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Eeva is a heavy, muscular mare with a broad chest connected to a thick, arched neck. Her withers are defined and precede a short back and a heavily muscled hindquarters and loins. At the base of her ankles long, thinner fetlocks trail behind her (they do not cover her hooves. The mane and tail are both thick and abundant with the tail low set. This brooding females facial structure is maturely defined with large, oval eyes set deep and evenly spaced on a straight face. Her muzzle is rounded and fleshy thanks to her Percheron lineage. The nostrils are large and defined as well. With short, rounded, lively ears further accentuate her Dutch Draft background. As far as movement is concerned she moves with an unfound powerful elegance preceded by legendary stamina and surprising agility for her size. The dark bay coloring fades from dark to light cream with pinkish skin on more fleshy parts of her body. Primal, black stripes begin in the middle of her back, continue over her rump, and stop mid hind leg on both her left and right side. All four legs and her muzzle have dark points, although, her two hind legs are dipped in ivory along with her left front leg (though her left front legs marking is more variegated). Out of the four hooves, two are a pale peach color. On the right side of her neck, just above the withers she flaunts a unique white marking that continues on the left in broken, small patches and dapples; this marking ends where her withers do but continues down the side of stomach, stopping before the primal markings. The left side of her face is stained pure white with the pinkish skin exaggerated around the eye and muzzle. Her eyes are a light, bright jade color with no pupil and emit an identical colored vapor at all times, it is harmless.

Eeva is a brooding, impassioned female with a blemished past. There isn't a soul in this wretched world that could reach her wilting heart. Due to being so secluded and weary of those around her she tends to be terrible with making friends, though if it were up to her she'd prefer to walk this life alone. She is leery and adaptive to the world around her, only tolerating the majority of the company she may or may not keep. Being solitary runs in the family, most of her 'family' kept their distance from anything with a heartbeat; so when someone comes along she isn't too keen on playing nice or showing even the slightest bit of interest. Unfortunately this has labeled her as a grouch, which may just be the perfect word for her. Being resourceful and calculating has gotten her this far in life but she'd much prefer the brawler her father honed her into at a young age. With deliberate yet sometimes impetuous choices this bruiser is a force to be reckoned with. She is a perfect mix of brawn and brain, nothing like her father expected. Though grouchy, her sumptuous appearance and tactful, forward moving mindset give her an edge like no other.

Eeva was conceived for a purpose that she couldn't physically fulfil due to her being a female. Vulcan, her warlord father, carefully hand selected a strong, willing, battle born female like himself. When he discovered Eeva was far from what he had expected, in the worst way, he left her for dead. You see, in Vulcans world the children (males especially) are reared by the males; honed into massive weapons of destruction. Eeva was the exact first. Little did Vulcan know Eeva was more than what he had bargained for. Instead of cowering and succumbing to the vicious environment around her she fought. Through blood, sweat, and tears she outgrew her fear and honed herself into the massive weapon of destruction her father had wanted all along, but better. With her mothers beauty, wits, and elegance and her fathers brute strength, aggression, and persistence she persevered. Five years after she was abandoned she set out to find the filth that left her behind. It wasn't easy to find this reclusive warlord but she did. To Vulcans surprise he had created a monster, exactly what her wanted; but this monster was his DAUGHTER. He wanted a SON. Though Eeva held hatred and vengeance in her heart she had an innate need to prove herself and be accepted by any cost. Vulcan thought long and hard about the quest he would send his monstrous daughter on, and then it came to him. If she was really part of him, she would have no fear; and so the quest began. Eeva was to murder her youngest half-brother. Vulcan concluded that if she was able to accomplish this task she was worthy of acceptance. Two years passed before Eeva located her heathen brother, a full grown male of her fathers stature and strength; bred to fight. After a grueling, bloody battle Eeva dragged her nearly lifeless body back to her father, bringing with her, the heart of her half-brother.

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