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The colt inherited none of the Arabian blood from his mother, the draft from both parents taking over. His coat is a similar gold to his mother's but a shade or so darker and covers the majority of his body. It's only broken up by a couple black markings. Starting from the underside of Kazi's lip on the left side of his face and going up to his nostril, widening to take over his eye and cheek, then narrowing to cover just his ear makes up one of the markings. The other encompasses his front left leg from the hoof to just below the knee, moves up the back of his leg and up his shoulder to stop at his mane. It spreads a little way to the middle of his back and up along his mane until almost half-way up her neck. Back down on the shoulder the black breaks off to tuck underneath his stomach in a small strip. Darker black stripes nearly blend in with the black on his leg.

Kazi's mane and tail are black, his mane resembling the mohawk that his mother had and leading into an overgrown forelock that drapes down his face. His tail is a bit thinner than normal but flows down to just barely brush the ground. Three of his hooves are a pale gold while the fourth, the front left one, is a dark grey. Piercing blue eyes shine out of the black while small tusks push out of his bottom lip and curve up his face, similar to his father's.



Positive - Strategic - Protective - Ambitious - Confident - Honest - Resourceful

Negative - Vulgar - Possessive - Mischievous - Uncommunicative

The colt isn't one to trust or let anyone in easily. If he had his way no one would even get close enough to try. It's kind of tough to not let your mother in though, and even more impossible to keep your twin out. Something about being together from the very beginning forging a bond like nothing else. Kazi is very protective of the little family he has and would do anything for them.

His mother taught him early on that fighting your own battles, being able to protect yourself, was important. He's protective of the two mares in his life but is more likely to be an intimidating presence behind them in a conflict than to take over the situation and solve it himself. Kazi wants to keep them safe but understands there might be times he's not around so standing up for yourself is important. It's because of this that he can't stand bullying. He may be an ass but he doesn't put up with tearing others down for things they can't control.

Kazi is more about strategy when it comes to dealing with others. He likes to plan and learn what he can before doing anything major. He has his violent tendencies but they are controlled and thought out, rarely ever spontaneous. He isn't the biggest fan of thoughtless, pointless violence where it isn't warranted.


When the colt was born he only had his mother, twin sister, and his aunt. His father was someone that Octavia had spent a single night with and they never exchanged names. He and his sister never really minded since they didn't know anything else. It wasn't until he was a little older that the questions started popping up.

They weren't left completely without a male figure in their life. Growing up in a herd made it so that there was at least a little bit of masculine influence, not that it deterred the twins from getting into trouble. They were a force to be reckoned with before they turned 2, causing chaos whenever they were together without a care of what the rest of the herd might think of them.

This desire to wreck havoc and make a name for themselves eventually led the twins to a beach. It was on this sandy shore that the two of them finally met their father. The connection had been easy to make, the tusks that protruded out from Kazi's mouth matched those that the stallion bore. The slight description that his mother had provided when asked had also helped. They didn't stick around for long but it wasn't the last time he would see his father.

His mother was a good parent and worked hard to raise them but her mental state had been deteriorating well before the colt and his sister were born. Kazi didn't hold this against her, it really only made him more protective of her as he grew up and she withdrew. He cared for Octavia and his twin as they traveled away from their home up until the day his sister vanished.

There had been no warning, no evidence that she left on her own or was taken, and the result of the loss was too much for mother and son to handle. Octavia finally withdrew completely into her mind, too far for Kazi to pull her back. With his desire to search for his twin growing every moment the colt made sure his mother was in the care of his aunt and left.

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A small necklace on his neck that holds two unidentified animal canines, one that was his own and the other belonged to his twin sister.

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