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i look around and sin city's cold and empty
no one here to judge me i can't see clearly when you're gone

( a forgotten prince of a forgotten land; a golden lion hearted man )

Compared to many in Novus, Benedict boasts very normal features. His golden coat can be called unremarkable to the others in this realm; or perhaps considered handsome to some. There is no doubt he has looks, but even he believes himself to be plain. He is not a pegasus. He is no unicorn. No aquatic blood runs through his veins.

So, no, he is not a fantasy breed in any way. He is who he is. What the gods blessed him as, what nature intended for him to be and who he chooses to become. For now, this suits him. He is of a benevolent nature, easily approachable and not 'frightening' by any means. His very being radiates a quiet calmness and warmth.

Dark gold stripes do highlight the dusty ivory of his legs. The same white is a stripe up his face, with the stripes being more apparent on his shoulders down his back. A swirl of ivory appears on his sides, and he has a blond mane and tail. Benedict's mane has two braids with golden rings. His eyes are a stark green. The man is of an average to tall height.

and i said i'm blinded by the lights no i can't sleep
until i feel your touch i'm drowning in the night

( so tremble, little lion man; you'll never settle any of your scores )
There is not much to understand or pry regarding Benedict. He would claim he has a more old fashioned view compared to others in this modern age; it was something he was raised to believe. Chivalrous toward most, especially females, he tries to do what he feels is right. He would also say that he never sets out to harm others, but can defend if need be. His life or the life of another, it matters not to him. Both are valid. This makes him susceptible to getting into unwanted trouble - he can't seem to ignore another in their plight.

Benedict Ignatius has all the makings of being a knight in shining armor. However, he seems to lack the self-righteous attitude associated with it. He does not force his company or help on others. He does not believe he is always correct. He also does not have an inflated ego that has to be constantly validated. No, the man is humble. He is mindful of others. While he may rush into danger to defend another, he knows he makes mistakes. He is only mortal in that sense. Unwillingly, he is that sort of knight. Unwillingly, he allows others to think he is more.

But at the root? He is a kind, selfless man. He wants others to smile and be happy. Whatever his own faults and mistakes, he wants people to succeed. He wants them to be happy with their lot in life. Always available to calmly listen to others, Benedict tries to be a good friend. He does not so much as fail as he is oblivious to deeper meanings. Especially concerning romance. He treats everyone with respect, but he cannot for the life of him realize his own wants and needs. If you asked him, Benedict would say he is content. Not happy, but acceptable.

Though deep down, one could see he is uncomfortable with open displays of affection. He is insecure about himself and cannot stand his own failures. He is hard on himself, pushes himself to do better. He is a workaholic and will do his duty without question, but also does not give himself time to relax. He will work himself to exhaustion if someone doesn't tell him to take a break.

POSITIVE: calm, rational, protective, loyal, benevolent, kind-hearted.
NEGATIVE: rash, workaholic, unambitious, pessimistic.

i'm running out of time because i can see the sun light up the sky
so i hit the road in overdrive baby

( neither a soldier, poet, king )
Benedict was born to the House Ignatius, a powerful noble family in his country. They have a long, rich history - particularly of being collectors of powerful and legendary objects. A hundred years prior to his birth, House Ignatius rose to the throne. Some say it was a coup. Others say it was a painless transition. But all agreed the noble family was a refreshing change of pace among the tyrants who usually ruled. Benedict would be the heir of the family, the singular foal born to his mother and father. There were many branches of Ignatius, all vying for their own sort of attention. Cousins, aunts and uncles... He was not short of family.

Expectation was placed upon the young prince. At first, he welcomed the attention. He was given the best education and tutors. He wanted for nothing. Anything he had his eye on, it was immediately brought to him. Luxury, however, came with downfall. His parents more or less gave him to others to raise. His personal butler was more of a father figure to Benedict, while his maids tended to any bruise or scrape he got. Benedict began to feel lonely, looking out the window of their grand castle and seeing children with their loving parents. He didn't doubt they loved him, but he knew they would rather not show it.

Whatever his parents had done or hadn't, he cared about them. He put on a grand show for their sake. He was a good prince, though some in his family would call him weak. Too kind. Too understanding. Too eager to take the side of the civilians. It was during his second year that a cousin attempted to usurp him as heir. A hit was placed on Benedict, but it failed due to his loyal bodyguard. The crime was traced back to his eldest cousin, and they were exiled. If it had been a commoner, they would have died, and he knew that. He even pleaded for mercy, but was met with deaf ears. Nobody crossed the main branch - not even their own family.

Feeling it was now best to learn to fight, Benedict took private lessons with his bodyguard. His father disapproved but did not moan long. His mother felt it best for her son to learn some skills, and had convinced her husband to let the boy be. The golden son learned fast; he was a good combination of sturdy and agile. He felt the exercise was good for him, much more than pouring over documents all day. The prince's battle lessons inspired a dream. One that he hadn't felt before. He knew he'd be king one day, and that had always been enough. Now he wished to be enrolled in the guard. He wanted to do more for his kingdom. This was shot down immediately by his father, who said Benedict's place was at the palace. Not off playing soldier.

And like a dutiful son, Benedict complied.

Another year passed and tragedy struck the house of Ignatius. The exiled cousin returned with a rogue army, but more than; there was support from the kingdom's subjects. Disgruntled civilians that turned to break free of their shackles. Guards and shopkeepers. Peasants and the poor. They stormed the castle. Benedict's family was cut down if they refused their own shackles. Though the king fought, this ended in his mother's death. Benedict fought too, along with his bodyguard, until the other pulled him away to flee. In the chaos, he lost sight of who was loyal and who wasn't. It was a mad dash to get away and he did what he had to do to get out. Running as fast as possible, Benedict's last sight was his parents' bodies being hosted on the walls. A grand display for the victory of cowards.

He still has nightmares.

The name Ignatius meant little on the road. He learned quickly not to introduce himself as such. There could be spies everywhere, hunting for the golden prince. Enemies lurked in the shadows. He became paranoid, running from everyone. Even those that showed him kindness. Wounds healed but his mind did not, and soon after a year on the road he came to Novus. Broken, he enters the court of Dusk, to which they welcome him warmly enough. He knows that he has not moved on, and still keeps the scars of that memory fresh. As a warning to himself, maybe. A warning to not let down his guard. To not get close to others. For fear he will hurt them, or they hurt him? He doesn't know.

Active & Parvus Magic

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Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Accessories; three gold bands braiding his hair.

Weapon; steel claymore, wide blade and chipped.

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