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Despite being a draft cross, Nerezza is lean like her mother. She is angular and sharp with dramatic features. Her face is flanked on either side by stripes that disappear into the dark shadows that run down her back. From her forehead stretches her most noticeable feature. The horn has a curve, almost as if two roots had been joined together in harmony as the grew. Magic pulses from the center off of it and gives off a dull glow. Brighter veins of blue wind their way through the gnarled thing and glow intermittently. It has grown ever since she was a child and does not show any signs that it will stop any time soon.

Her coat is mostly a deep pink though she is a tough lighter on her face and joints. Even dark stripes, like those on her face, stretch along her rump, legs, and down her shoulder. Her hair is long and silky, a dusty pale pink contrasted by her darker body. Her expressions are often subdued and she rarely shows too much emotion on her face. However there is a deep pain that lingers behind her eyes.

Nerezza is very open minded and open to learning new things. It is only natural after being all but chased out of her home for being different. She does not wish to be the source of someone else's pain for being different. However, she is still flawed and tends to be indifferent toward others. While she may sympathize with ther pain she prefers to keep her distance. Though she will lend and ear and has been called a good listener. She has been forced to learn things on her own, both as a child and as an adult. Her intelligence is mystifying at times and is rivaled only by her maturity. Without a true parental figure in her life, Nerezza had to learn things the hard way. She is self-reliant and does not rely on anyone else for anything.

Despite her intelligence, Nerezza is far from perfect. Her lack of someone to follow she has remained rather naive in some subjects where her reasoning skills will not help her. Over the years Nerezza has taught herself to be very sly and is good at sneaking about both to stay out of sight and for information, even without using her magic. Being hunted for so many years as a magic user prior to her escape has caused her to suffer from paranoia, and is often looking over her shoulder just in case.

"Why now? Why do you want to know about her now? She's been gone for ten years." The woman sighs. Her eyes are soft but framed by dark circles. She is tired and it is written plainly across her face. "I knew she was evil the first moment I looked at her. Her eyes...they were like a beach. Bright blue and glowing as if lit by the moon. It was unnatural. She was unnatural. That thing was never my daughter." She turns away as if drawing a memory from he past.

"She was my obligation, of course. I didn't abandon her if that's what you think. She had a roof over her head and always had something to eat." She clears her throat, a guilty look briefly crossing her features. She remains tight lipped for another moment. "You didn't know her!" The woman's voice is shaking now, even the wings on her back tremble. "I could barely stomach looking at her. From the first moment I knew...she was trouble. Magic. It's unheard of. And yet there she was. Even now we still get looks. The whole kingdom doesn't trust us. They blame me! They blame my husband!" Her face twists into rage but quickly softens to sadness. "He felt something for her once. My husband. He wanted to be a father to her despite her...flaws. Wretched thing. Said she wanted nothing to do with him and ran off. Didn't see her for a week."

"Did you look for her?" A deep voice asks and the woman turns her glare upon the man. "No."

A simple answer. A truthful answer. "I had hoped she'd never come back. But she was a child. They come home even if you don't want them to. Even when looking at them hurts. She looked so much like him. Nerezza should have been his little girl. Instead she was cursed."

The man nods, turning his attention to some notes on a page. "You'll never find her." The woman speaks, a hollow laugh falling from her lips. "Don't get me wrong. I'm not protecting her."

A pause.

"She just knows how to hide."

Active & Parvus Magic

Nerezza's magic is currently blocked.

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Nerezza has a few silver bands that she uses to tie up her hair in the event she needs to attend an event of some kind. They are heavy and made of metal with beautiful patterns etched into them. She does not wear them often as she dislikes the attention they garner.

Tucked away and unworn is a beautiful tiara crafted in the same silver as the bands. While there are no etchings there a beautiful blue gems like tear drops hanging from the bands that form together like antlers. Nerezza refuses to speak of where she got such a trinket.

When out looking for things of interest, Nerezza takes with her a small satchel. The simple leather pouch is closed by a small buckle and dark brown with several scratches and defects across it's surface.

Nerezza also has a medium sized silver dagger. It's not much to look at and would not prove to be too much help in a serious fight. It's used more as a tool when out foraging for things to sell than as an actual weapon.

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