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Broad and sturdy, Sau is built like a wild boar, dense muscle of his heavily draft sire, as well as moderate strength from his dam gifted the king a powerfully stocky build. As the saying goes, he does in fact make a better wall than window, bricked up to towering heights with hefty, thick skin wrapped tightly over dense skeletal structure. His tenacious and stubborn attitude reflects his durable conformation, and what he lacks in speed and quickness, he gains in blunt impact and pure heavyweight strength.

White feathers cover soft blonde hooves, wide and round, tough soled and hard as boulders. Four white stockings filter into soft blue and grey flecks of coat, blending together into a roaned effect over his haunches, shoulders, hindquarters, and face. Tovero white paint splashes framing his median, softening into the dark blue/gray gradients of his coloration. A white blaze on his face hides beneath his obsidian and charcoal colored forelock, matted and twisted pieces, thick and unkept for some time. Long mop of his silver and raven black mane cascades over one side of his crest, dancing against his chest. His tail is a shortened length, uneven crows feathers of twisted knots and curls, barely kissing at his hocks when relaxed. Indigo eyes flash like opals of greens and blues, a match to the feathers adorning his mane and tail, a warriors badge of honor, and to him a priceless keepsake.

Cordial . Bold . Defensive . Brash . Stubborn . Charming . Arrogant . Selfish . Powerful

A king of substantial size requires a personality to accompany it. He comes off as an arrogant and rude brute at first, but a dry sense of humor for the world has turned him into something of a large ass -- without the long ears. Sau is defense driven, and his stubborn block of a mind reflects his robust and beefy stature. Far from cold or aggressive, Sau is more confrontational and bolder than initially calculated for many first meetings, which can sometimes get him into problematic situations. That being said, he still tries to use his charm to get his lazier self out of it. If that doesn’t work, he’s more than equipped to handle himself in combat, probably more so than his use of wit or word. Selfish tendencies are more or less his protection of his own heart. Apart from having a knack for guarding himself, he tends to have a fairly large possessive and emotional side which he shows very easily depending on the situation. With a big heart comes strong emotions, though Sau has managed to push his aside easier than before, hardly allowing his heart to open up entirely to others. A veil of charisma and dazzling allure feeds the king’s flirtatious badinage.

SPRING STORMS -- Born on Oct 5th of Year 504, his first few months were relatively easy. Born already with girth to his bone, the blue painted colt grew fast and quickly stood sturdy against springtide rainstorms. The occasional memory of nursing from his mother under the gentle cover of an old weeping willow would cross his dreams. He nursed quietly while she softly licked the rain from the top of his rump and back. Often she left Sau with a few twisted cowlicks in various back-brushed spots along his top line. Their bond was strong, though Sau was more or less born out of wedlock, a bastard to the herd, his dam was quickly forced into a lower ranking amongst the mares, often putting her on high alert for danger, no matter the form it came in.

THREE BROTHERS -- Rogue bachelors were a problem, but the older Sau got, the easier it was to get somewhere safe. At one and a half years of age, he was suddenly thrown into a chess game of nomad life. A band of vagabonds cornered the colt only a few months after he was forced into isolation. His mother was dead at the hand of another band, and he was being given an ultimatum as a result – stick with the band as a loyal vagabond, gain the family of three brothers who stood before him, guaranteed protection and loyalty going hand-in-hand. The young king had little choice to begin with, if he stayed on his own his odd’s of survival were low, but the god’s had suddenly offered him a rare out. It wasn’t comfortable, nor was it easy to survive, but he now had the protection of older much bachelor’s, and was slowly learning survival and fighting skills from all three of them often.

INDIGO KING -- Loyalty and drive earned Saudadji the chance to build his own strengths, catching up quickly once he turned three years of age. Not only was he physically stronger and more confident, his mental strength was also rigid with experience and tenacity. As a mid-ranking bachelor, the piebald king had earned his adorning feathers, tangling several of the iridescent blue and green quills given to him by each of his three brothers -- a once brutally skinny colt with a mud-caked coat and scared indigo eyes was now considered their equal, their brother. His bond with them strengthened with each passing month, but age and injuries seemed the take two of the older stallions in his brotherhood within the same winter – now almost four years old, Sau was battling PTSD and grief on top of his daily struggles.

SURVIVING THE ‘NIGHT’ – Laughter in the face of danger, Caligo was an antagonist, and at fit him like a matching puzzle piece. As a lone traveler through the valley of Novus’ entrance, his captivity is more or less a guarantee, and he accepts his fate, only at the blade of a Night Court. He’s found familiarity in the face of chaos and carnage. Unfazed, the brute quickly stated himself a willing ally in the conquest of dark sorcery, and rich bounty. Freshly five years old, he seeks the protective guarantee of their soldiers, though no longer a colt in age, he knows his best chances to get somewhere in the rankings was by sticking to what he knows best.

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Seven Feathers

Given to him as a gift, and as a sign of status amongst his brotherhood band, these seven iridescent dark cerulean are worn in his mane and tail like trophy's. Of course they now carry the memory of his late brothers, the one surviving one is back in old lands. They are like badges of honor for young members of the band, a symbol of his loyalty and strength. -- Now they serve as memories and empty reminders.

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