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Built of the stars and cosmos, Crux is what is known as a Star Walker back in the lands that he comes from. An old herd that is nothing but ashes and whispers in the winds, old rumors of an old world.

Dipped in the blues of the night skies and taller than most mortal horses, Crux is a pegasus born from an angelic mother and a Star Walker. He stands at eighteen hands, resting on four solid navy blue hooves. His body is blue, but his underbelly is a paler gradient, stretching even up his throat and ending under his jaw. Darker blues mark stripes faintly along his body, namely around joints and on his neck.

While he is a pegasus, he's a mutation of them. With large leathery wings that have been strangely formed since birth, rigid membranes that look as if they're pinion feathers. They're blue, spotted with starry patterns of white flecks, where at the ends, they begin to shift into something altogether different. A radiant pastel hue of rainbow marks him like a nebula.

This isn't the only place that he has those colors. They also rest at the beginnings of his tail, and in a chunk of his mane. Both sets of hair are strange. During the day, they're an inky black, soft and flowing with starry spots and the rainbow hue, but at night, something else happens. In the night of the moon and stars, they grow almost gaseous and swirl around him like true cosmic life. When dawn breaks, they're once more simply hair.

His eyes are slit pupil and vibrant green, while his teeth are razor sharp canines that tend to scare off anyone that comes too close. His ears are slightly larger than normal, with tufts of soft fur right at the tops of them.

Crux is a creature of joy and curiosity, almost like a foal would be.

For the longest time, he was immortal, and with the shedding of that immortality came the age that he desperately wanted to actually have. To live among mortals was something he was eager for, and now, he can mingle among them. Because of this, he is more tricky and sly than average, playing pranks and finding amusement in startling others that are shocked easily. He does not see much wrong in playing harmless pranks, and will not actively attempt to hurt anyone.

His father was a deity of tricks, revelry. It is no surprise that it lives on in him, though he doesn't know it. Despite his childish behavior, there is a maturity to him that comes with being alive for so long, and a happiness that comes with being able to age instead of being frozen in time.

Crux is someone that takes some time to get used to, and tends to drive people away without meaning to in his eagerness. He's very open and very curious, especially about others. Don't be surprised if you find yourself backed into a corner with his constant questions.

Much like Cicatrix, Crux has an angelic mother. A being of light and warmth that carried him and birthed him into the world, long after being forced to abandon her first child to the herd that worshiped the stars. He was born to her, and stayed with her a few months, until he too was left behind in the herd that had raised his older sibling, whispers of the elders about his being a Star Walker. Cicatrix had been the first, but not the only. Many had come after them, one of which fathered Crux.

As with others, Crux was taught the stars and heavens, and learned of the Star Walkers themselves. The herd however, was thinning out in numbers, fading with time. What had once been a land of magic and scholars was now a scant few that raised the small immortal foal until he left them in search of help. By the time he came back, years later, they were gone.

Crux took to the skies and wandered then, seeking out the herd members that had moved to different lands. He found no solace in them however, and instead turned to finding Star Walkers, and his ever so elusive sibling. Days turned into weeks, into months, into years, and centuries. Crux's immortal gift was squandered. Instead of seeking knowledge, he sought out to be selfish and wanting, desperate to feel alive in a place where he did not belong. Immortality, to him, was a curse.

Until he came to Novus.

Crux has arrived in Novus, and upon landing, the immortality was drained from him. For once, he feels alive and warm, breathing. His joy is like no other, and while he spends much of his time wandering, he does want to learn again. A new spark has come to him in the form of becoming one of the mortals. Now all that's left is to find traces of those that he could call family.

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Hair is naturally flowy and soft. At night, it becomes something ethereal, like nebulas in the sky, but only during the night. The moment the sun comes up, it turns back to regular hair, though still very flowy and soft to the touch.

*Staff edit: Due to our character design rules being changed April 2021 (now all recognizably-equus fantasy designs with aesthetic, non-harmful designs aspects can be joined without items), your character's passive magic is no longer needed! The cost has been refunded and the item removed from their inventory.

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