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Breeds - Fjord x Zebra x Shire x Hanoverian x American Paint Horse

Shaye is a striking creature, tall and muscular and proud. He keeps his head held high and knows that he is an eye-catching specimen of horse. The mixed blood stallion stands 18.2 hands and is built heavier than the Hanoverian in his blood but lighter than the shire, somewhere in between the two. He has zebra striping across his face and flanks, as well as dun dorsal bars on his shoulders.

Shaye is a striking blue roan dun at his base, splashed with ivory and ebony markings. Acid green eyes peek behind his ebony forelock, though he keeps his mane trimmed shorter than his Fjord blood would naturally allow. His tail on the other hand is long and silky, usually braided to keep it from getting messy.

Original Reference idea by StupidZombieProd - Updated Reference by Chaosy - Lineart by Abietes

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Positive Traits: Cunning, Smart, Nimble, Stealthy, Loyal, Protective

Negative Traits: Vain (like OMG almost as bad as Coy), Morbid, Obsessive, Impulsive, Impatient, Cocky

Cunning, smart, and nimble, Shaye is quick in mind and body. He keeps to the shadows in combat, preferring to use stealth to his advantage. A master of poisons and acids, he commands a small group of assassins/sleuths/rogues to do his bidding. Shaye follows Vreis' command without question. He seems to have a severe case of hero worship when it comes to Vreis, though he sees it more as loyalty and dedication to the stallion that earned his respect.

With all of the good that Shaye possesses, he is not a good being in general. He is vain and impulsive, impatient and gruff. The stallion has a morbid streak and a fascination with death that many are not aware of. Heck, he doesnt even know if Vreis is actually aware of that facet. He is also arrogant as all get out, feeling that he has trained himself to be a warrior of his own right, even if it is not as a face to face battler. Shaye is not afraid to take on hoof to hoof combat, but he feels that poisons, acids, and even traps tip the fight in his favor and give him a stronger chance of getting his duties done.

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Shaye's birth and youth were average, completely ordinary... at least to those that were looking in. He was born to a mare that had pledged her life in service to his sire. She was his 'Shadow Hand', his poisoned dagger in the darkness.

It was his mother that taught the rogue colt the ways of poisons and acids, which concoction would be best to use in whatever situation that should arise. What Shaye didnt know was that his sire wanted him to be a warrior, a soldier, a fighter. Shaye was forced to train with the elder stallion, his lessons from his mother hidden in the nights that they shared.

Months of training made the splashed and striped colt proficient enough to hold his own against any opponent that was thrown at him, however he was never the warrior that his sire was pushing him to be. By this point, Shaye was edging toward 3 years old and knew that his sire was nearly done trying to train him. In the dead of night, his mother woke him with pleas for him to run. She had overheard her master's plan, the plan that would end Shaye's life.

At his mother's urging, Shaye fled into the darkness. The young stallion lived alone for a time, practicing his knowledge that his mother had passed on in their secret trainings. He was a nomad, on the move and constantly growing the depths of his knowledge of plants. The knowledge would prove useful as he kept himself safe and healthy. His wanderings allowed the young stallion to hone being able to build many types of potions, acids, and poisons.

As things often do when one becomes too arrogant, an accident struck down the splashed stallion. A rainy day caused a mudslide that nearly buried Shaye. His head and down to the top third of his shoulders were all that was visible to those that might run across him. Days passed as the water around him evaporated. The young stallion was unable to break free from his prison, becoming more dehydrated and weak from the exposure and lack of nourishment.

On the third day of his entrapment, hoof steps woke the young stallion from his stupor. The instant fear that it would be his sire to finish his plan made his head raise and he took in the stranger that approached. The other stallion had antlers and was a bit larger than Shaye himself. It was difficult work, but the other managed to help Shaye free himself from his jail. The kindness of the stranger gave the young stallion a desire and push to both know the other better and to serve him.

The stallion's name was Vreis, and Shaye found himself following the slightly older stallion. At this point, Shaye was turning 6, maturing into his body and growing up emotionally. He had worked hard to earn a place with his savior, a serious case of hero worship encouraging him to work harder to prove himself. Over time, Shaye became Vreis's second in command, a position that reminded him of his mother and her love for her master. A position that made Shaye proud to have earned.

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Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Weapon - Shaye keeps a damascus forged Keris dagger attached to his right rear leg with a special sheath and leather belts. It is his favored possession, gifted to him by his mother before he left her side. The blade is 12 inches long with dancing patterns along the wavy blade. The handle is swirled rosewood and african black wood.

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