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When you make a mistake with metal,
you can melt things down and start anew

Like the court she resides in, Cordelia is made from the sun. Her coat bears similar golden hues, with dark spots freckling across her hide. Her sun-stained coat is interrupted by ivory sands that sweep up her legs, and along the bridge of her face. Her muzzle is kissed by a pale rose that ends just above her nares. Without her outfit, she is a simple and small creature. Her hooves seem as though they're made of gold, for they shine as brightly as the gold-forged crown atop her head in the warm light of the sun.

Cordelia's hair sweeps down her small frame, cut in an even line before it reaches the ground. Its colour too begins as ivory before it fades to a dusky sky blue. Upon her well-chiseled shoulders winds a gold-spun leather strap that is fastened to a sun pendant on each side. From beneath the pendant hangs a gold-spun leather tassel that falsl just below her barrel. From the sun also sweeps a pale white veil that settles over her sun-stained frame. It sweeps along the ground at the same length as her tail, and is intended to keep the sand and flies from her back. Cordelia peers at the world through dusky blue pools.

Cordelia's age is well hidden by her immortality. Her small stature is only a bonus to this fact. She stands just shy of 13 hands high. It is her appearance that leads so many to be surprised by the life she's lived, and the tales she still has to tell.

But a city is not a sword.
It is a living thing, and living things defy simple fixing

Cordelia is spoken of fondly as a grandmotherly individual. She is sweet and doting to all who set foot in her life. Whether they are crossing her path in her shop, or in the Solterran streets she has come to love. Cordelia has a great love for donning different outfits, but she has a favourite one she often wears. A crown with a simple cape, connected to a gold-spun leather strap by a sun pendant. She has fallen in love with gardening, and story telling to all her patrons. Cordelia's passions were once in an adventure and the thrill of the hunt, now they have shifted to mentoring young soldiers and adventurers. She grows her own tea leaves and uses them in an attempt to fortify the youth who still have the fire in their bellies.

Many describe Cordelia is comforting, and optimistic. She truly feels and relates to the pain of others, and has a genuine desire to ease the pain of others if she can. She is always the type to step and be a cheerleader for someone when they need it. Corelia frequently stands up for others or shares her wealth with others. There are few in Solterra who do not know of Cordelia's generosity, and at times she is known for her wisdom. Cordelia is able to see the good in others, and in all situations. Even in the direst, she is able to find at least one sliver of a silver lining.

Cordelia is the type of character you would most like to take home and introduce to your family. She is incredibly open-minded and frequently jokes about adopting others as her grandchildren. The sun-kissed retired adventurer has fallen deeply in love with Solterra, and their prowess in battle. She still frequently takes up opportunities to spar or fight the creatures that dare roam inside the wall of the city. Cordelia thoroughly enjoys letting the soldiers of Solterra know how appreciated they are by dropping of the sweets she bakes, or the tea she makes. She often makes sizeable donations to those who are more in need than she is, especially to the city guard. All of these donations are done anonymously.

Cordelia is a kind, old soul with many stories to tell. She's likely to talk someone's ear off if they're willing to stay and listen to tales of an old adventurer.

Roots cannot be reforged.
They scar, and broken branches must be cut and sealed with tar

What is one to say about an old adventurer? That they are scarred? That they are foolish? They have lost their touch? Cordelia is one such old adventurer. An immortal who has seen and done far more than anyone would imagine by looking at her. Even less would make the claim that she was an adventurer when they know her, if not for her fondness for reminiscing in her glory days. Cordelia has long since lost track of her age. She has forgotten what her life was like before she thrust herself upon the precipice of danger. The sun spotted immortal has all but forgotten her parents, and the world she was born into. There are only whispers of their support for her and those who balked at her when she told them she would do great things.

Who would ever think this small, old-world merchant would have once upon a time hunted monsters and old gods? Cordelia relishes in the memories of when she was thrust into the dark forests, or rigged dungeons she found herself crawling through. Cordelia was very much the type of equine to thrust herself into the frontlines before she allows herself to think about the consequences. She'll rarely admit it but her fondness for outfits is more out of a desire to hide the scars of the mistakes she's made. Cordelia specialized once upon a time in taking down the largest and most fierce monsters. If she heard any claim that they were impossible to hunt successfully had always sent her heart beating with excitement. She had big dreams to become a great protector of others.

Cordelia enjoyed the challenge, and often she brought many of her closest adventurer friends with her on these hunts. Whether it was a treasure or the thrill of saying they had been responsible for the demise of a monsterous creature, she and her friends always pressed onward. Onward until they began to age and retire, or perished during their adventures. Cordelia grew weary with each passing year. More and more friends left her to press onward until she was alone. It was discovered that she had been granted immortality at the age of fifteen, one of the last adventures she went on with her dearest friend.

The more and more she hunted the monstrosities, or foes, the less and less she enjoyed it. She was without her friends, and these beasts posed little challenge to her beyond serious harm. Cordelia's passion for adventure began to wane, and the idea of mentoring others soon replaced it. After many years as an adventurer, she hung up her sword and moved onward to Novus. Cordelia came to Solterra and purchased an old, run-down shop in need of great care. She gave in to her great love of tea and reopened the store as a tea shop. Cordelia has taken great joy in sharing her life with others and protecting those who cannot protect themselves. These are the little things that allow her to relive her glory days, and perhaps someday she will raise a guild in the name of her fallen friends.

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I was so sure of myself and my friends and my rightness.

Cordelia wears a crown made of gold that sweeps upward with several spires. Upon her frame is a thin, see-through cloak fastened to her bodice with a gold-spun leather strap. The sheer cloth is attached to the leather by a sun pendant on both sides. A gold-spun leather tassel falls from beneath the pendant on each side.

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