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Pale as morning light upon the snow, a muted mottled blue fading into a delicate blush of peach that reaches down her limbs, marked by a splash of white that reaches up her left hind and right fore. In stature she is at the 'short' side of average, with a wide, rounded body, set upon long well defined legs, with sloping pasterns and small, rounded feet. Her head is more noble than it is beautiful, with large ‘ponylike’ wide set eyes, and a Roman nose softened into femininity by her Connemara heritage. A pair of rounded antlers jut from behind a blunted forelock, bone white and symmetrical with only two points.

While she has yet to fully mature into herself, their is a certain youthful liveliness about her that defines much of her appearance - the rounded lines of her seemingly forever set in motion, her pastel hair a life of its own, a smile constantly flirting upon her lips of the kind that suggests she may burst into laughter at any moment - or perhaps, that you are the butt of some joke. She speaks in an open, careless, wilful way, used to being heard.

a child of the morning sky and high, gilded cities in the clouds; she is born of the wind and bright, brilliant things.

pros: strong-willed, tenacious, dedicated, loyal, passionate, confident, lively
cons: ambitious, headstrong, naïve, trusting, self-centered, ignorant, impatient, narrow minded

She’s a woman born with lightning in her veins. Ruled by youthful wonder and the unquiet roaring of her own restless heart, she’s driven to seek distinction like a lesser woman seeks freedom - desperate to elevate herself, or burn out in the process. It’s ambition of the fiercest sort that thrums uneasily against her breast, leaving her unfettered and flitting between places and experiences like the changing wind, too afraid of mediocrity to ever enjoy what’s already before her. With all the folly of youth, she fears most of all to be made mortal and lapse between the cracks of history with no identity of significance - and she’d delve the secrets of the world and unravel immortality itself to defy it, for her will is ever the stronger.

She’s all wiles and wide-eyed wonder for the world before her, with a thirst for life and all its endless, open possibility yet unjaded by time. Heedlessly confident and without an inch of deception, she walks the world with the candor of one who has always known it to accept her, to care for her and pick her up when she falls. A comfortable upbringing has afforded her little taste of true hardship or strife; poverty, cruelty, deception, all merely abstract concepts that are but dim undertones in the luminosity of her narrow world. Lively, passionate and without artifice; their is something disarming about her unfettered joy and honesty with the world; a deep self-assurance that leaves her unshakably confident in the very foundations of her being and the morals that guide her. And yet, in her inexperience she is unable - or perhaps unwilling - to confront the world in anything other than stark shades of black and white, good and evil, filing people away into neat, narrow little boxes fit to bursting. The backlash of her own actions is justified and pardoned by the good intentions behind them, and at heart she inherently seeks to do good...but their is no denying the selfishness about her; a reckless sort of disregard for how the ripples of her actions affect others until the fallout is stark before her - too caught up in the brilliance of her dreams to see beyond her own ambition.

Willful and bold, she’s unstintingly authentic and quick to earn friends in any storm; leaving brief but memorable impressions as she sweeps weaker wills along in the wake of her ambitions - too headstrong yet to heed counsel other than her own. Her love - vast as the worlds - is a devout and consuming thing that is both her greatest strength and her greatest weakness, for she trusts too blindly in its whims and fancies, blind to the faults of those she loves and eager to follow them down any misguided path. Her loyalty is absolute, and once lost is never recovered, sending her into a fit of spite and revenge that is ever inch a child's. The wisdom of age is sure to unveil a mare of presence and renown, but for now she’s an evolving collection of vibrant, restless edges only beginning to take shape.

She was born the fourth child of a lesser son, of a lesser house, into a granite hewn city bursting with life, trade and vibrant, colourful excess. It was a city built by ancients and later reclaimed, one that in time would fall to its own hubris and decadence once more - but for now, it was a place of long lineages and endless breathless summers.

Elwing is the result of a child left to be brought up by the expectations of much greater siblings, and with parents spread thin across a large family their was precious little time to bring her up in patience and tenderness. So like a weed she grew wild and thriving, bursting up between the cracks of a rigid society; a quick, loud and lively girl, full of temper and ambition. She was a tenacious child from the beginning, trailing after her elder brothers and refusing to ever accept their was anything she couldn’t do. Endlessly asking questions, she’d test the boundaries of society purely to see how far the ripples travelled - much to the chagrin of her doting, indulgent parents. Despite her comfortable life, she never truly heeded the division of class; rough-spoken travellers, vagrants and those of uncertain birth alike, Elwing would make friends with anybody - and cheerfully pick up all their bad habits along the way. Distant and too unalike her sisters to cause anything but friction between them, it is with her brothers that she has always been closest, forming a tight bond that’s half love, half hero worship.

Never one to sit idly by or slot neatly into society, she saw herself as refusing to confined - to be the sovereign of her own soul, as it were - and so she set out in all youthful eagerness to discover the world and leave her own mark upon it, expecting to return after a year and find everything exactly as she left it. However much has changed in her absence, her city fallen and her family scattered with it, her brief adventure now unknowingly becoming the beginning a new life entirely.

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