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Long legs and slim proportions, Araxes is the epitome of grace on hooves. She holds herself delicately, but with a determination that is written into her every fiber.

Her body starts with a base of bay, sprinkled with the smattering of white splash laying every which way across her body. She's fairly plain in that aspect, with no startling patterns or glimmering markings. No wings. Only a soft pink spot on her nose where the fur is velvet soft and white.

Her mane and tail are black brown, a medium length. Her mane is longer along the nape than it is along her head. Sometimes it's shaved away, but other times, she leaves it rather short and slicked back, as to not tangle it in her horns. Speaking of...

She only has a pair of horns rising from her forehead, curving into a circle over her head in a strangely made gilded halo. Her hooves are just as golden as her horns, and her eyes match. There is something eerie about her, however. Whenever she is emotional, something in her body triggers, and she weeps gold from her nose and eyes.

They said she was born an omen, carrying a curse in her veins from the damning union of her parents. Despite their whispers, she was not one to allow such silly things to affect her. Araxes was a delicate thing growing up, sheltered and beloved by her parents and eventually her herd. She lived in a content world of happiness, one that knew no bad, even as she grew into her legs and her being. Hell, she didn't know bad even when she left her herd to find a new place to call home.

She eventually came to a land that was welcoming and warm. A place where magic rested in the air, and she found delight in this place. Found a sense of belonging. She was as gentle and nearly fragile as could be, always one to help. Her personality and her sense of duty earned her a place in the herd among the council, one that she took quite seriously. It never did change how she acted. At least, not until she fell in love, and not until the world was suddenly rocked to its core.

Araxes went through quite the change as her world was turned practically upside down. The herd she called home became hostile and hidden away, and she fled. Fled from her home, from her family ( that did not want to come with her ) and fled the entirety of a land she loved. Doing this triggered the curse that had been sent down on her parents when she was but an unborn life, and she changed physically. Because of this, she lost sense of who she was for a time, wandering from land to land, not the kind soul she once was. Instead, she was hard edged and slightly hostile. Lost, afraid.

Wandering back to the place she had once called home allowed her to regain herself in a sense, and she hid herself away. While she did, she gradually warmed back up to who she used to be, but the delicate wallflower she once had been would be no more. There are fractures in her gentle nature, fissures that run a little deeper than she allows anyone to see. While she cares and loves, while she is warm and welcoming, she is also determined with a hint of ferocity that had never been there before. Not in a way that is hostile but in a way that leaves her unmovable and unshakeable. No longer is she the tender hearted denizen she once had been, but that soft heart is not too far off. Locked and hidden away.

Born with a completely different look, Araxes was considered an omen, and there were plenty of whispers of a curse that had been spoken about in the past. The deities of her old herd had spoken to them, and said a child born with adorning feathers would be cursed by them to forever shift their body when they made the most heartbreaking choices. When they decided to start a new life, the deities would gift them that.

Araxes lived and learned in the herd, whereas most of them kept their distance from her, giving her side looks and trying to not become attached. They did teach her, however, the ways of medical herbs and healing. For a while, it was something she cherished and held close. Eventually, she parted ways from the herd with heartfelt goodbyes, smiling as she made her way through her life.

She eventually ended up in Novus, joining the ranks of the Night Court and peddling her knowledge of healing among them. Soon enough, she became a Champion of Healing, part of a council where she served their people and took her role seriously. She even fell in love, in a time where the courts were at one another's throats. She was naive back then, but fell far too hard and too close to one Torstein. They even had children, and while they made the best of meeting and doing what they could . . . the Courts became too much. Night Court shed its old ways and became something she no longer recognized.

Her children drifted away. Her home was not something she could love any longer with the shift of power that had happened, and eventually, she made the heartwrenching choice to leave.

Stepping outside of Novus lands, Araxes was struck down, transformed. When she came to, she was someone entirely different in looks, and her entire world was shifted upside down. She grew a little more rough around the edges, a determination that the soft tender hearted mare had never shown before. She grew into herself, despite what had happened.

She eventually wandered back to Novus, but took up residence in the furthest mountains of the lands, living her days there and watching as the world turned. Healing those that she could while she could, biding her time until she was ready to come back.

That time is now, and here she is.

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