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Jaspar, on all accounts of his own people, was considered "plain" at birth. A pale grey at birth, so faint he nearly looked white, he blended well into the winter snows of his homeland until he grew into adulthood. Even now, as a fully mature stallion, he could easily blend into the wintery forests he calls home should he desire. His body is mostly a soft dove grey, marked with white and slate grays in certain places such as his muzzle and each thick leg. A thick blaze of warm stone blankets Jaspar's broad, rugged face, while warm stone blends into the dove gray of his feathered legs. His wings, which alone are great expansive appendages, are predominately slate gray tempered with warm stone and thin stripes of white. Tail feathers crown the top of his tail, mimicking the dove gray of his body with stripes of slate and warm stone. Orbs of vibrant green break up the greys and whites of his features. Yet despite their vibrancy, Jaspar's eyes are guarded and impassive; they never truly reveal his thoughts or feelings about a matter most of the time.

The softness of his coloring might lull one into a false sense of security if it wasn't for the sheer size of his frame. Heavy boned and broad, Jasper is a solid mass of substantial musculature from a long life lead in the wildernesses. A barrel chest and wide hindquarters do little to lend Jaspar any sense of stealth, yet the massive creature is somehow light on his hooves as though he is made of air. Jaspar possesses thick and sturdy legs that are covered in a generous amount of feathering, hiding slate-colored hooves beneath their volume. Overall, Jaspar is strong, muscular, and weathered, yet rather spritely on his hooves despite his strength. He could be rather handsome...if one liked the wild, rugged look.

But perhaps the most noticeable feature of Jaspar's appearance is not his sheer size nor impressive wingspan, but the fact the stallion possesses a lion's mane instead of a regular horse's mane. Thick, down-soft locks of dove gray and warm stone encase Jaspar's thick neck while running down the entirety of his chest and well onto his underbelly, and partially down his spine.

I am someone that did not die when they should have.

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Scent: fir trees, smoke, freshly turned earth
Voice claim: Mufasa from The Lion King

secretly a softie but shhh, don't tell anyone

Jaspar is a man of few words most often, choosing to remain alone and prefers silence over idle chatter. Ever since he was a child and was overshadowed by his louder siblings, Jaspar learned quickly that the best way to make a statement was to not have one at all. He finds gossip abhorrent and the need to fill in awkward silences quite painful. If he could follow a vow of silence, Jaspar most certainly would, but on some rare occasions, he can be quite cordial. His gregarious moments are rare, but even more rare are the flashes of youthful warmth some may see. He was once affectionate and friendly, but grief and strife have tempered those traits that they are often lost beneath the hardened exterior Jaspar exhibits to most that dare approach him.

That is not to say they're completely gone, but certainly is a rare gift to be treated to the old parts of Jaspar that still cling to him. To most, he's a gruff stallion who would much rather be left alone to tend to the woods and his plants. He is swift to reject aid, friendship, and most affection; the years spent living alone have taught Jaspar that he needs only himself, even if that is not inherently true. Even though all of his societal graces from his youth have not abandoned him, (yet), Jaspar is almost painfully blunt and has no qualms to tell another exactly how he feels. Most days, the fluffy pegasus is a pain to deal with and surly to be around. Yet, it can also be said that the more someone spends with him, the more Jaspar thaws and shows a softer side that is kept fiercely hidden.


He was the son of a nobleman and a gentle mother with plenty of adoring siblings that made a family bursting with love. Yet, Jaspar refuses to ever utter any of their names ever utter again. Not out of malice, but out of reverence; for the love they had for him, for each other, and for the greater good. He treasures the fond memories he has of them but does not share them with others. Selfish? Maybe, but they are the few good memories Jaspar has left of his youth to warm him in the deepest winter nights.

He was born in the deepest parts of winter. The harsh cold and never-ending snow made his parents fear for his safety before his birth but were pleasantly surprised to find Jaspar was an almost annoying hale boy from the start with plenty of fur to keep himself warm. His coloring was so pale, his mother once lost him in the gardens one particularly calm winter morn - others mocked the dullness of his coat as he grew. His mother, in all of her doting and loving wisdom, told Jaspar to never pay the bullies any mind. After all, she once said, who were they to ridicule when Jaspar was colored like one of the fiercest hunters of the woods? He took comfort in his youth for his wolf-colored coat, finding it a great boon in the winter months when he could easily ambush his own brothers and other children. As he grew, it seemed as though he might follow in his noble father's hooves and become a warden of the north. None of his brothers could track, blend into the woods, or somehow move in near silence as well as he could.

Yet, it was his affinity for nature that chose his path for him. Much to his sire's chagrin, Jaspar showed signs of strong magic since he was a wee babe that only grew more apparent as he aged. As a boy, it became quite clear Jaspar took after his mother's side of the family and began to study underneath her to learn the ways of his magic. She taught him to care for the earth and to never take too much, and that he must always respect what the earth gave him. As his knowledge expanded, Jaspar showed increasing signs he was more content to stay far away from their manor home by staying in the surrounding woods. Even when his parents hosted important dignitaries, Jaspar was loathed to be cooped up in his ancestral home for too long. His parents, for a time, were content to let him roam free. After all, they had all of his other siblings to focus on - most importantly the elder ones, some of whom were to be sent in various directions across the realm. To academies, to the royal court, to the wedding alter - one by one Jaspar's siblings left to forge their own destinies, leaving Jaspar to face the devastation that was creeping towards their family.

A sister fell sick first. While their mother remained at home to care for her, Jaspar fled to the woods to find herbs to fight the sickness and their father traveled to the capital to seek the best physician. A baby brother fell soon fell sick, fairing worse than the sister, and quickly succumbed to the disease. Jaspar remained more and more in the woods that brought him comfort, unable to handle the grief that had swallowed his mother at the loss of her youngest. While his mother began to show signs of the illness, Jaspar's sister fell victim to the pestilence. Now desperate to save his mother, Jaspar did everything he could to save her but it was not enough. Whatever affliction had seized his family could not be purged with his rudimentary skills and magic despite his best efforts. Jaspar remained with his mother until her last breath, having come to the conclusion he would be the next to fall.

However, it seemed as though fate had other plans. As the days trickled by, Jaspar realized he had remained immune to the plague that had decimated his family. He was quick to send word to his remaining siblings of the devastation, but nothing had prepared him for the letter he received from the king's own healer. His letter told Jaspar that the plague had nearly wiped out the capital and that his father was among the victims. Now essentially an orphan, the pegasus could no longer handle his grief. Jaspar fled from his home, leaving it to crumble into dust, as he sought sanctuary in the one place he felt most at home.

The forests.

As the years trickled by, Jaspar's knowledge of the plants and animals around him grew as his magic flourished. He was content to remain alone with a few wild animals as his only company, fearing the worst if he ever decided to search for his remaining family. Only once did someone from his past find him. Jaspar regarded the once-known stranger with apprehension, though was quick to rebuff them as soon as he was addressed as My Lord. He did not linger to hear the rest of the man's story, fleeing from the woods he had grown up in as the stranger's words died in the wind behind him. "M-my lord, your siblings -"

Whatever news the stranger had brought, it never reached his ears. Jaspar was content to continue living in ignorance if it meant avoiding the unfortunate news that the rest of his siblings had died in the plague. Once in a while, he entertained a "what if" thought of them, but otherwise, he kept his memories of his family and his grief buried deep within.

No matter where he goes, Jaspar finds the most comfort in the woods. Fewer people to see and fewer emotions to deal with that way.


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Jaspar keeps a small leather satchel with him at all times for collecting and storing herbs/medicines in.

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