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And a softness came
From the starlight and
Filled me full
To the bone.

The girl is thin, delicate; starlight flowing freely within her veins. Long, ivory legs end with cloven hooves of the deepest violet, markedly deerlike in their fragile grace.

Shades of dawn drip down the forest child's frame, the pigment fading into white as it travels down her legs. Upon her head, her neck, and her back, amethyst and rose mingle and meld, bringing contrast to the cream of her mane and leonine-tufted tail.

Pressed against each cheek and curving below her silvery, pupilless eyes, is a crescent moon, prongs pointed to the heavens.

From the center of her forehead lays an opal; her inheritance and her birthright.

Sprouting from her faintly dished skull arises twin antlers; pale beige and triply pronged, the crown of bone holds a levitating gem within its center.


A sort of regality and elegance press their hands to her heart, flowing from her steadily and without pause

She secretly doubts her ability to truly hear the truth of the Cosmos, often times going against the doctrines and teachings she was raised with in order to follow the words her heart whispers

She feels acutely the sufferings of others, and derives strength from an ability to remain soft despite barbs thrown at her feet

A strong moral compass guides her — she strives to follow a path of goodness and righteousness that she herself envisions.

While she is kind, she is not weak; Cerridwen has a stubborn streak and finds that she is extremely determined and driven to achieve her goals

A Humanitarian God Complex forces the girl to check herself constantly, though the confidence derived from her god complex makes for wondrous battles between heart and head

Motherly, Sisterly, and Childish, she is every girl, every nameless and faceless creature - her empathy knows no bounds

She feels older than she should most days, and a certain sadness clings to her thin shoulders like an invisible mantle. The earth and the life found upon it are not kind, and cruelty easily bruises the soul

She is a leader, a Queen of her chosen people and a protector of the realm. Cerridwen will be hard pressed to be brought to violence, though she will do whatever it is that she deems necessary to maintain Harmony for the greater good - even if that means drawing blood in the process.

She comes from a long line of High Priestesses, their community nestled within old growth forests and mountain passes.

The Cosmos speaks through each of the sisters, the gem that grows from their foreheads marking them as disciples of the Universe.

A peace-loving people, the Sisters called themselves just that - Sisters. The denizens of the territories for which they interpreted the will of the Cosmos dubbed them Fae.

Well learned and well loved, each of the devoted Sisters worked tirelessly to promote harmony between those living within the Cosmos and the Cosmos itself, Cerridwen not the least of all.

Come each Spring, one Sister was gifted the choice of whether or not to stay and continue to interpret the will of the Cosmos, to nurse the younger generations of Priestesses and teach them of the power that manifested in their very souls, or to strike out, to travel across the Earth gifted to each of them by Cosmos and work to heal and teach the denizens the true meaning and wonder of Harmony.

Cerridwen was selected for her Choosing during her seventh Spring, and while her love for her Sisters and home was great, the girl's blood sang her a different song; one laced with a wanderlust and a need to spread that love which she so readily gave throughout the physical realm.

She bade her Sisters goodbye, relinquished her position amongst them, and set out into the world, to travel, to teach, and to love.

She found herself Empress of a strange land, though the position offered little solace. Cerridwen was accosted, the land was in upheaval — a rushed betrothal and a budding war that she could not face. The nymph fled only as a way to save her people, the toxic scent of another’s hateful blood pursuing her across leagues.

She brought a daughter to the earth, she found something that might have been love, and though she has planted her seeds and watered her gardens, the mare wanders still.

Active & Parvus Magic

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Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Joined with Accessories;
A) Opal inlaid in the forehead — rumored to grow there, its actually just soldered to the skull when the priestesses are very young. Nasty work, really.
B) Blue gem that is held between Cerri’s antlers with her innate telekinetic ability

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