cloak

"Pupil like a slit as it flicked and moved over her; looking at her more closely and committing such a creature to memory."

― Narcissus, LET HIM RUN

"Arah. Ah, there the lass steps up and fully into view. The light white unicorn though was a pretty little thing indeed, a full-fledged swan."

― Thranduil, Let Us Play With Fire

"the sweet looking lass bore a face that I note as lovely and beautiful to look upon. Delicate, graceful."

― Midas, On the inside

"summer sky eyes fell upon a maiden staring up at the moon, illuminated by the light that shone deep into her pores and came back out in threads of silver and ivory. She was beautiful,"

― Kaj, Would you want to stay?

The silver doe is observant, softly spoken and highly intelligent. Some may be fooled by her gentle demeanour but Arah is quick witted and quite the word smith. Her keen mind is often put to use assessing others and the situations. Enjoying the challenge of unravelling the past and the mystery of others, her mind is often put to working out the minds of others. Despite this her intentions are usually pure, wanting to protect herself and those she cares about. The habit of assessing situations, the interactions of others and the environment around her comes from numerous tough lessons. Intelligence is not always enough to compensate for the games of others. Arah is calculating and her exterior can sometimes be perceived as cold.

Past games have made Arah never want to be the one at the centre of attention, she now hangs back and prefers to take stock of situations. Cautious, almost to a fault, Arah judges situations with care and prefers words to action. These days she is always aiming to be in control, aware of her circumstances. Not overplaying her hand, Arah believes is important to ensure one is always in control of their circumstances and aware of where they actually stand with others. Her prudence also applies to meeting new souls. Weary of others, it takes the doe some time before she opens up or indeed trusts others. Often she will adapt a vixen like persona to protect herself and appear more secure and in command. The disillusion of the world came at a heavy price, one she has only recently been free off.

This weariness leaves the doe quite reserved. Somewhat reticent in her ways can leave others to distrust her. This can be made worse as her emotions remain delicately hidden behind an elegant mask of emptiness. Around those she does trust however this mask slips and she reveals her softer nature. One that is less cold and calculating, revealing her compassion and genuine concern for those who care for her. One of Arah’s most powerful traits is her loyalty to those who earn her trust. Dedicated and trustworthy if the doe makes a promise to someone she always makes sure she comes through. Her word is her bond and she lives by those words.

For many years the doe has always been interested in the politics of her land. Listening with sharp ears she always keeps an eye on the changing leaders and those in the ranks of different lands. Of course she pays special attention to those in charge within her own lands. Arah finds changing power incredibly fascinating and never wants to be behind the news, she always wants to be aware of what is happening. The doe has enjoyed some power in the past, even thrived on it. However she is not power-hungry, she more enjoys the game of politics and predicting who is next in line for power and knowing where her services may be required. Arah enjoys learning about the past and sharing history with others, the doe has always excelled in historical studies. She understands the power of good recordkeeping and learning from the lessons of others. This is why she shares history with others, maybe those who listen to her will be able to plan their futures better.

Experience has taught her to never jump into situations that she doesn’t have a complete understanding of. Having found herself all too often in over her head, the tough lesson was learnt through much pain and personal growth. The option of love may not be off the table for Arah, though after the death of Tilney she’d struggle to accept someone new into her heart. If one would be willing to fight for it, Arah would fight for them too…

Born in the lush forests and mountain fields not too distant from the lands of Helovia, Arah's childhood was always picturesque. Born to a noble Lord and his Lady, Arah was known to be of gentle birth, a Lady of an aristocratic family. Kind and gentle with his judgement and words, her father was dedicated and protective of his family. While her mother was a Shaman, the magical abilities passed down through the female bloodline allowed her to fulfil this position. With the powerful abilities of mind control and memory reading she was both feared and respected. Her mother was admired by many different male suiters, resulting in numerous affairs.

Arah was a very sweet filly growing up, she enjoyed the simple pleasures in life; chasing butterflies, splashing through streams and play fighting with fellow youngsters. It was during these early years that she first met Tilney and eventually Aelfwine. It was during these early years that she developed strong friendships with many youngsters in the herd but none more than the friendships she shared with both Tilney and Aelfwine. The doe's ties with her older brother Arden was strong, she adored him and he taught, protected, loved and encouraged her. Despite having three other siblings Arah never grew partially close to them, not even her full sister. This was the first sign of trouble between Arwen and Arah, they loved each other yet struggled to see eye to eye.

When Arah was a year and a half, she began to learn the shamanistic magic of her family from her grandmother. Wanting to become the next shaman Arah studied hard, long before her abilities actually appeared. When her sister joined her and her grandmother it sparked the beginning of the competition that would rage between the sisters until Arwen's untimely death. Yet for a while Arah's life was full and she was extremely happy.

Soon everything began to crumble. Larger, hostile herd began to stake claims on her herd's lands. It was decided that the herd would being their move along the mountainside; conflict was not a viable option for them. It was during this time that strange this had happened, her friend Tilney has disappeared. Starting a desperate search for her friend it took a while and a great deal of wondering before she finally found his crumpled body laying broken and bloodied in the bottom of a gully. Arah's screams alerted the herd to the young cults whereabouts, yet there was then concern for the younger royals. Wanting to protect his younger sisters Arden rushed his younger sister to their grandmother. Feeling it would be best to remove the Tilney from Arah's memory and sent them away the old mare did just that. Mind controlled to run, always run and never look back the two girls fled for their lives.

The travels where harsh in the first years, the two having to learn to fend for themselves. Having always been competitive the two mares fought over responsibilities, Arwen took to much on. During the first winter Arwen passed away and Arah was forced to continue on alone. Stumbling blinding around the world for the next year it was only when she came across Helovia was she able to fight the urge to continue in her travels and put down roots. Yet it seems that Arah and Tilney's fates were more intertwined than anyone had first anticipated.

✽ :: Helovian History :: ✽

Helovian Introduction


Entering Helovia through the Threshold Arah is met by a stranger who welcomes her to Helovia. The stranger introduces himself as Argetlam and gives her some brief information about the land in which she has found herself. Their conversation is interrupted by a young filly named Frost Fyre and her guardian d’Artagnan. They inform her of their homeland Aurora Basin and invite her to join them on their journey home. Arah accepts and bids farewell to Argetlam.
Arriving in the basin they are just in time to attend a herd meeting. The Lady Psyche impresses Arah, seeing a strong and capable female leader. Arah also takes a pointed interest in Mauja and his role in The Basin. Inspired by such leaders Arah signs up as a Phantom, eager to begin serving the Basin.
Doing a patrol she arrives upon Willow, a visitor from the Windtossed Foothills who wishes to meet with d’Artagnan. Arah observes the meeting, taking notes incase any useful information slips from Willow.
A short while later she elects to being to explore the new land she has found herself in. While wondering she meets Roland who is in need of aid. Roland, a fellow phantom, has a nasty snake bite on his ankle. She lends him her assistance and together they hobble back to The Basin. Delivering Roland to the healer she returns to her cave exhausted only to find an intruder there.
Knocked out by a mare who identified herself as Angora, Arah is smuggled out from the Basin. Though she only spent a night in captivity, it was a hellish welcome to Helovia. Mauja quickly comes to her rescue, leading her home to The Basin. She is assigned a guard, Crash Course to watch over her while the herd hunts for the mare Angora.
During her recuperation Faelene, lead Thief of The Basin, begins Arah’s training. She works to change the opinions of one who views The Basin in an ill light. Arah accepts and leaves Faelene determined to help The Basin in whatever way needed.
Arah meets with Roland who discusses her kidnapping and mission from Faelene. Roland soothes her worries about the outside world and supports her in pursuing this new mission.

Middle Ground


A meeting with Deodat further soothes Arah’s concerns about Basin security. They discuss her recent kidnapping and other struggles current members of The Basin are facing. Arah thinks it’s important to combine knowledge of sercuity and outside The Basin to better protect the members of The Basin so they are not kidnapped like she was.
On patrol she confronts intruders, Africa and Sinuhe preventing them from entering The Basin. Deimos, then general od The Basin also arrives to turn around the intruders. This is the first time she meets Deimos and Africa, two souls who would have ongoing influence and roles in Arah’s life.
Summoned by Psyche she is surprised to see Roland has also been summoned. Both Phantoms are given the mission of securing an alliance with The Grey, mercenaries who would protect the Basin but for a price.
Roland and Arah being the journey to The Windtossed Foothills, while journeying they discuss their mission. They must secure a verbal agreement to meet with their leader. Once arriving at the border of The Windtossed Foothills, Arah summons their leaders. Ophelia and Archibald agree to travel back to The Basin. The meeting goes ahead with Psyche and Demios and they reach an agreement for the protection of The Basin.
After the meeting Arah returns to the depths of her homeland for some rest. She meets a young Rhiannon and together they play in the snow. This is the first time Arah experiences any kind of maternal instinct.
After a few weeks break Arah journeys further into Helovia than she has ever before. Running into a playful little cub she follows the animal back to his companion and meets Lakota. This broken mare is one of the most beautiful creatures Arah has ever met. For the first time Arah realises her interest in the same sex, discussing life, love and destiny with Lakota. After spending some time together, Arah does not want her to leave but the mare most return home. They part ways with Arah experiencing quite the attraction to the mare.
Still with her head somewhat in the clouds Arah is roughly brought back down to earth with a training spar with Deimos. Rocked to her very core she is thrown into the deep end of learning to block, dodge and use her speed and agility in a fight. In truth, the doe hated the violence but was proud to have stood her ground. This fight began Arah maturing into the mare she is today.
Arah leaves her training match more confident in her abilities. They quickly came in use as the mare found herself competing with others to rescue an egg. Though another soul won the bond with the egg, Arah was pleased to have participated and becomes interested in gaining a companion for herself.
Meeting a god is a big moment for any soul. Arah met the God of Spark was was in complete awe. Though he did not select Arah for the quest his minor display of magic was incredible. One day, Arah hoped to be even just a fraction as powerful as him.
While wondering away from the God she runs into a sparkling floating ball. Walking through it magic suddenly covers her body and gifts her with the ability to change the memories of those she locks eyes with.
Attending a Herd Meeting she is pleased to her The Basin was able to secure the contract with The Grey.

Cracks In The Surface


Needing to take a break Arah retreats into The Basin but is not able to secure must rest before she is summoned by d’Artagnan. She finds a prisoner of The Basin in rough shape. Horrified by what she saw this was the first indication to Arah that perhaps she wasn’t in the right position to serve The Basin. Still she did as was bid and used her new magic to remove the prisoner’s memories of The Basin.
Wondering about in a bit of a daze she is brought back to reality when he world suddenly plunges into darkness. Her long hair becomes caught on a log in the darkness. Aid is provided in the form of Crowley who assists her out of the difficult situation. Together they work navigating through the darkness until finally they find the only source of light. A glowing orb in the centre of The Basin. While the world fights to righten itself, Arah protects The Basin. Staying behind she assisted in defending the young and other citizen who remained.
It was a shock to be summoned to march on The Dragon’s Throat. Being apart of the attacking invasion force she faced the formidable Midas The Gallant. The fight was quick and brutal with Midas winning quickly by crushing her. Laying crumpled in the dirt she came to realise why she was sent to secure the contract with The Grey all those season back. Everything had been leading to this invasion and she had failed The Basin.
Nursing her wounds she returns to The Basin and is promptly punished by Deimos. He failure would not be stood for again.
Sneaking away from The Basin she notices a familiar face and is pleased to run into Lakota again. Allowing the mare to soothe her they take comfort in each other’s presence, both to broken to do anything else. My morning Arah knew it was time to go, their herds were too different, too distant. They could not be together and Arah was too afraid to leave The Basin.
Leaving Lakota she traveled further into the woods and walked straight into a battle with a tar monster. Stunned Arah immediately teams up with her mentor Faelene and together they fight against the unusual creature. The fight does claim its victims and Arah is ripped away from Faelene, as she fights to stay above the tar she watches her mentor succumb. Screaming her name Arah is helpless and can do nothing but watch Faelene’s death.
Stumbling away numb and shocked Arah meets the oddest creature. Closely resembling a rook she is stunned to hear him speak. Tapping the strange box that he has with him she eventually opens it after questing Arah about her life and motives. When the lid is opened a strange power overwhelms her and she gently lifted into the air, her second magic ability of mind control is gifted to her.
Returning to The Basin she happens to run into a confrontation between the Lady Psyche and Deimos. The Lady, brown crown and broken should decides to walk away from her position. Deimos is left in charge, making him Lord of The Basin and now the ruler of everyone within Aurora. He call a meeting and herd members are not happy to have him as heir new leader. Arah however supports him ensuring those that he did not wrestle the crown away from their Lady, he has earned it.
As the meeting adjoins she sees Crowley, the two sneak away into the night. Desperate for comfort and support Arah agrees to spend the night with him. Come morning they go their operate ways, unknowing that the one night has changed their future forever.
The following day Arah journeys into the heart of The Basin and meets with Roland. The two friends laugh and reconnect sharing everything that has happened to them over the past few seasons.
As Roland leaves to take care of some errands, Arah meets with Mauja. They both discuss their recent losses and the leaving of Psyche. It is the first time Arah is forced to think about how much has actually happened to her and all that she has endured thus far. Arah, for the first time, feels the child within her womb move.
Celebrating the ending of a year Arah gathers with fellow Helovians at the Gift Tree. Later she retreats to The Basin as her pregnancy progresses.



Destiny intervened as Arah met Tilney again. Though she had no recollection of him, as she assisted him through the night the bond between them immediately formed again. In an indescribable way Arah felt drawn to him, she could not and would not leave his side. They traveled through the night together, connecting and strengthening the bond between them.
Unable to leave Tilney’s side she asks him to move to The Basin. He, also unable to leave her side agrees and they head home. Though it is not the greeting Arah expected. They walk into Midas being dragged in, a prisoner of Thranduil. Tilney gets his first taste of the brutality of The Basin and Arah is afraid he will leave her. Wanting to both protect Tilney and Midas, Arah demands of Deimos to know what is going on. Arah learns they are invading The Falls, Tilney must chose to stay and fight with her or leave. This time Arah will not fail in her own fight.
Thranduil leads the invasion force, they infiltrate The Falls and Arah faces off with Africa. As she is fighting the two sides within her are clashing. The spy that never lived up to her name and the softer gentler side. The side she knows would fall in love with Tilney and rebuild her life with him. Arah has no choice, she chooses to let the spy and the desire to please The Basin go.
After the failed invasion Arah returns not a failure but a different mare. On the edge of the boarder she stops and turns unable to reenter The Basin until she recollects herself. Instead she finds herself beside Mauja watching others battle for the honour of being the new leader of The Edge. Together they laugh at the audacity and ridiculous of those putting their hats into the ring. As far as Arah is concerned none deserve the privilege of leading anyone.
Retuning to The Basin she responds to the call from Deimos to gather. Once the entire herd is present he annoyed that Thranduil will lead The Basin beside him. Horrified at this promotion Arah has finally had enough over being overlooked and giving her life to a herd who failed to protect her time and time again. Loosing her cool she blows up and Thranduil and Deimos and official leaves Aurora Basin. At this moment she can not think of anyone, not even Tilney, her mind and emotions too out of whack.



As she remerges into the lands of Helovia, she is now without a herd, a family or protection. Only Wynter goes with her.
As she wonders aimlessly she see Mauja also without a home. Together they reflect on their journey and what is going to become of them both. Arah decides that she does not want to be without the protection of a herd but she will not return to The Basin.
Instead she travels to the newly elected leads of The Edge and commits her services to them, this time however as a historian. Never again will she sully her hands with the work of spies.
Spending only a day settling into her new life she is altered by Wynter to follow her. She does so and is elated to see Tilney joining the ranks of The World’s Edge as healer. Their reunion is bittersweet and Arah promises to not leave his side again.
While out stretching her legs she see Crowley out. Four years since their last encounter. Arah explodes at him and he lets her. They part Arah furious, Crowley broken.
The first night Arah and Tilney spend together is unlike anything Arah has experienced in the past. They commit to one another, Arah desperate to spend the rest of their lives loving each other.
The following weeks Arah spends much time in her new home, happier than ever before. The opportunity presents itself to release more ghosts from her past when a battered and beaten Thranduil turns up at their border. While Arah does express a distrust of him and does not advise against recruiting him, only caution. She finds this small step forward on her part has a massive impact on her outlook. In that moment she forgave Crowley too. It remained a huge regret of Arah that she was never able to apologise to the stallion who once gifted her the precious existence of her first daughters.
Hosting a lesson for the youngsters of The Edge Arah is surprised to see so many turn out and support her lesson. She tells them the tale of the first invasion of The Basin. The children and even the adults are very interested in the tale. Arah is relieved to find that she loves the role of historian and teacher.
Arah and Tilney, now happily steeled into their life conceive a daughter of their own. As the child in Arah’s womb grows both work hard at rising through the ranks together, her as historian and him as healer. The enemies of The Edge don’t dare to intrude in their perfect family. They are kept safe, hidden away in their own bubble that exists within The Edge.
Arah heads for a lesson with the Storyteller of The Falls. They exchange notes and history and discuss their respective lives.
Journeying back to The Edge Arah goes into Labour. This time she is not alone as Tilney arrives quickly, lead by Wynter, and assists her with the birth. Together they bring their daughter Maude into the world. This time Arah knows she will not fail as a parent.
With a new daughter at her feet and her soulmate supporting her Arah decides it is time for another meeting. She gathers the youngsters and teaches them about the history of the world.

Then everything fell apart.

The rift ripped apart Arah's family and perfect life. She was dragged away from her family and spat out in a desolate land. The fight for survival kicked in. To this day the doe can not remember what truely when on during these difficult three months, trauma blocking her memory. When she finally emerged onto lands where others resided, she was nursed back to health. No one had any idea who TIlney was. As soon as her strength returned she began to search for him, their daughter Maude and Wynter. As she traveled to met many new faces but did not stop anywhere long enough to from a real connection with them. She arrived in a small herd and was pleased to hear that Tilney had been through some months passed. She followed their directions and arrived at a gravesite, her beloved buried beneath the ground, cold and gone.
Devastated Arah mourned by her soulmate's grave. Though past experience taught her that this loss would not break her. She would be able to continue on and find their daughter and Wynter. Three days of mourning at his grave side and then the doe picked herself off and continued on with a new weight in her heart. Though, again, she did not stay anywhere long preferring to pass through. Until she finally found Maude, nestled away in a kingdom happy and safe. Spending a year with her daughter they recuperated and mourned the loss of Tilney. Then Maude convinced Arah to move on, learn more stories and find Wynter. They would always have each other but Arah had not yet truely found where she belonged. After all, Maude would always be here. Happy and safe with a family of her own.
The next day Arah set off in search of adventure.

Arah entered Caeleste. Like all new comers she looses her magic in the Celestial passage. The loss shocks and drains her, believing the gods have abandoned her she is disheartened. Struggling to leave this passage she hopes to solve the mystery of the mists and the new land she has entered. Amorette fortunately is there to guide her out and to her new home in The Blue Sage Meadows.
Not even a day after arriving at Caeleste Arah is facing a monster unlike anything she had ever seen. Shocked still by the gore and horrors of the battle she sees salvation arrive in the form of Vasanta. The goddess defies belief by raising the dead and tearing the monster limb from limb with her magic.
The following morning Arah gathered her belongings and hit the road, searching for a the next adventure having seen quite enough if these lands.

Active & Parvus Magic

Not obtained magic yet.

Primary Magic :: Telepathic communication
Arah can sense/read the surface thoughts of others and can telepathically respond to others. This ability enables her to 'hear' or 'speak' thoughts mentally like ordinary speech.
Level :: None yet.
Receives very little information and the thoughts often have a 'fuzzy' sound around them.

Secondary Magic :: Telepathic Influence
Arah can influence the thoughts of others. Her influence is subtle, unknown to her target and can effect their thoughts and actions based on those affected thoughts.
Level :: None yet.
Is not very persuasive at all, target may quickly become aware of outside influence.

Passive Magic

Not obtained magic yet.

Passive Magic ::
Under the gaze of her goddess, Elune, she glows sliver.
On cloudy nights her glow will be dim or non-existent. How brightly she glows depends on the phase of the moon. Having said this the glow is never blinding or particularly bright, more a gentle, subtle glow.

Bonded & Pets

Wynter. Griffin.
Wynter is an ivory griffin, with the body of a lion and eagle hybrid. Though her head is more of a mix between an eagle and owl, the rest of her body features they typical appearances and traits of her kind. Tall proud ears, bright blue eyes, a white feathery neck, front legs of a bird, a white lion's body with two strong feline back legs and a lion's tail. Her feathers are always sleek and well groomed. Wynter reaches the hight of 55cms. A bigger companion she protects and serves her bonded faithfully.
Wynter is stubborn, brave and encourages her bonded to take risks. She is passionate and loving and is usually quite protective of her mistress. Together they are a team and watch each other's backs. They have fought battles together, suffered great losses and dragged each other through darkness- kicking and screaming if need be.
Gifted with the magical abilities of a telepathic screech, she is able to send client sound waves into the mind of an opponent. Inside the mind of the opponent however the noise is excruciatingly loud and often stops them in their tracks. The sound only last briefly and fades entirely after a few moments.

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

[Small Item | Accessory] Ruby Pendant :: A Ruby pendant hangs around her neck on a fine leather cord.
[Small Item | Accessory] Lantern :: The lantern of her now deceased mate hangs from her left antler.
[Small Item | Accessory] History Book (includes quill & ink pot) :: The book in which she makes records of her knowledge, readings, thoughts and adventures..
[Large Item | Outfit] Moonlight Cloak :: A very fine hooded cloak. It is almost completely see-through, though the hem is thicker, not see through and decorated with small moons and stars. The threads are a pale silver that gleam in the moonlight. The hood with can either be worn draped over her head, covering her ears and resting just behind her antlers, or can rests comfortably gathered around her neck.

Agora Items & Awards

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"Ah - rah" Common Tounge "Aye - radh" Native Tounge

Arah speaks three languages:
- Sindarin, the native language of her birth lands.
- Helovian, the language of her previous home.
- The common tongue, the general language across all continents.

Arah was created in 2010 and has been played on a number of different websites but most predominantly Helovia. You can find me on deviantart.

Arah’s Toyhouse : Link

Played by:

Frostie (PM Player)


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