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Persephone's base coat is as black as the night sky--fathomless and containing multitudes. Like veins in a mine, black opal streaks run across her hide, embedded right into her skin, with different colors flashing when the light hits just right. It's a striking sight but doesn't allow for much stealth so she has learned to carry herself quietly. Her hooves, a bright orange, possess a shimmery quality like opal, though they are not actually made of the stone itself.

In stark contrast to her dark coat lies her bright, pale mane and tail, both of which consist of a variety of pastel colors. While they may look white, they actually consist of pale shades of blue, pink, yellow, and green. Her eyes are of similar colors-- a mixture of pastel shades that seem to be white from a distance, but come into more defined hues at close range. More startling are her lack of pupils.

Her most striking feature is the pair of delicate antlers that adorn her head. Though of medium size their true beauty lies in that they are made entirely of opal and flash different colors in different lighting. They will continue to grow slowly throughout her lifespan and she will not shed them naturally.

  • Lithe
  • Light
  • Ethereal
  • Colorful
Beyond her coloring, Persephone has a very lithe build common in that of a mixed Akhal-Teke equine. She carries herself freely, lightly, and naturally walks with a quiet grace. She is still young, only about seven years old, but the aura around her feels so much older.


Persephone is fairly quiet but very curious. She tends to be a bit sneaky but it's not on purpose-- she just doesn't want to interrupt whatever is happening around her. She often feels like an outcast wherever she goes--mainly because she knows she doesn't belong in Novus. The mare is from somewhere else--but she doesn't remember where.

Upon first arriving to Novus, Persephone's memory was wiped clean of everything but her name. Whoever or whatever she was before--gone. She became a blank slate and has been trying to figure out who she is since then. Now, though, she is known as a quiet wanderer, big eyed and naive to a fault. She leans towards gullibility more than skepticism, ready to believe and trust anyone who seems like a good soul. Despite being trusting, she is shy and won't readily confront strangers without watching them for a while first. Her keen observing can come off as a bit creepy, especially with how quiet she usually is.

One of Persephone's few passions is dancing, though she sometimes gets a bit nervous when others watch. When she feels like she can't articulate herself well enough and can't handle the frustration she will instead dance as a way to express herself. What words can't express, movement can. She's also begun experimenting with using ribbons and flowers during her dances, anything that helps accentuate what she wants to convey.

  • Quiet
  • Curious
  • Naive
  • Kind
Overall, Persephone is kind and sympathetic. She likes helping others, hoping that in some way karma will help her in turn. Though, she's not entirely selfless, either-- she has a particular weakness for shiny objects like gems and precious metals. If the reward is great enough she might just ignore her own intuition and succumb to temptation. While she likes to think she would never betray anyone for such materialistic gains, she's never had to go up against such a trial before. Her inner morals are untested and she has a lot of maturing to do before she figures out just what she wants in this new, strange world.


Born under the name Kore, Persephone's original life has long since been forgotten. She was a young goddess, created by Demeter to accompany her along her duties in the mortal realm and to act as a fertility goddess and the patron of springtime. Kore had many forms-- human, equine, deer, etc, like all the gods, but she preferred the freedom of wings over anything else.

Demeter was a loving mother but she was also very protective over her only daughter. Kore was sheltered for hundreds of years, cut off from other gods and mortals. She focused on her duties as the goddess of spring as well as helping her mother with her own duties in agriculture. Over time, however, she grew more and more restless and bored. She wanted to explore the world! Demeter refused, citing their ever present responsibilities as well as Kore's own naivety. The world was too cruel for her poor daughter! Nevertheless, Kore would insist on satiating her curiosity and, when Demeter's back was turned, she would run off.

Her escape attempts were numerous, some successful and others not so much. Demeter always found her and scolded her, though sometimes Kore would return on her own just to prove that she could handle herself. When her mother realized that no amount of protective measures would restrain her, she slowly allowed Kore more freedom.

This would lead only to heartache.

Kore, on an adventure by herself, stumbled upon an old cave entrance. Curious, she ventured forth and found that the cave contained shiny stones, gems, and unique plants and animals. She had never seen such treasures before! Without a care for her own safety, she continued onward. As she went farther and farther, a voice echoed out to her. It was a low, alluring voice, beckoning her further and further into the darkness. Only once did she look back but by then she couldn't even see the entrance of the cave anymore. Somehow, she didn't feel afraid.

The voice lured her into a deep cavern dripping with all manner of jewels and treasures. In the center, a handsome stranger awaited her. The source of the voice! They were surprised-- struck by her beauty and the calmness of her manner. She approached so fearlessly, the stranger couldn't help but be enamored.

Kore approached and realized the stranger sat upon a glorious throne-- but when she got close she realized that amongst the jewels and treasures there was a strange darkness that was permeated with whispers. It was the voices of the dead. They were calling to her in voices as sweet and as terrible as any birdsong above ground. Rising louder was the stranger's voice as he introduced himself.


The strange god invited her to stay with him in the Underworld, yet another place full of curious things and strange beings. Kore was hesitant, thinking of her mother, but she only resisted a moment before agreeing. Hades showed her a path beyond the cavern to a whole new world. All she had to do was agree to share a pomegranate with him, which she did happily.

Kore stayed for many years in the land of the dead, growing into an unrecognizable version of herself. She became known as Persephone and was crowned the Queen of the Underworld. Above, in the mortal realm, the world was dying. Demeter was besotted with grief over her missing daughter and refused to let anything grow while she searched. Only when famine stretched across the lands did other gods finally get involved and search with her.

Persephone's location was discovered but she refused to leave. Demeter pleaded with her, but her daughter was not the same person anymore. Hades, too, refused to try convincing his wife to leave as he loved her dearly. It was only when Zeus interfered that Demeter found justice for her perceived loss.

After heated discussions and compromising, it was decided that Persephone would spend six months of the year with her mother and six months with her husband. Neither party was happy about this but at the very least it meant Demeter would return to her duties and the world could continue growing once again.

Throughout it all, Persephone couldn't help but feel ignored. Her mother refused to listen to what she wanted and Zeus, of course, only listened to Demeter. She hated that Hades conceded, hated that no one would listen to her. While her mother took her back to their homeland, she turned and fled by herself once again. This time, though, she didn't go to the cave.

Persephone ran and ran, blinded by her own rage and sadness and frustration. At some point she stumbled and fell--and kept falling. She fell for so long, tumbling through darkness that blinded every sense. She couldn't think or breathe or feel for so long it was like death, but more. She forgot who she was, where she was, why she was in the dark. She was simply a consciousness hurtling through space.

Then, she landed. There was only a little bit of pain, but when she opened her eyes she was greeted with sunlight and a strange landscape. Everything felt unfamiliar to her--most of all herself. She could only remember her name-- nothing else. The powers of the goddess she used to be were gone-- now she was mortal and weak. Fragile. Confused. Where was she?

Through careful exploring she learned of her new home: Novus. With only a vague idea of her age, she simply began counting from when she arrived in Novus. Her body had long ago stopped aging when she hit seven in her previous life, after all. Though, now, aging will take its usual toll. Maybe here she will find a place for herself that is all her own...

Active & Parvus Magic


Passive Magic

Lucky Find: Persephone has the almost otherworldly ability to find things she needs or wants without actively searching for them. Sometimes, even, she will come across things that she doesn't even know she needs until later. It's a small sense in the back of her mind that tells her something interesting is near. This power doesn't work for things that are magically concealed, locked away, or otherwise powerful relics. If she actively focuses on searching, the power will not kick in.

Bonded & Pets


Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Weapon: A small golden baton with a long opalescent colored ribbon that measures about 15 feet in length. It is used for dancing and is typically curled up and in a small leather sheath attached to her right foreleg.

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