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A mix of Marwari, Akhal-Teke and Arabian comes together into a slender but sturdy build. Due to the dragon blood from one of his mothers Mir's head is thicker, his ears are bigger, and he has thicker shoulders to accommodate his large wings. These appendages are bat-like in structure with a visible skeletal frame covered by skin that almost feels like leather to the touch. Each point ends in a claw. His mouth is also more draconian in nature, stretching a bit longer with two fang-like divots on either side.

A light tan makes up the base of the stallion's coat but it isn't the only color that adorns him. It starts to fade into a pale cream as it moves to his head, legs, and rump. Dapples of the same shade are splattered along the rest of of him. A faded teal breaks the pattern of browns in the form of markings. These include:

- A strip on his face where a normal equine might have a blaze.

- Two bands on his neck that start at different points where the base of his mane would be and then join together once they reach the bottom of his neck.

- Two skulls, one smaller than the other, brand his left shoulder.

- On each of his legs, where one might consider a knee, are small stripes.

- Three stripes on his rump, two that extend from the top until they reach the third that goes from where his tail starts down to where his leg meets his body.

- Along the the tips of his wings until it reaches about halfway across where it starts to fade until only the tan shows.

Mir's neck is bare of any sort of mane but his tail is long and silky, flowing until it brushes the ground. A sleek black that fades into a light grey as it reaches the tips. The only darker color on him is the black of his hooves.

His facial features are where his dragon blood really shines through. With four eyes, two slitted nostrils, his ears, a pointed tongue and a mouth full of sharp teeth that extends back further than normal he can be quite a scary site except there's almost always a warm smile lifting his lips. His violet eyes shine with either warmth or amusement at any given time and rarely ever show anger.



Positive: Charismatic - Clever - Loyal - Fair - Genuine - Gentle

Negative: Worrywart - Possessive - Martyr - Depressed

Appearance isn't everything when it comes to judging one's personality. Mir is rarely seen without some sort of smile on his face. He is aware of how he looks though and will, if there are kids around, try to keep his smiles to only those with a closed mouth. Being very much an extrovert makes him want to be out and about, listening to the stories that others have collected and learning about everything he can. The curiosity that he had as a colt never left him, it just grew to become a bit more cautious.

Exploring has become a big part of his life, especially after all the places he has been. If possible he would visit each and every spot, not to say he has but because he wants to see it all. Most of the time these small adventures are done alone but if Mir is able to convince someone to come along he will. Though he won't push anyone to join him and is perfectly happy with just going himself and returning to tell them stories about it. He just wants everyone to feel comfortable around him because he enjoys the company.

The stallion does have a bit of darkness inside of him but it comes from grief, not anger. So many members of his family, including all of his blood-family, are gone. He bore witness to one of the deaths but the others just vanished without a word and, though he might not admit it, a very tiny part of him still has hope that they will return. After it having been so long and traveling to so many different places he tries not to believe. Instead he holds on tightly to the bit of family he does have, out of fear of losing them too and out of an extremely strong love because they are the ones that are left.

Mir is likely to stick around and try to keep a conversation going in order to get to know a bit more about someone than he is to just let it end. He's friendly to a fault and will probably try his hardest not to upset or offend anyone unless it's over something he cares about. Although he will most likely return to apologize anyway.

Really he's a big teddy bear that just wants to climb trees and be with his family.




Mir’s childhood was pretty typical for someone that had family around to raise him. He enjoyed exploring the forest with his twin sister, learning about life from his aunt and sometimes chatting with his mother when she was around. He didn’t know his other mother, never met her or heard too much about her, but he was content with the people he did have. It was peaceful for the colt and most likely sparked his love of being up in the trees. Everything was perfect to the boy, the only thing he would have liked to change was having his mother around more often but he wasn’t ever one to complain.

It didn’t take long before things started to go wrong though. The first of many tragedies to occur was the disappearance of his sister. There was nothing suspicious in the days leading up to her vanishing so it was very sudden and the young boy was confused and frustrated with the fact that he didn’t know more, that he couldn’t search for her more than around the trees of his home. It was a rough adjustment period that he has never really gotten over, though one moment stands out during this time.

He had been hanging out in the field at the edge of the forest, playing in the snow and trying to distract himself, when he met Luthais. The other colt seemed to also have issues with life but the two of them enjoyed the distraction of playing in the snow together. It was a bright moment in the colt’s life that he will never forget. The two of them quickly became friends despite their differences. When they parted ways Mir was already looking forward to whenever they would run into each other again.

It didn’t take too long, though this time it wasn’t in a friendly setting. The herd that the colt lived within had called a meeting. Being a colt he didn’t really have to attend but since his aunt had gone and no one else was around the colt let himself be curious. He had managed to get himself up a tree and perched along one of the branches up above the clearing, out of the way but still close enough to witness and hear what was going on.

Mir can’t remember exactly what the meeting was about but he very vividly remembers when everything went wrong. A ruler of another herd, known for their dark ideas and thoughts, had shown up with her dragon and her herd. The reason for her appearance evades him but it was obviously with malicious intent. He recalls seeing Luthais for just a moment among her people before the dragon let loose his fire and chaos ensued.

The events following are a blur of pain and fear. Mir had fallen off his perch, landing on a wing and barely registering the crunch before he took off. He remembers finding his aunt and being told to run while she fought one of the other herd. It’s something that he won’t ever forgive himself for. Afterwards he ran into Luthais again, though it was brief. He doesn’t blame his friend for the part he had in the fight, understanding that people make mistakes.

Finding his aunt’s body after the flames had died down is still one of Mir’s most painful memories. Burying her and realizing that, despite his absent mother, he was basically alone in the world changed a lot for the boy. It was an emotional period of time that was only made worse when his mother reappeared only to vanish again. He had a feeling at the time, and especially now, that it would be the last time he saw her. Mir still doesn’t know what exactly happened but since she never showed back up again he just assumes the worst.

It didn’t take too much longer before he ran into Luthais again and stuck with him. He witnessed another close friend die and it seemed to be the final straw for the both of them. Leaving his home brought both sadness and relief. Staying would have ended badly though and so he left with his best friend.


There isn’t much to tell about the next couple of years. He traveled with Luthais for a while before they got separated. The boy, a young stallion now, spent a little while searching the general area he had last seen his friend but eventually ended up continuing in the direction they had been going. He figured that Luth would do something similar, or at least hoped so.

The two of them ended up running into each other eventually but were ultimately split apart again, which ended up being the way things went for a while. Through a tunnel of earth, find his friend, and then lose him again. Sail across a body of water, find Luthais again, and then get separated on the way back. It was a pattern of lost and found that frustrated the stallion and worsened his depression.


After some time they were reunited in a new land and spent a significant amount of time together. It got to where Mir was ready to confess what he felt for the stallion that had been with him since basically the beginning. He had a moment in a tree where life and the tragedies of his past caught up to him and broke a part of him that had been cracking for a while. The words that spilled out of his mouth that day were ones he had been holding in for a long time and it wasn’t quite a relief to let them loose but it did lift a weight off of his chest.

But as life would have it the two of them were separated yet again and Mir went back to his old pattern of moving on to search again. A part of him has lost the hope that used to arise every time this happened but the greater part of him, the part that loved his lost friend, was determined and stubborn. He would always find him, no matter what.

Active & Parvus Magic

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Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories


Mir has a couple pieces of armor/jewelry that he wears. He isn't sure where he got them but they've been with him since he can remember.

- A golden faceplate that covers the teal blaze. Two horns, one above the other, are connected to the plate and there is a small golden band wrapped around each. A single gold chain is connects the two bands.

- Two gold earrings are pierced through both of his ears, so four in total. Two chains of the same color connect the top earring to the bottom earring and then go on to connect that earring with the band on the horn that is closer to his ears. This is the same for both sides.

- His necklace consists of a chain to match the others and holds a dark grey crystal. He's not sure what the crystal originally stood for but for him it is a reminder of Luthais.

- Along the clawed tips of his wings runs another chain, same color as the others, that goes from the second to the top claw down to where his wings meets his shoulder. It connects back with the two claws along the way and then the bend of the skeletal frame before reaching its end point.

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