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Voodoo is a large boy, built like a baroque Friesian, but with the height closer to that of a Clydesdale. His ancestry is mottled with more breeds than can be listed, though his mother was primarily Friesian in blood and he took after her in appearance. His sire was a mix of so many things that trying to pin down one would be impossible, other than he was absolutely massive in height and muscle mass. It is through him that Voodoo gained his height and overall mass to make him a rather imposing beast of a stallion.

This handsome boy is a sooty silver grullo roan splash, with striking python-esque striping across his body. His mane and tail are striking white, nearly the same hue as the splash across his lower body. Ice blue eyes gleam against his dark, marbled body and stand out in the gloom. Hidden under his thick white forelock, a simple star peeks through. Voodoo has pale peach hooves, accenting the ivory hue of his strong, stocky limbs. The large stallion is built like a warrior, heavy with muscles and ready to take on the world.

Design by Chaosy - Lineart by Vizseryn

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Voodoo is a rather dark individual. His personality is reminiscent of shadows, darkness that can be used to terrify or soothe depending on the need. He is not overly evil by any means, but he is also not the golden child that his mother was hoping for. Rather, Voodoo is somewhere in the middle. He can wear the mask of cruelty with little difficulty, though usually he is impartial and a bit aloof. Not that he cant be friendly when the need arises. He has been known to be seductive, his mood reminiscent of black silk sheets and rich velvet. Voodoo is a being passionate about what makes him happy and brings him pleasure in life.

Voodoo is not afraid to fight for what he wants, or things he deserves. However he has a rather possessive streak over things or even other beings that he believes to be his. He has a tendency to be overbearing with his beliefs and it takes a strong mare to stand up to him. Not that he is fond of relationships. His form of pleasure tends to be rich passions that only last for a short time and then he goes to the next passion that catches his attention. He is a rather fickle being and it definitely shows in his personal life.

When given an order, Voodoo will follow through with it to the end of the line. He is passionate about his duties and loyal to those that have earned said loyalty. He has never been one for being in charge and it is probably a good thing. The idea of him leading others could be either incredibly good or doom to the command. Voodoo is extremely competitive and prone to pushing himself too far out of that drive to be the best.

Positive Traits: Loyal, Determined, Eloquent, Can follow orders, Introspective (aka he knows he is an ass at times), Ambitious, Confident, Honest, Polite (usually)

Negative Traits: Fickle, Overbearing, Aloof at times, Headstrong, Prone to acting before thought, Arrogant, Impulsive

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Voodoo was born to a pair of vagabonds on the outskirts of the court system. His sire was never in one place for long and disappeared shortly after he was born. His mother sacrificed her freedom, joining the Day Court to allow the young colt to grow up protected and part of a stronger class system than she could give him alone in the wilds. That sacrifice was one that she made for him, but one that also made her extremely unhappy. She hated being tied to one place and grew to resent her son for it. Voodoo saw the changes in his mother as he aged, growing more and more distant.

Shortly after Voodoo turned two years old, his mother disappeared in the middle of the night. While he worried about her, he did not let that worry show. During the time she was away, he found himself following the older soldiers in the court and watching from a distance as they trained. He was a bit shy at that age and was not willing to put himself into the hooves of another to be trained. So, he practiced in secret, far from the hustle and bustle of the court proper. While he was pledged to his court, he did have the wild streak from his vagabond parents.

A few months before his 4th year started, his mother appeared in the meadow where he had been training alone. After a rather scathing conversation that left both horses in foul moods, she disappeared once again and Voodoo found himself stepping forward to pledge himself as a soldier for his court. That conversation was enough to push him to commit completely to his home and do what he could to help them.

During the following years, Voodoo trained hard, trying to outdo the rest of the soldiers out of sheer competitive spirit. He hated the idea of anyone being better than him and it showed in his training. The monochrome stallion pushed himself nearly to the breaking point each training session, unwilling to give up or let another prove to be better.

He recently gave himself to the position of guard for a minor noble, putting his passion for being powerful to use to protect another. While he is a Solterran at heart, he uses that teaching outside of the court to make himself better for others.

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