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Art by Elidhu <3

Ariadne is a being of living night. Her striking form is elegant and exotic, her bloodlines hailing back to the purest lines of Akhal-Teke. Her coat is midnight incarnate, ebony and glossy with a metallic sheen. Her mane and tail, unlike her ancestors, is long and thick. The color shifts from midnight to moonlight, the ends of her long locks nearly pure white. Her legs are long and lean, her right fore and right rear legs kissed with moonlight at varying heights. At the end of her limbs, hooves of pure moonstone dance hard and true.

On the mare’s hips, a striking moon symbol surrounded by white slashes gives her name away to any that know what to look for. But that is not her most striking feature. Her face, dual toned with striking white markings. This is the most identifiable feature of the noble mare. Midnight and moonlight dance and fight over where they can kiss, leaving spots like stars and shadows on the opposite sides. Eyes of deep purple, royal in hue and striking, greet the world around her and take in the knowledge that she needs.

Ariadne is lithe, standing 16 hands and built like a typical desert steed. Her legs are strong and fast, her body light and agile. When by herself, the noble mare tends to run. Running is her form of joy, a way for her to connect with those in her past and align her mind with the world around her. As such, her body is honed and muscular. Dainty black ears catch sounds, her fluttering white nares catch scents.

Positive: Charitable, kind, soft, conscientious, devout, loyal, aware, charismatic

Negative: Aloof, politically motivated, reckless at times, untrusting, old-fashioned

Ariadne is a striking individual. She is at odds with her appearance in many ways. Where some would see her dark coat and judge that she would be darker in personality, she is quite the opposite. Adne is kind, soft, and conscientious. She loves to be among others, though she is rather reserved and aloof. Adne has a devout adoration for Caligo, the goddess she honors in her daily life as well as regular trips to seek her out at the peak. She is loyal to her house, her family. While she knows of the troubled lives within, she works to keep those on the outside from seeing that side of the House. Adne tends to be almost hyper aware of the goings on around her, preferring to know completely what is going on rather than being surprised.

The mare loathes surprises. Many find her to be very old fashioned, her heart longing for the world where a stallion courts a mare rather than the pair rushing to some hidden corner and ignoring proper behavior. Adne is untrusting, not one to risk either her own life or the face of her House with unknown behaviors or words. She is motivated politically, wanting to put her house and family back in the public eye in a way that means more than just as a fading group.

Under the restrained exterior, Ariadne is still young and hot-blooded. She can be reckless and headstrong. When she gets an idea in her head, it takes some serious work to get her to think about it again. No matter where her mind is, she is careful to maintain her image and the image of those that she protects and cares about.

Ariadne was born noble, born to be a part of the elite. She was born of House Vogelstein, to noble and pure blooded parents. While she was young, she was groomed for the life that she would one day lead. The cherished daughter of her bloodline, the only child that was constantly doted upon. Protected, as they said when they gazed at their darling daughter. Expected to be strong and independent, but a leader in her own right. Those expectations were bricks upon her as she grew and learned.

Her first 2 years were uneventful, simply learning and becoming the young lady that her parents expected. To be the filly the house expected. Those expectations were hard to live up to, a weight that the filly found herself fighting ever so slightly each day. Never open rebellion, just little things that would be annoying to her parents and tutors. Books not properly aligned in her shelves, her clothing not always perfectly put away. A necklace placed where it was not supposed to be. Adne was loath to be too rebellious, to be too far from the lady that her parents wished her to be.

In her second year, her tutoring was expanded. She was taught the ways of courts. The ways of those that lived within them and those that respected the leaders. Yet she was cautioned to keep a distance from those that were in power. To keep the house looking noble and powerful without signs of strife. A challenge when it came to certain members of her beloved house. And that was something that she had learned. She adored her house, the power that came from being part of a group, a family. Even if she didnt believe that all were of the same mind, she was still determined that they were her family and deserved her respect and honor.

The next year was much the same, her parents finally allowing their precious daughter to experience the world. To help them in their day to day responsibilities. They would host balls and parties to give her a chance at life outside of her tutoring. To give her the chance to make an appropriate match that would further solidify the power of the house and herself. Yet none really clicked. None seemed to hit those points that would encourage further pursuits. The beings she was interested in seemed to be those that were far from her noble blood, those that had free will and the power to do what they desired with their lives. A power that Adne was starting to wish for.

Her fourth birthday was a large celebration for her parents. A chance to introduce the world to their beloved daughter, who was to take their places soon enough. Little did they realize how soon everything would change. Before the end of the year, they decided to send Adne away to learn more of the courts and how to use her power as noble for her gain. The place where she was sent was ruthless, cutthroat. She was taught to use not only her power and nobility, but who she was as a mare. To use her body to catch attention and her intelligence to keep it. She was tasked with trying to be a mentor to young nobles, to sway decisions.

And she succeeded. Adne became skilled as a guide, placed in various courts for a time to sway decisions that were being made. Her schooling lasted until she was seven. That was when the message came from the house. Her parents were ill. Adne rushed back to Terrastella, to the parents that had pushed her to be their weapon in the house. The best healers were brought in, every effort made.

All of the efforts failed. Within a few months, Adne was orphaned. Not that she didnt have family, just that those that were her truest family were gone. Time was given to the heiress, a chance to grieve before she stepped into the place that she had been groomed for. When she did, it was a matter of pride that she could be the lady that her parents had fought to make her. That she was able to continue to serve her beloved house and work to make them better. At least from the outside. Where the filly had been rebellious, the mare was strong and determined. Adne had grown into her power, a power that she cherished. The young mare kept her head raised high, kind and gentle, though firm and resolute. This was the daughter that they had left behind, the lady to lead the House of Dusk.

Active & Parvus Magic

Tier 1

Smiles, kindness. The bits of self that attract others like bees seeking flowers for pollen. That is what this tier evokes. Ariadne has found a well within her of charisma. Or at least the first level of the well. It is an easy place, a place of warmth and happiness that dances along her blood. Bliss that calls to others and makes her more attractive and interesting. It takes thought to control, though she cannot turn it off for a few hours after letting the magic settle into her bones.

At tier 1, Ariadne can manipulate the positive side of her charisma. She can make herself more interesting and get more attention. On the negative side, the effects can last for hours. This means that she tends to hide away in her home when she is finished with the reason for using said magic. It gets overwhelming and can cause her to withdraw for a time.

Tier 2

Where tier one was smiles and warmth, tier two is pain and fear. It is the darkness that causes others to shy away and makes foals cry out in the night. It is the terror of what lies in the deepest waters and the monsters that prowl the dark forests. With this tier, Ariadne breaks through to the second level of the well within her. She can take the manipulation in a darker path, either to repulse others or to help herself go unnoticed. At this level, all manipulations upon herself are easy to use and well controlled. For a while at least, this is the place where Ariadne will believe she has unleashed her potential…

At tier 2, Ariadne has full control over the manipulation of her own charisma. This means she can use both negative and positive charisma to influence others in their reaction to her. This means she can turn the manipulation on and off easier, but there is no power she can use to adjust the charisma of others around her.


Tier three, the third level of the well of power within the mare. Like breaking through a wall of ice, the well gives her insight to those around her. To what is needed to attract the attention to another horse. At this tier, similar to the first tear, the magic is warm and happy. She can increase the positive charisma traits of another to both draw the attention away from herself and to help others with their attempts.

At tier 3, Ariadne can once again adjust the positive charisma. Unlike the first tier, this magic is no longer solely upon herself. She can direct her magic to make another more attractive, to make them fascinating to another. At most, she can do the manipulation to 2 beings at a time. It is a finely controlled magic, needing much of her focus to be able to do what she attempts. The first being is easy to adjust, the second having a 50% success rate.

Tier 4

Tier four, the final level of that well of power. The height of Ariadne’s true magic powers. This is where Ariadne can finally hit the bottom of her well of charismatic manipulation. She can adjust not only the positive, but the negative as well. This has limitless political advantages, giving her the ability to skew the perceptions of others to manipulate votes or the reception of new officials. This is a level of magic that makes Ariadne anxious. What if she changes the future for the worse because she meddles into the lives of others?

At tier 4, Ariadne has full control over the manipulation of charisma. This affects both herself and those around her. She can also adjust up to 4 beings at a time with this level of magic, though she prefers to keep her magic manipulations to just one at a time for perfect control. With each additional being, her control drops by 25% to make it harder to influence each.

Passive Magic

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