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Your momma ever warn ya about cool drinks of water? Boys who speak slow n sweet like molasses in winter time, than darlin he ain't worth your time?

Sugar, she ain't talkin about me.

Momma knew how to raise them when I was a colt. And I grew up good and tall. Momma was a Quarter Horse, Pa was a draft of some sort. No one knows fer shure, but I ain't complainin'. It gave me a lucky draw of the gene pool. I look largely like a Quarter horse, but stockier, definition and muscle made from hard work, not vanity. Imma workin man, ain't afraid of gettin this pelt o'mime dirty no how. A little dust ain't hurt no one.

I'm not overly tall, seen taller, but I ain't no pony neither. Stand 16.2 hands, and I wear my height with pride. But, ma'am, don't think I'm talkin myself up, I'm just herre to give ya the facts.

I'm a Buckskin, as plain as the prairie. Not a touch of white on meh brow, or meh legs. Just a golden-hued pelt, with dark legs, muzzle and hair. Not the fanciest guy around, sure, but there's gotta be somethin' to say about being a simple man, right? But I suppose it ain't like I don't catch an eye. I'm pretty nice lookin' of my own rights. My mane and tail are healthy, my pelt shines, I'm no slouch at cleanin' up when the gettin's good.

Of course, I got some other positives, my eyes certainly catch attention. Rich turquoise matches the gemmed beads too. Ah, yeah, yer probably wonderin' about that too. So, I got me a couple of fancy accessories from my last sit down. A band is tied around my upper limb, a leather thong that has two turquoise beads around a couple of feathers. Similar feathers are braided into my mane, and I ain't about to take those out. Lastly, I got a choker around meh neck, with those same turquoise beads, and some longer bone beads, and from that hangs an arrowhead.

Positive: Considerate, Loyal, Thoughtful, Protective, Hardworking, Determined, Cheerful, Friendly, Eager-to-please Negative: Hard-headed, Oblivious, Too-Forgiving, Hot-Headed over his loved ones, Prone to Jealousy, Over-Protective/Defending, Emotional, Now, I'm sure yer startin' to wonder who this ol' boy is, aintcha? Well, I certainly ain't much. I try not ta make myself too much of a motion, at least.

Momma raised me up good, strong and proud. And I wanna do her proud too. I ain't gonna be the sort who acts all high and mighty only ta turn meh back when the goin' gets tough. I ain't afraid of trouble, of toil, 'r anythin' else. I know that it takes hard work ta get ta a point in yer life to feel proud of what ya got, but there ain't no way Imma shirk on that either.

Momma raised a gentleman, and that's likely the first thing you'll notice about me. I ain't afraid to show meh manners, either. I knew there are types out there that think it's a sign of weakness, but it ain't. I know it's a proper way to behave. It goes along with a need of being considerate, helpful, conscientious of yer actions. I'm the sort who ain't afraid to use 'ma'am and sir' in normal sentence, and I sure as heck ain't gonna try to be rude, ain't no point in it really, I suppose.

See, momma also told me, if you ain't got nuthin nice ta say, don't say nuthin at all. And I make sure I do just that. Put meh best foot forward, only say things that are nice, and do my best to make sure ain't nobody got a reason to say I did otherwise. Now, that bein' said, don't go thinkin' I'm some yellow bellied lizard who is eager ta roll over. I'm just as eager 'n' willin' to help others, as I am to defend on what I think is proper.

Ya see, I ain't gonna tolerate anyone treatin' others poorly, neither. Whether it be a stallion bad mouthin' a lady, or someone tryin' pick a fight with the weaker, I ain't afraid to step up and step in when the time comes. I was always told, if you see somethin' wrong goin' down, you better be prepared to set it right, and make things better if yer able. I took them words ta heart, and so I'm willin to fight for the weaker guy, even if I ain't sure Imma win that fight. Cause when yer willin to stand up fer others, someone else is bound to notice too, and it's like a pinball. Once it starts going, it'll keep pinnin' around, lightin' others up, and soon they'll stand up too. And even if I ain't gonna win that fight by myself, I can sure try to hold my own til someone else decides to stand up fer what is right, too.

However, I am very aware that not everything goes accordin' to plan, and that you can't always see the bigger picture until after them facts come together. And so I'm pretty dang aware that when it comes down to it, to try and see things from all angles when I can. Take into account, all the different ins and outs, ups and downs to understand just what might be goin' on. This also means I'm pretty quick on the uptake too!

There ain't much to my story. Just know I'm here now. A'right?


Ah yes, our boy doesn't like to talk about the past, but you have to understand, he likes to see the world from where he is moving forward, not where he has been. That being said, don't think his story is tragic, as it's really not. Sure, there's a little heartbreak, some unacquainted love, but it's nothing he hasn't already overcome. Lets start at the beginning.

Rylan was born into a herd that lived off the land in a manner that was borrowed from people of the past, when humans tried to take their time, and it fell apart with war. It had been a tough time then, to be a horse of the tribe, but as the humans died out, the horses kept to it. They took over caring for the crops, making their weapons, sliding into the space the humans left behind.

When Rylan came around, the tribe had all but forgotten the humans that where there before, and had embraced the way of life fully. Ry was a young and adventurous colt, who was raised by his mother, as his father had been a nomad passing through. However, despite only having his mother around, he grew into a strong, handsome young stallion who knew how to behave and always sought to help others where he could.

He was the pick of the herd, fillies following him, eager to tie him down, but Rylan had eyes only for one, a flashy wild child of a mare who was always flirting with trouble. A loner, an outside adopted by the herd when it was seen she was all alone. She was a gypsy child, with fire in her eyes and adventure in her heart, and Rylan was head over heels in love with her.

And while flattered, her heart belonged to the world beyond. She wasn't happy in the little tribe, didn't find joy or excitement with the people. She wanted to venture. And so Rylan told her he would accompany her. Following her, protecting her, being there for her. She told him, he was the best friend a mare could ask for. His mother tried to keep him back, but he was hell bent on provin' his worth and gettin' the girl. So his mother wished him well, tying a feather in his mane to remind him that he could come back home when ever he needed to.

So he followed the girl. They travelled for some time together, until she met a stallion as wild as she was. Where Ry was strong, dependable, this male was wild, uncontrollable. Where Ry kept calm, this stallion let his emotions cloud his judgement. Where Rylan was a steady shoulder to lean on, this stallion would rush forward and forget to offer support. Where Rylan was her best friend, this stallion she decided would be her one.

Rylan watched them run off into their own sunset with a heavy heart, left behind but realizing she was never his to begin with. And if she fell for that sort of stallion, they'd have never been able to make it. But Rylan also wasn't ready to just go home. Adventure had sparked in his heart, and the stallion wanted to see what else was down there, and so he began to make his way further into the world.

And a month or two later, he would be in Novus, a new home.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets


Keokuk - Spirit Stag

Rylan travels with a constant companion, a ghostly apparition, a spirit, a deer that is bound to him tighter than just as a bonded, his spirit guide. Keokuk has been with Rylan since Ry was but a couple of months old, and had found him through his spirit quest, bonding with the stag. The two are widely inseparable, although don't guarantee that you'll always be able to see Keokuk, as he has a bad habit of not being visible to others.



Tyee - Wolf Dog

Often mistaken as his bonded, Rylan has taken in a small wolf dog pup that he has named Tyee. This wolf dog looks much like a shaggier version of a gray wolf, and has a very adventurous, but loving personality. While small now, this pup will eventually reach the size of a large wolf thanks to the malamute mixed in.

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Rylan has three accessories he can be seen sporting. A feather braided into his mane. A leather band tied around his upper limb with turquoise beads, and feathers attached to it, and a choker worn low on his neck, made from bone beads, turquoise beads, and a single arrowhead hanging from the middle.

However, on rare occasions, such as certain festivals or celebrations his people celebrated, he can be seen wearing colors from plants painted onto his skin.

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