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White-Tailed Deer


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He looks as if he is not of the world, and perhaps he isn't but it seems no one really knows the answer to that querie.

Washed in a dark muted green he does not fit the typical colors of a white tailed deer. His chest is covered in a lighter cream, that extend down to his underside, and beneath his tail. The same cream falls over his muzzle, beneath a soft black nose. A stripe of light green highlights his lower eyelid, bringing attention to milky white eyes that see nothing but darkness. Cream brindling drapes itself over his shoulders neck and back. He does not hold the same stature as most males of his species, instead holding the delicate arches of a doe. Yet, his antlers remain. Black as ebony, and curling over above his face, they are strung with finely woven threads of red, some of which hold stones with clumsily painted eyes. Most uniquely he is covered in bling living eyes, as red as a blood moon, they appear in clusters around his shoulders and rump, with one set right between his true eyes.

Creative || Confident || Emotional || Whimsical || Intelligent || adventurous || Naive || Irrational || Manipulative || Deceptive

Eldritch is a creature who is bewildered by the world around him, a world that is dark and unflinching to his own eyes. He knows little of the world, and the horrors that it holds, though surely he will come to know of them throughout his life. Though he is always fully grounded, he often feels incorporeal, as if he is floating above himself, and no longer walking through the world. He thinks he knows more than he does, often speaking as if he holds eons of wisdom, his voice lilting and rhapsodic, but truly this is only overconfidence.
He is truly a Thespian at heart, telling stories of far-gone lands, and wild wanderers, some of which he has seen at the edge of a vision, others he has pulled out of thin air, weaving words together in poetry and prose like a spider spins its delicate web. He can be irrational, pulled around heavily by his emotions. Though he is intelligent, often he lets his heart cloud all rational thought. He longs for company, and for a life filled with wonder and amazement. He is a dreamer at heart, and is always looking for a new adventure.
He can be manipulative at times with his stories, and deceptive, not always shying away from using them to twist others to his will (though not always for devious intentions.)

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Reference image by me, Lullivy Original Design by Kas-ee

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