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QHxArab Obscured


16.2 hh







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01. the basics

Breed: If asked, he will admit to being a Kirin
Sub-Breed: QHxArab Cross
Height: 16.2 hands
Eyes: Left Eye - Pink, Right Eye - Baby Blue
Pelt: Unknown
Markings: Unknown
Hooves: Unknown
Mane: Unknown
Tail: Unknown
Other: Unknown, it is noted that he is cloaked by an odd, deep indigo cloak that no one remembers too many details of.

02. the details

It should be noted that I'm purposely obscuring my features. And for that fact, I have no desire to be forthright about what I look like. Just know I'm tall, at 16.2 hands, and I'm not a weak stallion, as my steps are strong and sound, and wielding, creating, and making magical constructs is no easy task... That is all.

03. the mutations

My cloak obscures any potential anomalies. I'm sure many may remember me differently. Some may remember the potential curvature of horns at my temple or extra 'weight' that suggests wings folded beneath my cloak. Let them wonder. I have no desire to go into detail.

04. the accessories

Ah, yes, I figured you'd grow curious. How could you not as it's likely the most obvious aspect to me. I wear an enchanted cloak, as part of my ensemble. It's a dark indigo color, with a twined golden fastener around my neck. It's attached to the edges of my cloak with large golden pendants. Upon my mastery, I was to earn my own seal; but as I never completed it due to my untimely accident with a portal that worked too well, they remain blank. The rope-like fastener is tied in a loose knot at the center of my chest. Very rarely you may see me shift the cloak enough for glimpses of the bag I carry to be seen (or on rare occasions when I wear it over my cloak). It's a long strap that loops around my neck, and over my back, and has deep pockets, perfect for carrying all sorts of runes, writing utensils, ink bottles, scrolls, parchment, and whatever books I am likely studying from at any given time. While not always visible, it's almost rare to find me without the bag, then with the hood of my cloak down.


01. the basics

  • 16 Personalities: The Architect | INTJ-A
  • Enneagram Placement: 5, The Investigator
  • DISC Placement: DC - Dominance - Compliance


  • Music, the louder, the better. He tends to use it to drown out the rest of the world, particularly when whatever social situation he's been dragged into gets to be too much for him to handle.
  • Making Things, whether it is crafting an enchanted piece of jewelry or taking it a step further and building a magical machine of some sort, the stallion loves getting his hands dirty.
  • Solitude, perhaps silly; this stallion truly does enjoy his peace, quiet and relative solitude. He is notably far more miserable when forced into social situations, and even in those times, he will search for a quiet corner to get some sort of stability.
  • Fall is his favorite season, mainly due to the peaceful chill to the air and the delighted comforts of sipping cider while walking through a forest of changing leaves.
  • Nature, in general, this stallion greatly appreciates nature and being a part of it, preferring even the company of animals and trees to the beings of his own species. He often finds it easier to exist around nature than decipher the intense and sometimes complex social cues and interactions with others of his own species that he has no skills for..
  • Magic, most notable, perhaps, is the stallion's adoration to the magic of any kind, considering it a holy gift that anyone should be proud to wield. However, despite magic coming from the gods in this land, Vannah comes from another world, and as such, has not yet begun to develop a personal relationship with the deities in this land.
  • Rain, considered to be cleansing, considered to calming. He mostly finds it a beautiful means of hiding and startling relaxing to the inner turmoil and stress he often feels from day today.
  • Dislikes:

  • Socializing, Savannah is not a people pleaser, not because he doesn't wanna be, but typically because he doesn't really understand a lot of the inner mechanics of reading emotions and understanding the social cues given. As a result, he often makes the wrong assumptions say the worst response and attempts at socializing fall apart. This has led to him preferring to avoid mixing, and when he's in over his head and can't find an escape from a social setting, it's not too surprising to see him looking like he's in physical pain.
  • Cruelty, Savannah can be wrongly described as cold and even cruel and distant. However, it's typically him saying the wrong thing in any situation, and when it comes to the truth, Savannah hates cruelty and bullies. Anyone attacks another for no other reason than 'they can,' or 'they're different.' In fact; he will purposely revolt against it, to the point where he will use violence against violence, which is a bit counterproductive, but . . . Savannah has a temper.
  • Interruptions, Perhaps the most challenging thing for the stallion to handle is interruptions, mainly when he is working on something. He becomes quickly short-tempered. However, it's often because he is well aware he's easily distracted with new challenges, ideas, and potentials for new avenues of study. Should the wrong words be said in the middle of an interruption, he risks losing valuable time on his current projects by introducing another.
  • Strengths:
  • Imaginative, perhaps the most vital attribute of his personality, is the literal vault of imagination this stallion has, a requirement to literally make something out of nothing. While it is rarely shown, this stallion can close his eyes and imagine literal worlds and pull ideas and inspiration from those worlds. In rare moments, when you find him in peace, he may even shock you with how imaginative and borderline soft he can be at the core of his being.
  • Collected, Savvie is exceptionally organized, particularly in how he handles the world around him when he's in his own private settings (his social anxiety can get in the way of this trait when he's in densely populated areas, however). Nothing, even something going wrong, tends to frazzle him.
  • Informative, Savannah is a wealth of knowledge, and he freely shares it. He is more than willing to get into debates on several topics or provide his insight into a situation. However, while he willingly shares freely - he tends to work on the belief that his knowledge must first be asked for before he shares (and then sometimes overshares).
  • Logical, While Savannah is very creative and imaginative, he's also highly analytical. He doesn't let himself live in a world of fantasy. However, he does tend to live in a world that is constantly various dark shades of greys and blacks, not always letting himself see the brightest hues of hope. Logic tells him wistful thinking does nothing, only hard work and perseverance counts for anything - and as such, he rarely allows himself foolish things such as hopes and dreams.
  • Ever-Learning, There is never a point to Savannah that will stop learning. A new topic is met with an eagerness to study it until he understands it, and he has no qualms about asking questions to know of someone else's understanding. This is especially true if it is a topic he's never heard of before: His favorite kind of study material, the unknown.
  • Open-Minded, Despite being very logical, this stallion is also very open-minded, with a fluidity to his point of view that allows him to change his opinions on a dime. He believes that as you learn more, your opinions may change as you discover truths that may or may not contradict your original hypothesis, and when that hypothesis fails, you best go back to the drawing board. This also allows him to feel that he can more easily listen to and even accept the opinions and ideas of another individual - as he's more receptive to any evidence (provided they come with facts, not opinions) they may present.
  • Inquisitive, While Savannah is always eager to learn a new topic, study it until he understands it, he's also the sort of being a go-getter in furthering that knowledge. He wants to experiment, get his hooves dirty, stick his nose in the mud to find out if you really can't breathe it. He's extremely eager to experience the world to sate his own curiosity. He tends to meet every new idea, new creature, and a new problem with an eagerness to share, learn and truly see what the world has to offer.
  • Weaknesses:

  • Antisocial, Savannah is extremely anti-social, often referring to himself (with no lack of pride) as a professional hermit who will hide away from the world and devote his time solely to his studies. He prefers to only leave the safety and shelter of his home to gather more materials, books, and other utensils to further his knowledge and understanding of the world around him.
  • Socially Awkward, Vannah has an issue when he's around others. This stallion is pretty anti-social, but he's also very socially awkward, with little desire to fix it. He becomes a silent, uncomfortable mess when he's put into social situations with large groups of individuals. The longer the contact is, and the more stressed and out of his element he feels, the more likely that social awkwardness transforms into borderline aggression, snarkiness, or coldness in an attempt to get away from the situation.
  • Distant, You can't have the first two without this one; Savannah is a very remote individual, struggling to let others in. He doesn't share information about himself easily; in fact, pulling out even basic things, like his favorite color or his favorite food, is like pulling teeth from a crocodile while trying to eat you.
  • Self-Reliant, Savannah was raised that asking for help is a sign of weakness, that you have to do it by yourself, that no one else should ever have to become part of a solution. As a result, he has convinced himself that he doesn't need others because he has to do it all by himself to ever matter or be worthwhile. He tries to rationalize this with the idea that others just won't understand his methods, processes, or ideas. Unfortunately, it's also led him to believe only he can help himself, only he can get his experiments to work. He only needs himself. Which can lead to him pushing others away.
  • Isolated, Unfortunately, these have tied the stallion up into a very lonely way of life. He tends to not know what is going on in the world around him. He'll forget time while working on a project and leave his home to discover months have gone by, and he has no idea who new royals are or why there's suddenly a portal that will lead to another world nearby. He has a bad habit of completely cutting himself off from the world around him and then realizing he has to spend a few weeks actually communicating to figure out what happened while he wasn't looking.
  • Removed, to this point, he finds it pointless to stay up with the general gossip and has developed a habit of keeping himself relatively removed from the general public. He doesn't really allow himself to be seen, he doesn't advertise his services, and more often than not, he will even go so far as to ignore knocks on his door or those asking for aid. Of course, he also can get so absorbed into his work, he usually doesn't intentionally ignore those knocks. He just isn't aware they're knocking.
  • Easily Distracted, so let's really focus on his biggest flaw. This stallion is so easily distracted, a butterfly flying through the shop window, and the light reflecting off its wings will catch his attention. Further, if it is a chance to learn or study, this stallion switches gears like a machine working at the highest firing power. He has a bad habit of leaving projects unfinished, as something new catches his eye that he JUST HAS TO LEARN ABOUT. It's one of the main reasons he hates distractions because he is well aware of this particular . . . . downfall.
  • Motivations:

  • Increased Knowledge, Perhaps the biggest motivator in Savannah's life is his need to constantly learn more because the more he learns and understands, the more he hopes it will help him figure out a place to belong. In truth, Savannah has always been searching for where he fits in, where he won't feel the need to be a hermit, hiding his knowledge behind snarky comments because he can't always be certain his ideas will be appreciated.
  • Increased Magic, Vannah is a magician, an inspired alchemist, a warlock trained by Myrrdin and Flamel. He takes so much pride in his abilities that coming to Novus and having them shunted and locked away was particularly painful and led to the darkest moods he'd been in for a long time. He is determined to learn more, to prove himself, to be better, so that one day, Merlin will be able to say, 'That's my former apprentice, taught him everything I knew, and then he taught me some things too,' with pride in his eyes.
  • Working With His Hooves, More than just wanting to learn, Savannah wants to be able to put what he knows into practice. He lives for the thrill of seeing a theory turn into a successful experiment. To see it go from idea to the hypothesis and to be able to present his findings as facts. More than this, he enjoys implementing those findings into his research, whether trying to break down the components of his beloved master's philosopher stone to understand how it was fashioned or figuring out a better way to harness steam to make his machines work better.
  • Self Worth, Remember how we spoke about him feeling like his ideas won't be appreciated - this stallion has issues with his self-worth. Sure, he's self-absorbed enough to think only he can do things right. But this is mainly because Merlin had a bad habit of shoving him off and just telling him to figure things out for himself. Cut off from his home realm and his masters, Vannah wants nothing more than to prove to everyone else, and especially himself, that he is worth something more than "Just an errand boy who doesn't know how to open a book before he asks a question."
  • 02. The facade

    Really, why am I here? Why was I dragged to this place? And worse, why are you here, wanting to know about me? Who put you up to this?

    Please, scurry along and go find someone else to capture your attention. I'm sure there are plenty around here who would be better than me. There are many loud and overly preppy individuals. Take your time getting to know them.

    Why are you still here? I'm tired of your repeated attempts to sit at my table. Yes, all of those seats are taken by my imaginary friends, and you're currently trying to sit down atop Billy Joe, and he's not too pleased by it. Yes . . . I'm joking. That was supposed to be a joke. Just because I am not smiling does not mean I do not possess a sense of humor.

    No, no, don't buy me a drink. That's not going to win you any favors. Thanks anyway. Please just go away and leave me alone. I have no desire to make 'pleasant conversations' with anyone. I don't care how nice you are or who told you that you make friends out of anyone. I'm not an 'anyone.'

    Oh, I did walk into that. If I tell you my name, will you go away? It's Savannah. Goodbye. I know that's a girl's name. I do not care. Goodbye. I said Good. Bye.

    Do not pull my headphone off of my ears! Why would you do that? I do not want to talk anymore. Yes, I am aware the music is loud. I prefer it that way. I don't care if you feel you should worry about my hearing. I am OK with the way I live my life.

    I don't come to these places to make 'friends,' so I do not want your company. Don't ask me why I came here then, can you not tell I didn't come here of my own free will.

    Please leave me alone. I have no desire to make friends; I see no point in such novelties. I have too many already. No, that's not depression talking either! Please do not hyper-analyze my personality defects based on this conversation. You hardly know me well enough to do so such a thing. I don't intend to let you get to know me that well either. Why do you still refuse to leave?

    No, I'm not going to cry? Oh, is my voice getting higher? It's because you're making me anxious and I don't like it, and I just want you to leave!! Stop putting drinks in front of me. Have you not noticed I have yet to touch the ones you set down earlier? You're not going to win a smile from me due to cheap tricks. Do I look like I can be bought?

    Please leave me alone, why won't you go away. Please just leave me alone. No, don't touch me. I'm fine. Yes, I'm breathing hard. It's because you won't leave. Don't touch me. I don't need your help. Stop, please just stop. Don't Touch me once more, and I cannot be held responsible for my own actions. You are pushing it too far now.


    Despite many attempts to get close to my person, likely to learn any number of the secrets I guard so jealously within my own mind (why else would someone EVER want to talk to me?) I prefer to keep to myself. I enjoy my life of relative seclusion.

    I would gladly accept living in my home and workshop and never leaving my front door again. Of course, I'm not so foolish as to do that, as I'd have to venture out eventually for supplies for my experiments. Oh, and food, I suppose.

    I apologize; I believe I've gotten off task in this narrative. You wish to know about how I perceive myself, correct? And how are you hoping I answer? Are you expecting me to feed into the idea that I am 'damaged'? No, that's not the term many others would likely use? Perhaps troubled, or ghastly, or 'that weird, loner guy.' Are you a more positive thinker, wanting to call it unique, 'zealously independent,' or perhaps even 'vastly misunderstood?' It all comes to the same, does it not: Everyone wants to point out what is wrong with me?

    In my own words then, how about: "A very introverted hermit, with a dependency on solitude." Does that sound right? I have severe anxiety that increases the longer I'm among strangers and unfamiliar environments. As a result, I've also developed a rather debilitating case of avoidant personality disorder, cold avoidant. There is a lack of broadcasting any positive emotions in front of others to keep others away.

    To be fair, I really don't care to dive too deep into psychology. Not because I do not believe in it, everything I've heard is reasonably accurate . . . According to others, it's more that I feel little concern for what is wrong with me. I simply do not care about trying to fix it, either.

    Unfortunately, I know others will continue to approach me if I must be honest. I'm unintentionally charismatic, particularly when I'm not paying attention. I'm collected. I hold myself with pride. I am courteous, and I know how to handle myself to not bring shame to those I'm associated with. Of course, such actions would bring the awareness of others onto my existence.

    These aspects likely have others developing odd attachments to me, worrying about me being alone so often. Showing up on my doorstep with a misguided concept that I need to go outside, questioning the last time I ate. Or, in the somewhat misguided affections of one of the only friends I allow, a desire to see me 'settle down with someone as if I don't already struggle just to make conversation with others.

    I also have difficulty dropping the clinical detachment I produce when dealing with others. I was raised in a very unloving environment. Never hugged, told I was worthwhile. Just berated if I took too long, growled at if I was to ask for help, about being too dependent. I was raised to avoid attachments. As time grew on and I developed many of my character flaws, anxiety, and difficulties relating to others, I found the avoiding attachment philosophy more uncomplicated.

    Perhaps I destroyed myself to falling victim to this avenue and way of life. So I've constructed a careful mask. I keep my distance, my headphones on, my music loud, my hooded cloak in place, to protect myself from the panic attacks, the anxiety, and the general assumptions I'd be a disappointing friend for you to make.

    03. The personality

    Positive Traits

  • AMBITIOUS - So, you want to know how I would describe myself? In my own words, you ask? Why to what use could this information have. Oh well, I guess, to begin with, you may refer to me as ambitious. I set my sights on a goal and strive to achieve them, no matter the costs. Failure is not an option. Failing would mean my master's disappointment and proof I'm not worthy. I do have a habit of biting off more than I can chew, unfortunately . . . but that just means I have to work even harder to achieve what I set out to do.
    Nothing is more accurate than the fact that Savannah strives to be the absolute best and do his best. This drive keeps him moving forward, and he refuses to be met with failure. Once one goal is met, he rarely sees it as a success. However, often nitpicking everything that isn't perfect. But it does mean that he assumes he can do even more, even better the next time. His next goal is always far more challenging to reach, far more demanding of a mountain to climb. But he tackles all the problems with no hesitation. If he gets knocked back, he dusts himself off and looks for another path up, trying to see the situation from another angle. There is no such thing as an easy way either. The easy way is the cheating way, and cheating never wins. It only robs you of a victory, a chance to grow, an opportunity to improve yourself. He refuses to take this path, refuses to take the cheap way out of a challenge, and instead; will battle again and again until he succeeds on his own merit.

  • CLEVER - I am an innovative individual. I am well aware of it. It would be difficult not to be with the knowledge and information I have in my head, even if much of it is likely to be useless in a new world. Who cares what the twelve uses of dragon's blood are when it relates to the world I came from. Oh, yes, I was talking about the fact I was clever, not the lack of areas to express it. I try to look at the world from multiple sources to find the correct answers to problems. My level of intelligence and ability to utilize the brightness cleverly allow me this potential breath throughs to whatever I look upon.
    Vannah is a unique beast. His mind is a steel trap that constantly gains more and more information and houses it all in a very well-organized mindscape. Through years of meditation before bed, he has a well-developed mind. His memories and knowledge are stored and carefully guarded in sections, allowing him near-perfect recall in any situation. Added to this fact, he is open-minded and will enable him to look outside the box and solve the most complicated mysteries or problems he comes across. He can hear a riddle and, after pausing for a few moments, decipher the answer with little more work than just dissecting the parts of the question. Added to the fact he has a quick response time, it also gives him a rather wicked tongue, able to retort and spin an individual's words around on them when comfortable. He can talk circles around anyone, especially if it means getting away with not actually answering their questions.

  • DISCIPLINED - I have a habit of holding myself to very high standards and refusing to fall below such expectations. No matter how complex or troublesome a problem may be, I refuse to give in to weakness and keep hold of my resolve. I will not sacrifice my beliefs, strengths, or morals in any situation, no matter how much easier it may make.
    Savannah is the sort of individual that lets very little change his path in life. He might not have the best mental state, but that doesn't mean he will let himself be disappointed in himself. He knows that if he were not to behave correctly and ignore the dangers of temptation, his mentors would be most disappointed in him. The ideal of Myrrdin, or Flamel ever being disappointed, is all the reminder he needs if he ever begins to doubt himself. Holding firm to these beliefs and his values also keeps him from being easily swayed off the 'right track' he's decided he is on.

  • FLEXIBLE - I try to be as open as I can to changes in my schedule. When it comes to learning, you never know when a new topic will catch your interest or when a new experiment needs to be thought up. Most importantly, it allows me to put one project to the side, should I wake up from a dream of the most fantastic invention I just need to make. Being flexible primarily applies to these aspects of my life, but I also don't tend to get too upset if plans change. Unless it's a change of plans that forces me to socialize more than I can prepare for, I highly doubt that's a mark against my flexibility.
    If you really want to see the extent of Savannah's passion for learning and exploring the understanding of his knowledge, try handing him a new idea or project every other hour. You'll watch firsthand how smoothly he can switch ideas, organize an old project to make space for a new one, and alter his plans for the day on a whim. He's very easygoing about it as well, tends to shrug off any disappointments, or if any hitches arise from an immediate need to change plans. This makes life relatively smooth for him, as it keeps his moods on the calmer side, perhaps a great boon for anyone making his acquaintance as he does have quite the temper on him when inflamed.

  • PURPOSEFUL - My plans are well thought out, my decisions sound, and I make every choice in life to fulfill a project, answer, knowledge to be learned, or some other driving force. In short, I live a sort of life that allows for little free, lazy time, as I believe strongly in having a purpose for everything I do.
    Everything Savannah does is for a particular reason. He's so purposeful in his actions, he can almost have his schedule known by what he needs to accomplish. He's meticulous about it, making sure that everything he does is done JUST SO, so at no point will he miss a step or have a project or experiment fail due to his own error. He also thinks a lot of his actions through. He's rarely the sort to charge headfirst, and even his thoughts, decisions, and activities are made with purpose and careful consideration for all potential outcomes and effects.

  • COURTEOUS - I guess I can be told I am reasonably courteous, I don't intend to be, but if there is one thing my masters made sure I knew, it was how to impress others. I believe it was more to work for courts and gain the monarch's monetary support for further tests and studies, but it does mean I am polite to strangers and aids well in my general public mannerisms.
    Despite the rather dark and gloomy exterior, you might be surprised if you ever get the chance to talk to this stallion. He's a very regal and courteous being, always speaking reasonably well and having a confident air that makes others notice him. He's polite, attentive, and won't hesitate to be the first to dip his head in a bow. He's well versed in the behavior of courts (can't have a court mage make a fool of the king in front of a visiting monarchy, no?) and has an unconscious habit of presenting his best hoof forward when out and in public of his own free will.

  • PERCEPTIVE - While I am not the most empathetic, and sometimes sympathy can be a struggle for me to give, I am very keen on the world around me regarding those with whom I must share a space. I read body language and expressions reasonably well, mainly through a learned mechanism to know when it was safe to approach Master Merlin and when it was best to leave him to a project.
    Savvie might not express care for others very well, but that doesn't mean he's not watching. He is always watching, always noticing, taking in small details. He sees the nerves tick of a mare in poverty trying to juggle items to purchase what she needs to without breaking the bank. He considers the swagger and notices the slight off-step that hints at a deeper-rooted issue with a limb no longer working correctly. He believes the more you are aware of the world around you, the individuals near you - the more perceptive you are, the easier it is to get through life without being hurt, or worse.

  • ARTICULATE - I suppose I cannot mention being courteous without addressing this. You are likely to have noticed it in my mannerisms and speech patterns throughout these questions. I am very well-spoken, able to communicate clearly and efficiently to get my point across while still maintaining a professionalism that allows me to keep a distance, psychologically, from those I am forced to communicate with.
    You will soon learn that one of the most consistent parts of Vannah's personality is just how articulate he is. It doesn't matter if you are a friend who has come to visit, a stranger in the market he is trying to haggle with for a better price on quartz, or a strange and annoyingly persistent pest who comes barging into his workshop. Everyone is spoken to in the same manner of fairly fancy words, a calm demeanor, and a tone that ensures his words are enunciated and easy enough to understand. However, don't be surprised if his words get bigger in moments of severe annoyance, and he becomes a walking thesaurus, as it tends to be his preferred way of trying to run others off through the delightful art of unnerving others with his intelligence.

  • FORTHRIGHT - Ah, I suppose this should be addressed. I prefer the term forthright, but I presume frank could work as well. I have no qualms about addressing the elephant in the room. I do not mince my words. To speak my mind with freedom, I cannot be bothered concerning myself over how others may accept what I have to say. If I worry about their reactions, I sacrifice knowledge and the ability to share it; for a quick psychological response. I'd rather speak freely, particularly if they do not appreciate my bold mannerisms, allowing them to leave me in peace far more quickly.
    So while this stallion can be rather blunt, he is extremely forthright in his information. Suppose it is asked for (and only then, he has some lasting trauma about being silenced when he spoke up without permission). In that case, he can be a never-ending fountain of information, often given in a point-blank, emotionless delivery that doesn't try to appear 'nice,' much less sugar coating anything. He doesn't believe in softening his words for another's emotional state of mind and believes that trying to ease his words only does everyone, himself included, a disservice.

  • DILIGENT - I have not easily swayed away from my work. I believe in its importance, and whether another wants to distract me or the project itself is constantly unraveling, I will continue to push through these obstacles. Even if it requires restarting an experiment a thousand times, I believe that working hard is worth that end result. And there is no such thing as failure, but instead, you're learning just what NOT to do. Even when it feels like failure is imminent or the struggles are not worth the end result, I refuse to give up and will keep working until I succeed in finishing what I set out to do. The only actual failure is giving up.
    This stallion is the sort that doesn't stop, no matter what. He's headstrong, that's for sure, and setbacks are always taken as a temporary problem. He doesn't give up. He doesn't give in; he doesn't stop. He is the sort that works hard no matter what. He also doesn't let setbacks bother him. Failures are a lie. It's not a failure to light a light bulb; it's learning a way NOT to light it. He sees every opportunity to learn as a favorable situation, which helps to fuel his desire to see things through and not stop until he does.

  • CHARISMATIC - Oh, I hadn't realized I'd need to approach this because, to be frank, I cannot understand it. I'm certainly not charismatic in my mannerisms, speech, or any other manner of drawing others in. I am not sure why they simply will not leave me alone, but it is true that for whatever reason, others are drawn to me and will not leave me well enough alone!
    Perhaps one of the things that this stallion still doesn't quite understand, Savannah is charismatic. He draws the eye and then keeps it. He's got the mysterious and intriguing down pat. His mannerisms and articulate speech further entice and encourage others he has to have secrets to uncover. He cannot stand it typically, and it furthers this aspect. Why fight to have friends unless you have all kinds of mysterious secrets, no? Unfortunately, this all works against him as a self-declared hermit. It's hard to live totally as a hermit when others find you interesting and worth making a friend out of.
  • Neutral Traits

  • BALANCED - Balanced, I'm sorry; who is writing these supposed traits? Anyone who looks at me isn't about to call me emotionally balanced or even balanced in my personal life, work-life, or life. I'm an emotional wreck, with far too much negativity towards life. I avoid a private life, and I overwork myself to self-destruction. What kind of bullshit is this?
    While it is true that currently, this stallion is not very balanced, it's not for lack of being unable to do so. Young Vannah is going through quite the emotional turmoil over finding himself in Novus, and what was already a prolonged break in his psyche has been amplified by everything that had gone wrong as soon as he arrived. However, when such issues can be addressed, and when he finds someone he can let past those areas, you'll discover a lot of potential for balancing. Where he tends to be very cold in appearance, he loses that frostiness when others get close to him, balancing it easily with acceptance, compassion, and even understanding when they try to express their reasoning to their decisions. He will allow those rare individuals into his life, will aim to pull him from his work, and help him regain that balance without even realizing it.

  • DISCREET - I am not confident this one should count, as I do not have anyone close to being discreet with. That requires making friends, and I don't even tolerate acquaintances. Why would I aim for friends? I suppose that things I do learn in passing through general observation, I tend to keep to myself, but that has more to do with a distaste for gossip and a desire not to be pulled into that vine.
    This stallion has his own secrets, and as such, he does believe in keeping those of others. He cannot stand gossipers and won't ever partake in it himself. This all works together to make a stallion who will keep your secrets close to his intricate and behave discreetly to assist you when you need to accomplish something that needs to be treated down and with sensitivity.

  • QUIET - Is this even a trait to be brought up? Seems rather foolish and absurd. But yes, I am a quiet individual. I prefer to stay in my dark corners, rarely speak, even when spoken to, and don't enjoy the attention. I like a quiet and calm life, with little to upset my day-to-day rhythms. Unless it's my own experiments blowing up in my face, I tolerate that chaos.
    Savannah was a very quiet foal, and he never really outgrew it. It comes a lot from being by himself while learning under the tutelage of his mentors. He didn't have a lot of other individuals to talk to, and as such, he tends to be a lot quieter and reserved, as a general rule, with a tendency to respond with looks over words when given a chance. He's also the sort to blend in well with the background, a wallflower growing like an ivy, seeing everything and holding those secrets close.

  • DIGNIFIED - I beg your pardon, at what point would I even demonstrate this trait? What part of socially inept have you not gathered yet? Must I spell it out for you? Alas, I suppose I have a very put-together, dignified air about myself, even if I am more than willing to present myself in a darker light. Now, I am not cruel, and I tend to keep my head held high when in specific environments where one of intelligent standing can be acknowledged. I guess I present myself dignifiedly when the situation suits my endeavors. I apologize; I erred.
    This stallion would likely have had a very princely persona if he had been raised with a gentler hand. Many of these traits are muted after years of feeling lesser by his mentor, who never seemed satisfied. However, you'll find this stallion still shows some dignified characteristics. He walks with his head held high (even if his hair hides his eyes). He steps with purpose. He wears charisma unintentionally like a well-crafted cloak. Just don't point it out to him, or he'll fumble, fall apart and not realize what he was doing.

  • REALISTIC - Well, I do keep a realistic outlook on life. This comes back to the previously mentioned distaste for believing in hopes, dreams, wishes, and other frivolous thoughts. I just do not see the point in crossing your hooves and hoping for the best when it takes hard work, sweat, and sometimes tears to obtain what you want. If you sit back and wish on a thousand stars, you'll never accomplish anything. Life isn't sunshine, roses, and puppy kisses. It's cold and cruel just as often as forgiving and enlightening. Be prepared for both to survive it.
    Some see the world as shades of grey, black and white, or all three. For young Savannah, he views the world as largely more black than anything else. He is a hard-core realist who believes that embracing the fact reality isn't always kind is the best way to survive. He believes that he won't feel disappointed when he doesn't expect the best. He thinks hopes and dreams inspire laziness and a false sense of comfort that will make the slap of reality that much worse. His realistic view isn't all that realistic himself and is much darker tinged than it is a neutral realist anyway.

  • OBSERVANT - I've mentioned I am perceptive, but I am also observant. Master Merlin made it clear that when it comes to being a good court mage, you must always be watching, aware, and always on guard. If you let yourself get lazy, you may miss an odd individual, an off smell to the air, a potential lineup for an assassination attempt. As such, I have grown up to always note my surroundings and ensure that I will never be caught off guard.
    Savannah is always watching, always watching everything, even. He isn't obvious about it either. Instead, it is almost second nature to glance around and note what he sees. Exits, potential dangers. Others in the room. Anything that can be used as a weapon, anywhere that is a blindspot, anywhere that is a good shelter. He tends to just watch and keep himself aware of everything around him to make sure he has a way out should disaster ever strike.

  • IDIOSYNCRATIC - What a peculiar word choice, I approve of it. Yes, I suppose I am a rather unique individual. You're not likely to run into too many like me. I am firmly my own sort, and I will not let others dictate how I present myself. 'Brighten up, you'll make more friends,' 'Smile more, you've got a lovely one.' These remarks will be met with a decisive 'no.' As I am not about to change who I am, and I am my own being, an alchemist who exists in the shadows.
    Savannah is an odd one. Anyone who looks at him is likely to notice that. He styles his hair to obscure his face. He tends to behave in a very morbid fashion, with a lot of gloom and doom philosophy. He tinkers with machinery, makes something out of nothing, and most importantly, he is very mysterious about it all. He has kept to himself every sense coming to Novus, and as such, the fact he's such an odd and unique being has only grown with more and more proof.

  • WARY - Oh, for the love of all things holy; I do not believe this should be mentioned. Of course, I am wary. I am careful, I am distrusting, I am cautious to strangers. You can not know the true thoughts of those who approach you (unless you've been blessed with the ability to give you the magic of insight into others' thoughts). Being cautious and treating others with a wariness could be the difference in life and death - and I have no intention to have anyone come upon me when my back is turned. I shall not be an easy target.
    Perhaps even a negative trait, this stallion is wary almost to a fault. He is so cautious and needs to protect himself that he can be rather purposeful in denying him an interaction, a friendship to be made because he is too wary about their actual goals. He doesn't believe stories others say. He doesn't trust things when they appear gentle and unthreatening, and above all, he is always on guard.
  • Negative Traits

  • ABRASIVE - Now, this is just plain rude. I do not call you nosy or aggravating for asking me all of these questions, well, not out loud where others may hear of my opinion. So maybe I can be a little rough around the edges. In some situations, I may be more callous with my words, but in my defense, it's typically in response to those who have trespassed upon my sanctuary. Do not commit atrocities without expecting a rather abrupt reaction. That's a sign of oncoming instability, a decline in your mental state! Just because I can get reactive when forced to deeply into an uncomfortable social situation does not mean I am . . . . oh, huh, maybe I am . . . I apologize for my outburst.
    Savannah is likely to be one of the most prickly individuals you will ever meet. He has locked himself up in his own little world of isolation and has significant issues whenever anyone breaches his barriers. He can be rough and unpleasant when sprung upon without notice, especially if he's in the middle of a touchy experiment. He can also be sharp when pushed too far in social situations and is looking for a way out, aiming to achieve a socializing distance from everyone with his razor-sharp wit and quick dismissiveness. Thankfully, unless in such circumstances, you're typically interacting with a far more calmer Savvie.

  • BIZARRE - Is this insult Savvie time now. Bizarre, I suppose that is one of the more admirable ways I've heard it referred to. I am a little on the eccentric side, a bit of an acquired taste, with an original perspective. I can be seen as an individual who walks to the beat of my own drum or even has a different outlook on life, but Bizarre, now that's just taking it a little far, don't you think.
    While Savvie is unique. It should be noted he is bizarre as well. In the making, this mad scientist laughs when his experiments blow up. He is the sort who focuses on if he can do something, not should he do it. It'd be a fitting concern to worry about what he is working on as he has very few limitations, very few morals about what he should and shouldn't do. Mad scientist indeed. Thankfully, he has friends working to establish stronger morals to ground him with.

  • HARSH - I . . . no, I'll give you this one. I'll openly admit to being difficult at times, although I try to keep the depth of this well hidden. I have a no-nonsense attitude, especially around my workspace - and I am usually always working. This, mixed with my rather blunt personality, can mesh into being a harsh, unforgiving individual, but this is only when you're bothering me. So just don't talk to me, and you won't have to experience it. Win-Win, right?
    While he is abrasive as a default distancing mechanism when it's needed, this stallion can also be harsh. He was raised on short words, so he doesn't really know any other default. It wasn't until he began studying alchemy under master Flamel that he began to experience some more positive emotions. Thus much of his behaviors towards others are on the negative side, as once more, he believes that if you already expect the worse, you'll never be disappointed. More importantly, he notices that it gets the job done, especially if he startles others with it. Thankfully, the periods you see the harshness come out are rare, and typically when someone has forced their hoof into a place, it shouldn't be. When the smoke clears, if you look closely, you may notice that harshness was used to startle some out of harm's reach of an explosion or disaster rather than actually hurting them.

  • DARK Oh, are you struggling to find traits? I suppose dark is a true statement regarding my general outlook on life. I wouldn't necessarily say I suffer from depression, but my humor and attitude are dark, so I suppose one could say I'm a legion of the dark side. Personality, I just think having grown up with a harsh sense of reality, and a mentor who wasn't afraid to point out my failures while I was just learning, has adapted my persona to a more negative than others.
    This is one of those, so obvious you hit the nail on the head with it. Everything about Savannah could be considered dark. The errors on the side of wild chaos are not afraid to study questionable material. He's a rather dark and even morbid individual himself and doesn't mind venturing into taboo subjects or forbidden magics. He finds a specific power in that darkness and enjoys the hesitation and distances others give him for it.

  • IRRITABLE - I'm sure we've already covered this throughout the areas. I do not know why you need to point out my flaws so hurtfully. I am easily irritated when bothered and not left alone. But you would be too when you work with such volatile ingredients. One missed step could cause an explosion that could hurt many and waste a lot of my materials and money! Even the idea of such an atrocity occurring upsets me!
    Have we mentioned he's irritable yet? Yes? No? Maybe. Vannah is almost instantly grumpy when he's caught off guard or is initially forced to do something he doesn't want. He's quick to grumble, huff, and make a conniption. And then he'll complain about anything and everything while he's being led to do whatever he doesn't wanna do. The sun? To bright. The night, too dark. The rain, too wet. People, too loud. Everything tends to be greeted with that same annoyance that makes one wonder if he's even happy - if he ever has been.

  • HOT-TEMPERED - Oh, you haven't seen hot-tempered, but I'll confirm this. Yes, I have a bit of a temper on me, but it does take some fueling for me to finally snap. It's just so exhausting having to give someone that much attention. But when I do, I am told I can be pretty scary, as my magic usually aids in displaying my rage. I tend to be more aggressive, harsher, words biting and insulting. But, to be honest, it's also something I don't like to have happened. I always feel guilty when I finally cool off and see what I've done in my fit of rage.
    Beneath it all, there is a pit of fire in Vannah's belly that constantly bubbles with every annoyance. Every unappreciative remark. Every bothersome arrival. Every cruel word he hears. It's a fire that has been building since he was put a colt having to withstand Merlin's distaste and dissatisfaction with him. Now, that fire is a constant maelstrom that takes a lot to explode outward - and when he does blow his top, you better run because it'll make Pompeii look like a controlled burn.

  • SELF-DESTRUCTIVE - Oh. Uhm. Yes. Well. Not everyone is perfect. I guess I have some bad habits that can be seen as destructive against my well-being. I can forget to eat when lost in a topic, sleep, or take care of myself at all. I tend to isolate myself to the point of furthering my social ineptitude. Not necessarily a good thing either. And my determination to believe others cannot aid me makes it that much more challenging to fix. I'm okay though, I prefer it this way.
    Now we are getting into the deep stuff, or maybe the deeper. Yes, this stallion is indeed self-destructive. He keeps others at a distance, purposely alienating them and discouraging their friendship. He sets himself up to be expectant of the worst, to the point where he often forgets what it means to feel joy or hope. He has closed himself off from others, denying himself any sort of familiarity, friends, a companion, a voice of reason, any vast number of supportive structures to learn to lean on. Ultimately, Savvie doesn't care to try and set himself up for success because he only expects disappointment.

  • ANXIOUS - Oh, you're finally commenting on that? Yes, I'm an anxious individual. It's somewhat troublesome, really. Perhaps this should have been included in the Self-Destruction you mentioned? It progressed to avoidant personality, basically meaning I avoid anything with a zealous nature to ensure I do not set off that anxiety. Hence my desire to stay locked away in my workshop where I shan't ever be bothered again. Seems like a reasonable request, does it not?
    Savannah is a very anxious individual, and any sort of unfamiliarity with the world around him can set him off. Unfamiliar faces. Unfamiliar sights. He fears the unknown. He doesn't really like trying new things, is stuck in his old ways and finds comfort from a well-worn schedule. Having to go to a new place. Having to see things change will easily set him off. He's also very anxious about confrontation, meeting others, having them expect something from him, and falling. If he is entering a situation where a lousy ending could happen - he is terrified of it turning out that way, and the anxiety will just grow, and grow, and grow.

  • GLOOMY - Gloomy? How is this negative? I find it rather refreshing compared to the joy, cheer, wistful dreams, and unrealistic positivity others seem to radiate. It's rather exhausting going outside. Do they not understand just how rare it is for all that goodness to happen. Almost makes me sorry for them, but mostly I just want to knock them about the head and introduce them to the shades of grey the world really is, not the sunshine, rainbows, and cupcake world of dreamland they live in.
    Savannah isn't just dark. He's rather gloomy as well. He doesn't take time to have hopes and dreams or laugh and sing songs, dance, or play games. He lives with the idea that tomorrow could be his last day and tends to be rather apathetic about it all. He finds little to laugh or smile about, and when put into an uncomfortable situation, his negativity will enhance the gloominess.

  • RECKLESS - Heh, oh. You've heard about this? Okay. So . . . maybe I tend to throw caution to the wind when it comes to learning. Perhaps I'll mix explosive or erosive compounds to see if they do something neat? Maybe I will purposely ingest a poisonous concoction to see if my tampering with the compound made it non-poisonous. Perhaps I jump headfirst without seeing where my feet land me. Not like anyone would care if I'm gone anyway, right. It's for the name of science and magic; either way.
    As odd as it may sound, this stallion is oddly reckless. He has no real self-concern. He isn't afraid of getting hurt, being in danger, anything along those lines when it is his choice. As such, he tends to rush into challenges and problems. Dives off the cliff without looking at what is waiting below. He eagerly tries new projects and experiments, ignoring the warning of potential explosions. Or dives into a cave rumored to have the element he's looking for desperately, without any concern about what else might be there. His recklessness is heightened by his lack of self-preservation.
  • Interactions

    Savvie can be rather socially inept at times, and as such, his friends may struggle to verify their friendship with him. He doesn't really treat them any different than acquaintances or even strangers. All three tend to receive his sass, strict instructions to 'not touch shit that doesn't belong to them,' and all other mannerisms of a typical hermit with very few social skills. However, it's the unsaid things to take a mind of. When he answers the door, it's a grunt before he steps aside to let you in. When you're asking questions, he gives answers. When you ask him about his work, he will dive into the details for you without being prompted. When you say, 'let's go out,' he grumbles but grabs his cloak. It's unshown trust that should he let you in - you won't turn him aside.

    While definitely not like friends, acquaintances are still given more time of day than a stranger. A stranger approaching Savannah is likely to be ignored when able, so the ol' boy just walks on by and continues his day. An Acquaintance, however, is more likely to get a brisk nod. A question might receive a short, awkward response. But don't overstay your welcome. Or he becomes too flighty, looking for an escape. It is similar to trying to tame a wild fox. A small offering can go long, and let him come to you.

    Close Friends
    Savannah actively avoids making close friends, but you'll start to see more startling changes when you enter this realm of existence. When you come by his house, he'll not even blink an eye beyond a groan and snarky comment if you come right on in. If you hover around his work, he'll quietly work around you, occasionally answering questions. If you get him talking, you'll find it much easier, and you'll become privy to his wicked sense of humor and quick retorts. In short, you see a side of Savannah that would clue you into him being capable of being far more social than he is, even if he's rough around the edges.

    Very few will likely ever reach this level, particularly as Savannah believes that the blood of the covenant is stronger than the water of the womb. He chooses his family, and he's picky about it. However, should you see this side of him, you'll find that he is remarkably adept at the gentle kindness he demonstrates in actions. He doesn't openly show express his affections but watch his mannerisms. It's about actions, not words to him. You'll find small trinkets waiting by your door on random mornings, tailored to your preference, no matter how long it took him to work on it. You'll be invited over to see his new experiment, where he will excitedly tell you how amazing it is that it works. In this stage of a relationship tie, he will actively include you in his life.

    If you should strike the ire of this stallion, you're typically treated much more like a stranger than an enemy, but with a certain air and attitude about the stallion that will have you feeling less than dirt. Somehow he makes a coldness feel like ice while never even giving you a glance. He takes the cold shoulder to a frighteningly successful level.

    Hated Enemies
    However, if you push and push until you break the enemy mold into a hated enemy, you'll discover the secrets of this stallion's temper. Once it was a cold shoulder, you'll find that coldness was reasonably thin, obscuring a cauldron of fire and poison waiting for you to provoke it. This stallion is a formidable foe - and you've walked right into the metaphorical battle arena. And with how clever he is, there's no telling when he will strike.


    01. the basics

    full name: Savannah Desmond Derynn
    nickname: Savvie, Sav, but I prefer Vannah if you must know.
    Age: Eight & A Half
    date of birth: Summer, 499
    hometown: Camelot
    occupation: blacksmith [enchanter]
    financial status: unknown

    02. the family

    mother, Lady Alexia Marie Derynn (nee Rosex)
    father, Lord Desmond Arthur Derynn

    Master(s): Myrddin Emrys, later introduced to Nicholas Flamel to further craft
    Apprentices(s): ----
    other family:


    sexual orientation: demisexual/androsexual
    relationship status: Uh. Single. Just. Single. Forever. Single.
    current partner: None.
    past partners:

    Well, there was a stable boy when I was much, much younger, and it was brief.

    03. the beginning

    His Birth

    Lady Alexia and her husband Lord Desmond were an arranged marriage brought by their parents. Alexia Rosex was a lovely mare, the daughter of a well-off merchant who wanted something bigger, grander, for his daughter. The young heir to the local Lordship, Desmond Derynn, was an up and comer. Their parents had spoken together, discussing the arranged marriage with the intention of uniting their families. With the Derynn money and power, the Rosex merchant family would gain access to better fleets and thus be able to expand their business much further, providing a cut back to Derynn in return.

    As the two young individuals were in the process of courting and getting to know one another, they knew what would be expected. By luck, Desmond would find Alexia lovely, with a mind he could speak with quickly. Alexia, in turn, was fond of Desmond's charm and quick wit, and their marriage started off with a close friendship between the two that would blossom into a love unrivaled by the time they were a year into their marriage.

    They had begun talking about foals at this point, as Desmond would need an heir to bring into the family, either way. And so, after careful consideration, they began to make plans. It would be almost another year and a half before the Derynn's welcomed their new son into the world, Savannah Desmond Derynn. Despite being a newborn, the couple were pleased to discover their child was a quiet sort, easy to appease, and willing to just follow his parents around.

    By His Mother's Side

    Savannah had a tendency to stay closer to his mother than his father. While he loved them both dearly, his mother would often sing to him as she worked on a knitting project or was embroidering one of his father's uniforms. And most importantly, his mother had a knack for household charms and spells. Unknown to the family, this tiny colt was blessed with mage sight, and he would lay down at his mother's side for hours, watching the magic glitter as it was woven into the projects his mother was working on.

    It was his first touch of magic, and the way it was shined and hummed with power; it was just as beautiful of a melody as his mother's own soft singing. And so those first few weeks, he would watch in quiet awe as his mother worked, before he would finally utter the question that would change his life forever when he was a single-month-old, Mother, how do you make the air sparkle when you sew?

    His mother had blinked, startled before looking down at the small child and then noticing his eyes' slight sparkle. She was silent for a long moment before rising to her hooves with a gentle, reassuring smile, Come along, Vannah; let's explain this in your father's study. He might have some better answers than I.

    Savannah had eagerly climbed to his hooves, knowing he wasn't permitted to go into his father's study! And now, he would learn about the sparkling air and see into the study. His mother led the way, and despite Desmond's outrage about the tiny foal coming in, the colt had frozen at the door, his eyes dancing all across the room, awe on his face.

    He halted his father's angry reaction by a straightforward statement, The air is even more sparkly here than when Mother works! Both parents were staring at him now and blinked owlishly at them before pouting, Mother, you said you'd explain why the air sparkles." He reminded when neither parent looked eager to explain.

    What followed was a lengthy two-hour discussion on the implication of magics, and with a son able to see it, both parents wondered what that would mean for his future. His mother could do household spells, but little else. His father could work magic already embedded in items but had none of his own to craft. Despite having mage sight, neither expected their son to hold any actual power.

    How wrong they would be.

    Displaying Talents

    The first clue their child might be unique came just two months later when he accidentally got himself lost in a dark hallway that hadn't been used in years. His parents had searched for hours, long after his crying had ceased. Neither expected to find him calmly laying down in the middle of the deserted hallway, watching as small spheres of light danced around him.

    He had smiled so beautifully up at his parents at that moment, his eyes wide with wonder, It's okay, Mother, Father. I made my own light. I'm not scared anymore. Neither parent knew how to handle this new discovery. Instead, they watched the tiny colt direct his twirling balls of light into a playful dance above their heads. The two exchanged a look, determined to further discuss this when little ears weren't present.

    After this, more and more odd moments crept up. During an event in which the young colt would be expected to wear a hat, a small cape, the caps would mysteriously burst into flame whenever they touched his annoyed head, even as a breeze from nowhere ruffled the cape that kept growing longer into a full cloak.

    Exasperated, his mother snapped, Savannah, behave. to which both parents were surprised when the colt responded, I don't like the silly hats. They feel itchy anyways. If I have to make them all into ash, so I don't have to wear them, so be it. And the cape looks better this way! I can be mysterious. Like Father.

    The powers were growing as well, as the colt could make items come to him with a single thought or coax the truth (usually of where Mother hid the snacks) from the staff with no more than an empowered look. Worried about letting this power develop without guidance, his parents finally reached out to the Mage of King Arthur's courts.

    Meeting Myrrdin

    Myrrdin was a powerful individual; even Young Savannah could see this. The small colt was frozen in awe as he stood in the center of the three adults: His parents and the wise mage. However, Myrrdin himself was hard to read. His muzzle was set into a stoic expression that had the young colt wondering if he'd done something displeasing already. And you say this scrap of a child has produced all of those unexplained events? Even his tone suggested that he was unimpressed. His parents were quick to defend whatever these abilities of his were.

    Myrrdin looked back at the colt before speaking again, Leave us. I will return him this afternoon with my verdict on whether his skills are worthy of being mentored. Vannah watched nervously as his parents left before turning back towards the wizard as he began to pace, Well, boy, what should I do with you then?

    What followed was hours of questioning. Being told to try to make things and other demands left the colt frazzled, and most certainly, he was failing and would disappoint his parents. The majority of the requests fizzled out after a second of the lackluster show, and he found himself struggling to answer these 'basic questions,' and not once did Myrrdin look pleased with him.

    A dejected colt followed the wizard home to the manor. Ears back and sure he would disappoint his parents. Their own faces fell when they saw him until Myrrdin surprised them all, I had him attempting high-level magic all morning. His stamina needs work, but he shouldn't have been able to produce any results at his age. I had intended to dumb it down to see his proper range. But while the magic disbanded quickly, he still had reactions. I expect him packed and moved into the castle in a Fortnite. I will send a note tomorrow with what he will require for his Apprenticeship, and in five days, I'll have a contract drawn up. His wise gaze turned to Vannah now, I trust you will not disappoint me. Vannah felt that sentence was meant to be reassuring, but all Vannah felt was worry and a sense of warning.

    His Apprenticeship [4m-1yr]

    Savannah was just a scrap of a colt, barely past his four-month-old milestone when he moved into the castle. His parents promised to visit him every weekend, and they'd make arrangements for more extended visits on his birthdays and holidays. The tiny foal was eager to try magic, and while the idea of being away from his parents was terrifying, especially so young, the knowledge they would make time for him eased the sorrows.

    He would have no idea his master was already planning to block those visits. Merlin was determined to see this tiny colt grow into a wise and robust wizard who wouldn't have to rely on others to show his prowess and knew with one look that the parents would have coddled the boy and turned him into a weak creature not worth his weight in dung. So, he was already blocking passages, as was his power as the boy's new master.

    It was an archaic situation, but Merlin felt it was necessary to see the boy prosper in the long run. But it made those first eight months of his Apprenticeship hard as he was forbidden to see his family. His parents would still send him letters, tell him of happenings around their estate. But that meant little to a colt who was shouted at the day in and day out for messing up a spell or saying an incantation wrong.

    Savannah grew up quickly in that first year, slowly he stopped replying to his parents, and they stopped sending letters to him. Gradually he learned to stop asking his master questions and instead spent twice as long on a project to figure it out himself. Slowly, he began to see himself making leaps and bounds in the magic avenue, but he was starting to lose his own spark, joy, and happiness.

    His Apprenticeship [1-2yr]

    On his birthday, the colt hardly noticed he'd aged up, other than to receive a quiz from his master. So focused on the examination that was the requirement to reaching the next level of study material, the day passed, and it wouldn't be until the following day that he realized that his birthday had come and gone without mention. No cake. No presents. Nothing from his parents. Nothing from his master.

    A week later, he would receive a new patch for his apprentice robes that marked him as a rank higher in the realm of magicians. No longer a mere "Novice Trainee," but now a "Trainee." The upgrade came with minor special privileges beyond new material to study. He still wasn't technically allowed to practice on his own. He still wasn't allowed to learn new material on his own. He was still supposed to be constantly under his master's demonstration.

    However, his master had no time for him, and so began another year of being given an assignment and told to work on it and only bring it back when he figured it out. Spells for household cleaning. Incantations to solve minor fixes. Little things taught to most fillies with a slight talent level in the fields. But, still, the colt pressed on. He learned to throw himself into the learning, trying to pick up the most minor bits of magic as quickly as possible, to prove to his teacher he was worth the instruction and attention.

    Savannah slept less, ate less, took meals in the library, naps in the library, eager to pass to the next level of "Junior Trainee" before his next birthday, hoping to turn a year of learning into months that his master might praise him. He might show him an amount of pride that he was his apprentice. Four months later, the quiz was passed, and all Savannah got was a new pile of books and a scrap of paper scribbled with what to learn next.

    Savannah threw himself at these studies as well, and by the time he reached his next birthday, he'd have advanced to "Senior Trainee" and would be almost ready to take the quiz that would advance him to "Novice Apprentice."

    His Apprenticeship [2-3yr]

    His second birthday passed the same as his first. No presents. No cake. No well wishes. If not for his robes needing to be hemmed, he wouldn't have even noticed that time was passing. He was given his following examination, however, but unlike the previous ones . . . Savannah had failed this one due to a lesson his master had overlooked, a single book his master hadn't noticed he'd not given him. Naturally, Merlin had screamed at Savannah for being so incompetent, making the young stallion terrified of ever screwing up again. To feel the amount of shame, to hear the threats of kicking him out, breaking the Apprenticeship.

    A book and a note appeared on his nightstand when he woke the next day. A single book on runes and a message telling him to learn them by heart if he wanted to prove he wanted the Apprenticeship. Savannah was terrified to lose this, especially since he had no contact from his parents for almost a year and a half. So he threw himself into the lessons, staying up for days on end, refusing to let himself risk losing the only thing he had left - Magic. Never mind, he was the fastest moving apprentice, and that Merlin himself was receiving all kinds of praise for the brilliant apprentice who seemed to have no bounds.

    By the time he was two and a half, Savannah's grasps on runes were so advanced, he aced the quiz as if it was a joke, and the test-givers had been in awe at the knowledge the young stallion had given them. When they'd quizzed him further, giving him a sack of runes and asking for him to demonstrate diving with runes (a lesson that wasn't usually taught until an Apprentice was a "Senior Apprentice" rank), Vannah had left them slackjawed at his prowess and knowledge at the amount he knew for each rune that was drawn concerning the questions he was asked to divine answers for.

    He passed, receiving his "Trainee Apprentice" badge, and his robes were changed from the Trainee White to the Apprentice blue. The following day he awoke to a new set of books, training instructions, and mediocre notes on what to study. No congratulations. No job well done. Just business as usual.

    His Apprenticeship [3-4yr]

    When Savannah turned three, he stopped expecting anything from his master. But things finally changed when he passed the quiz at three and a half and received his "Junior Apprentice" badge. Merlin was now expecting him to spend three days a week with him, working under him as an actual apprentice. Savannah was excited, hopeful that this was a new start, a new beginning, eager for everything he would learn.

    He showed up that first Monday, his mane in order, his robes neat, and he was excited for his first day of actual lessons. Merlin had paused at seeing him so early before passing him a list. Wondering if he was fetching ingredients, the stallion looked down, only to feel his hopes and dreams shatter at what looked to be a cleaning list. "Sweep the office. Water the plants. Gather the mail. Clean the storeroom." The list went on and on.

    The first three months were like that, the stallion learning nothing, except cleaning the different areas, but slowly more items were added to his daily lists, things that made him almost feel like a real apprentice (years later, he would realize this was his master's way of making sure he knew his way around the areas they worked in). He'd chop, package, label, and shelve ingredients. He'd fetch assignments and requests for his master. He'd gather the asked for items. He'd bottle finished potions.

    Slowly, time would move forward, and he would learn the small workings of how to start an experiment and how to end an experiment. He had no way of knowing that while all of this had been going on, his master was in discussions with another, spelling out praises of a young pupil who had a vast talent for magic and an eagerness to try everything. And that those missives were to garner the attention of an individual in hopes of gaining new opportunities to an apprentice who would one day have the world at his hooves.

    Introduction to Flamel

    It was a random morning, a few weeks before his fourth birthday, that Merlin came storming into his room, telling him to gather his bags for a week-long trip, and leaving in a huff. Unsure of what was going on, the stallion was quick to obey, tying his mane and tailback for travel, packing up his bags with his current study materials, projects, runes, scrolls, and abundance of other items, and throwing on his Apprentice robes.

    It was two days of traveling to get where they were going, but Savannah soon forgot about his exhaustion when he was introduced to the reason for their visit. Nicholas Flamel, the most famous of alchemists, stood before him. His golden hide shone like the gold his rumored stone could create. Ivory locks curling around his features. To the young four-year-old, he would feel like he had arrived before a god. Years later, he would joke that his first crush had been on his handsome alchemy master.

    Those few days were spent in rigorous testing and training to see if he had the aptitude for such a specialized and rare craft. In those days, he would astound both masters as the stallion picked up the skill faster than either had expected. It would be years before they realized just how much he would excel in the field.

    His Apprenticeship [4-4.5yr]

    When the week was over, Savannah was expecting to have to say goodbye to the kind master who only ever had praises to offer, but was startled when he was told that the goodbye was temporary, and once Flamel's projects were completed, he would be joining the master and apprentice in King Arthur's castle to continue Savannah's learning.

    In the six months to pass, the stallion eagerly dived into the assignments sent by mail, the books and handwritten diaries and journals that Flamel forwarded to him. His own notes became scribbled with thoughts and ideas. Ideas of inscribing runes on machinery to power them. Of utilizing alchemy to turn pieces into something else to further the power, further the abilities.

    In those six months, on his own, he made more progress than in all the time he'd been working with Flamel, and when Flamel finally came to the castle, he was shocked to see just what the stallion was working on in his own time.

    His Apprenticeship [4.5-6yr] He had been called into the office with Masters Merlin and Flamel waiting on him, told to bring the project that he'd been working under by Flamel's instruction. A simple scheme of turning a piece of rock into a different mineral. Neither master knew what to do by the tiny butterfly set beside him. The little item was made out of a series of golden plates, wires, brackets, and so much more, with runes carved delicately onto each piece, making sure everything would align. What is this? Flamel had asked, perplexed.

    The stallion was staring at his feet before he began to explain, I took the rock you sent me, and I shattered it, before turning each piece into a different component, putting it together to make a moving butterfly. But I couldn't figure out how to make it move, so I had to experiment with runes, and when they didn't do anything, I remembered they needed to be activated. So when I empowered them, they worked for a little bit, but not long enough. . . . So, I took a gem I bought, a small one, and inscribed it with runes for 'power,' 'heat' and 'propulsion.' And well. The stallion wove the magic in the air as both masters listened before the rune on the head of the small mechanical butterfly began to heat up. The rest of the runes started to light up before the entire machine began to hum. Slowly, the butterfly came to life before their eyes, emitting steam escaping from the enchanted gem, pushing through the systems, and causing the joints of the wings to move, aided by propulsion to give it an airlift. Neither master knew what to say as that little butterfly began to fly around their heads, and the young stallion laughed in delight. What could they say to something they were seeing for the first time.

    In the years to follow, the stallion split his weeks with Flamel and Merlin, covering all sorts of ancient arts and climbing the Apprenticeship ranks. Until finally, he was a "Senior Advanced Apprentice," And it was time to start a project that would be presented before a board of masters to gain his own Mastery. The stallion spent months researching, studying, and choosing what he wanted to do, keeping his masters in the dark, wanting to prove to anyone who asked, he could do it himself.

    The Project

    Most importantly, he wanted a project that no one would have ever done before. And with his knowledge in combing magic, machine, and alchemy, at this point, he knew what he wanted. He wanted to create a portal that would connect to locations and provide instant transportation. So he got to work, looking up all kinds of runes, known and ancient for transportation, location, power, coordinates, and everything. Learning what metal would hold up the best under the intense magic that would be required for a doorway, and above all, designing a machine that would wrap around the portal, contain it, as well as be able to be turned off and on by someone who didn't have any magic, while still safeguarded to have a way to make sure whoever turned it on was authorized to do so.

    The Portal

    The stallion would complete this project three months before turning seven years old and before a council of skeptical masters he had met a few weeks before. He explained what he was doing, that the portal had no return and thus would be kept open from this side throughout the length of his demonstration, and he would enter it and exit it first to prove it was safe. He explained it all, while nervously refusing to look them in the eyes, uncomfortable with the large number of eyes on him when he'd grown up in isolation (beyond the occasional rump with a handsome stable boy, or his master's guidance in the office, he'd grown up without friends).

    As he turned it on, it made a series of whirring noises, steam exiting a series of different gadgets as the machine whirled to life, and slowly extended out arms that created half circles above a raised platform. Hitting a second button, a spark of light came from the line of runes inscribed in the center of the platform, and from the ground up, a wall of magic began to appear, stabilizing, before finally humming with a soft purple glow that washed over the room of stunned masters.

    Savannah shyly climbed the steps before explaining he would step through and be back shortly to demonstrate the machine's safety, silently praying it worked the way it had previously when he'd tested it with small animals. It would be the first time it would carry a person. Unfortunately, where it likely would have been fine for some of the masters to go through, the extra magic of the more talented masters would have caused minor issues. However, the extreme levels of Savannah's magic would short circuit the machine that was not designed to take in that much magic. And as he stepped through it, a magic discharge would emit from the engine, sealing him beyond the portal and the reach of his worried masters.

    04. Recent History

    Waking Up

    The force of the magical discharge also extended out the other side of the portal, forcing the stallion out of the portal and knocking him out in the process. As he slowly woke up, he would find himself in a whole different world, where nothing was familiar, and the first individuals he asked had never heard of Camelot, King Arthur's Court, and those who did, believed Merlin and Flamel and Camelot to be nothing more than myths. Savannah had used a portal to cross universes, to his astonishment . . . but, he had no way back.

    A Year of Travel [7-8yr]

    Savannah would spend a year traveling, getting to understand this new land, and for the most part, avoiding those who didn't sparkle like he remembered. Magic seemed to be in limited supply. He would find inns to sleep in but avoided others to the best of his ability, his anxiety growing the longer he couldn't find anything familiar or a way back home. It would be two months after his arrival that a near panic attack at another individual saying they had no idea where he came from, the names meant nothing to him, that he would meet his saving grace.

    She was a bright little fae, relatively younger than he, who had seemed to see past his awkwardness and had set him down to help him calm down through the worst of the panic attack. She got the situation out from him, a wayward portal, how it blew up, and how he was stuck. Despite his awkwardness, and constant attempts to chase her away, she refused to go far, slowly building up his confidence, as well as their friendship, until five months later she had to leave again, and he quietly passed her one of his mechanical steam butterflies to remember him by.

    He continued to travel alone for the months to follow, finding no clues in any books or libraries he came across. No legends could point him toward where he could go to find Camelot. Nothing. Until finally, a month before he would turn eight, he made a breakthrough. A simple poem was written in a language no one could decipher and that he had learned in his time under Merlin's tutelage that he had a location. Thinking he finally had a way home, he ran to the site given, only to stare in horror at a ruined but familiar castle that looked to have been met with defeat thousands of years ago. He ran towards where he'd given his presentation but found nothing, not even the remnants of his project, proof this wasn't just a trip through time, but through space, when his old room held no mention of him, nor did anything in Merlin's notes. He hadn't ever existed here.

    Words of Novus The month he had left before his birthday was spent in a silent, emotional deadness. His last hope for a way home had disappeared with the sight of the castle. What had supposed to have been a distance portal had been something so much different. If time had been a factor, he might have been able to get back. But dimensionally? He knew the likelihood of keying in the right dimension was minuscule. He was truly trapped.

    He was trapped in a world with limited magic, where his own abilities were astronomical. And then he heard the whispers of a place where magic was breathed by many. A place called Novus.

    His Arrival [8-8.5yr]

    The stallion traveled for almost three months before he would finally come across a distant shore. A sea away from the fabled land. Gathering everything he needed and paying for the passage that would bring him as close to the land as possible, he began a one-month journey across the waters, making landfall at an island where there were rumors of some of Novus folks would sail to. Luckily, one such individual was in, and after exchanging gems for an odd coin, the alchemist was finally paying for his final passage.

    His first step of the ship had him stopping, his eyes sparkling with the glow of his mage sight as he slowly looked around at how the entire world sparkled with magic. Many nearby citizens seemed to move with their own magic shimmering over them like a cloak, just like his masters used to shimmer with their own vast amount of magic. It wasn't Camelot, thriving with magic and promise, but . . . as Savannah made his way forward, he thought it could be a home.

    Active & Parvus Magic


    01. the parvus

    Type: Mage Sight

    Savannah has been granted the ability to 'see' magic. As a foal, he was enchanted by the 'sparkly air' around the objects his mother enchanted, or the magical artifacts around his father's office. Even extremely magical individuals appear to sparkle, and he once was heard commenting that Merlin glittered like a diamond to him. However, he is unable to see his own magic. This talent is now largely ignored, as he's become used to working with and around magic, and tends to not think too much about it prior to leaving Camelot, and his homeworld. Now that he is in Novus, he's a little startled at how the sparkles change here, and how it seems like the very natural world has bits of magic in it.

    02. the magic, basics

    Type: Mage
    Current Level: Tier One

    Savannah's magic is all about the effects of being a mage, and the abilities that come with it. Commonly referred to as 'Wizardry' his magic explores the different avenues of enchanting, potion making, alchemy, spells and the likes. His talent and comprehension even prior to his magic achieving proper levels with the change this new world has worked into it, would see him receiving all Os on a N.E.W.T. (not that he would be aware of that reference). But while he has a vast amount of knowledge on these levels, much of that knowledge is no longer relevant.

    03. the magic, tiers


    At this very first, basic tier, Savannah is alarmed by the drop in power and stamina. Where before he could bend magic beneath his will, he now finds it extremely taxing to do more than one or two quick spells a day, and they truly are 'quick spells'. His magic is limited to small simple things. A quick incantation to clean up a small spill, or repair a crack in a teacup, or to activate a transcribed rune (he was horrified to find that an array of fifteen runes could easily take 10 or more days to finish, rather than a brief five minutes he was used to). He considers this level to be 'near powerless.'

    Spells And Runes
    Vis porta - seals a doorway, noted it does not work well, and tends to merely close the door rather than actually sealing it, much to his chagrin.
    Ad mende - mends a broken a broken object, will not work on horribly broken items - limits tend to be around 'repairing cracks'. He was dismayed when a dish shattered on the floor and no amount of shouting ad mende did more than make the pieces wobble.
    Mundare - cleans up a messz, unfortunately limited to small messes: a knocked over glass. ash that has fallen out of the hearth. When the tub overflooded one evening, Savannah stalked out of his home, we could not clean up that mess

    Most spells are mediocre household spells, cleaning, repairing, sending the dishes to wash themselves (he has to supervise this one, or spell turns itself off in an odd sense of laziness on the spell's part. Savannah is not sure how a spell is lazy, but the dish-washing-spell is lazy.).

    Runes Limitations
    Singular Task, 1 to 2 word limitation with emphasis on Intention - runes are activated through chaos sigils and runes, and must be focused on a singular task (ex. lock, see, protect, lighten, durability, but cannot be lock AND see. protect AND durable). Incantation to activate is limited to one or two words, and must require perfect intention to be utilized, or the activation is likely to scew.

    Advanced Wizardy

    While it may be referred to as 'advanced' wizardry, as he is able to cast more powerful magic, a locking spell on his door, or a barrier spell to keep someone from stepping to close to him, he has discovered these larger spells appear to have a time limit! In just a few hours the dissolve into nothing. Sure, he can cast more of the smaller spells at a time now, can enchant two or three runes in one go. But where is that important when you compare to the fact he can't keep his own door magically locked for more than four hours! He is having to learn to experiment more with runes at this level, is forced to combine them to try to form rune chains that when actived will produce the same affects as the spells that only last a few hours, just to try and keep his comfort levels intact. All in all, he considers this level to be 'barely worth it.'

    Spells And Runes
    Vis porta - seals a doorway, noted it does not work well, while the door may now seal and lock, it is sealed by non magical means (hence the lock aspect) and enough pushing and prodding will have the spell break and the lock unclick on the door handle.
    Ad mende - mends a broken a broken object, will not work on horribly broken items - He can now repair broken plates, or cups, even fix a scratch in wood to metal, or mend the crack of a window. Broken furniture remains broken. Messed up projects remain messed up and will not mend to original state.
    Mundare - cleans up a mess, and has improved to help clear up debris (smoke in the air, soot around the workstation) for explositions, as well as tidy a room (after three or four incantations in a row).
    Custodire - rarely used, this is a protection spell that will encase a would be victim in a clear ball of energy that can help shield them from danger. Tends to collapse quickly under pressure (Savannah will typically place himself between the individual and the dangerous prior to collapse)

    At this state, his spells are still geared towards household convenience, but with some extra layers for safety and clean up when it comes to accidents in his lab. Where once his power was vast, his shift has been largely to runes, and he's noticed that in how his spells seem to be a much smaller margin than his rune cast abilities.

    Runes Limitations
    Two Unrelated Tasks, or Three Related Tasks, 1 to 5 word limitation with emphasis on Intention - runes are activated through chaos sigils and runes, and must be focused on either dual unrelated tasks (such as protect and durable. see and lock) or three related tasks (such as mend, clean and scent). Typically activated with 1 to 5 words, depending on the chain being activated, and require clear focus on intention. With multiple commands being issued together, a lot of recoil may happen through experimentation of what commands can be cued together and what cannot (Light & Spark generates epic explosions, rather than lighting a fire with a spark.)


    At this level, you are likely to discover that Savannah is the happiest with his magic thus far. Not because his magic is at 3/4ths of his 'powerful' level once more - but because of what he gains the ability to utilize at this point. But first, the updates. Savannah's spells now last a lot longer, many of them able to be kept up for up to 36 hours consecutively (for two to three spells at a time), or 74 hours for just one spell used. He is also back to where he was prior, able to activate a large number of runes - now up to 8 at a time, with just small bursts of magic. But, the truly exciting part for him, is once more, he can force his magic onto items, can change their chemistry and appearance, truly he can once more call himself an alchemist. While this ability is still fairly limited, too much at once is met with notable resistance from the object, and extreme wear on his body, he dubs this level to be 'Mediocre at best.'

    Spells And Runes
    Vis porta - Seals a doorway magically, at this point he may be able to successfully keep others out of his room. Can only be activated on one doorway at a time.
    Ad mende - mends a broken a broken object, will now work on most items: furniture, clothes, etc. Anything requiring manufacturing with high resistant materials (rock, stone, etc) cannot be repaired.
    Mundare - Cleans up most messes up to a full room worth of mess and filth. Will organize misplaced items, clean clothing, and knock dirt out of rugs. A window must be open so dirt and muck has a place to be sent to.
    Custodire - rarely used, this is a protection spell that will encase a would be victim in a clear ball of energy that can help shield them from danger. Tends to collapse quickly under pressure (Savannah will typically place himself between the individual and the dangerous prior to collapse)

    Ut erecti - this handy spell acts as an alert system, and will let of a chime when certain conditions have been met - Typically used on cauldrons to know when it's reached the right temperature, or when it has been set to boil for long enough.
    Ad imperium - one of the more time consuming spells to cast, as it must be repeated while carefully imagining the process attempting to be enchanted, Savannah uses the 'control' charm, to charm cauldrons to stir themselves, and regulate their own temperatures, particularly when he is multi-tasking. He will also charm knives to cut the ingredients for him, or for items to screw themselves together, to free up his attention.

    Many of his spells now have a much larger reach, and are able to be useful in assisting while he's mixing up the alchemy items needed for enchanting his projects and creations

    Runes Limitations
    Chains of up to 8 runes can be activated at a time, with emphasis on Intention - runes are activated through chaos sigils and runes, and can now be utilized in chains. Special care and intention must be utilized to ensure the chains will work together properly, and in the right order (now point in having something heat, if it hasn't already had a means of heating activated). Savannah's struggle at this point will be ensuring that his runes are in the proper order.


    At this level, the stallion seems to have a noticeable weight of power about him. You can practically feel the magic wafting off his body if he doesn't control his aura. His spells only break down when he allows them to. His ability to enchant and utilize runes seems to know no limits, and even his alchemy progresses smoothly. At this level, he can finally begin to truly feel like he's accomplished his goal once more, to be the best, to prove to others (even they do not exist here), that there is no limit to his ability. Philosopher Stone? He can make it? Turn a rock to gold, easy? Cast a powerful obscuring charm so you can't even SEE the entrance to his home? Easy. Yes, at this level, he truly is delighted to call it 'a mastery.'

    Spells And Runes
    Vis porta - Seals a doorway magically, at this point he may be able to successfully keep others out of his room. Can only be unlocked by his own magic.
    Ad mende - mends a broken a broken object, will now work on most items: furniture, clothes, rock, etc, unless they were destroyed by magical means. Magic cannot fix magic.
    Mundare - Cleans up most messes up to a full room worth of mess and filth. Will organize misplaced items, clean clothing, and knock dirt out of rugs. A window must be open so dirt and muck has a place to be sent to.
    Custodire - rarely used, this is a protection spell that will encase a would be victim in a clear ball of energy that can help shield them from danger. Tends to collapse quickly under pressure (Savannah will typically place himself between the individual and the dangerous prior to collapse)

    Ut erecti - this handy spell acts as an alert system, and will let of a chime when certain conditions have been met - Typically used on cauldrons to know when it's reached the right temperature, or when it has been set to boil for long enough.
    Ad imperium - one of the more time consuming spells to cast, as it must be repeated while carefully imagining the process attempting to be enchanted, Savannah uses the 'control' charm, to charm cauldrons to stir themselves, and regulate their own temperatures, particularly when he is multi-tasking. He will also charm knives to cut the ingredients for him, or for items to screw themselves together, to free up his attention.

    Many of his spells now have a much larger reach, and are able to be useful in assisting while he's mixing up the alchemy items needed for enchanting his projects and creations

    Runes Limitations
    Chains of up to 20 runes can be activated at a time, with emphasis on Intention, with stability. Longer rune chains can be made and activated, but lose integrity of 5% per extra rune. - runes are activated through chaos sigils and runes, and can now be utilized in chains. Special care and intention must be utilized to ensure the chains will work together properly, and in the right order (now point in having something heat, if it hasn't already had a means of heating activated). Savannah's struggle at this point will be ensuring that his runes are in the proper order. Adding additional runes beyond the 20 limit is possible, but could potentially result in catastrophic back fire of literal fire.

    Passive Magic

    Bonded & Pets


    01. The Pet

    Type: Peregrine Falcon, "Penelope"

    Penelope is a small falcon that Savannah found with a broken wing as a hatchling - after rescuing her from a fox. After quietly treating her, feeding her, and keeping her safe as she healed, she's ended up rather tame. And once he removed the bandage from her wing, to send her off, she hasn't really gone far since. He now keeps her around as company, often keeping a perch, and window open for her in his shop so she can come and go of her own free will. He won't admit it, but he's glad for her company.

    Armor, Outfit, and Accessories


    01. The Accessories

    Type: Enchanted Cloak [outfit]

    Ah, yes, I figured you'd grow curious. How could you not as it's likely the most obvious aspect to me. I wear an enchanted cloak, as part of my ensemble. It's a dark indigo color, with a twined golden fastener around my neck. It's attached to the edges of my cloak with large golden pendants. Upon my mastery, I was to earn my own seal; but as I never completed it due to my untimely accident with a portal that worked too well, they remain blank. The rope-like fastener is tied in a loose knot at the center of my chest. Very rarely you may see me shift the cloak enough for glimpses of the bag I carry to be seen (or on rare occasions when I wear it over my cloak). It's a long strap that loops around my neck, and over my back, and has deep pockets, perfect for carrying all sorts of runes, writing utensils, ink bottles, scrolls, parchment, and whatever books I am likely studying from at any given time. While not always visible, it's almost rare to find me without the bag, then with the hood of my cloak down.

    Now, about the enchantments on my Cloak, as I am sure you're wondering. They were done prior to my arrival to this land, and I'm grateful they are intact. The inside is line with a row of golden runes embroidered in, some simple such as 'warmth, waterproof, mending,' as well as some runes to keep my hood and cloak in place, so no one can pull it off, but myself, including the wind. But most importantly are the long rune chains connecting these singular ideas together with the main purpose of the enchantment: This cloak obscures my identity. No one remembers what I look like well. They were simple runes to begin with: Obscure, Cloud, Confuse. Tied together with things such as 'Overlook' and 'Forget' and now . . . I have a wonderful masterpiece that helps me be an unknown entity.

    Type: Casual wear [outfit]

    So you've caught me with out my cloak and you're curious about whats underneath? The easiest thing to notice is the silver bands, at my ankle, my tail, my horns. These bands in my horns connect to some of the many piercings on my ears. All silver like the snake bites on either side of my muzzle, or the two studs at my shoulder and hips.

    I also wear a collection of fabrics. Upon my forelimbs are fishnet stocking covered up by thick leggings with holes missing. That fade through from blue to pink to purple. A sheer sash is draped around my shoulders and over my back and well. In that same colorful array.

    01. The Weapon

    Type: Mage Staff [joining incentive for blacksmith [merchant] -- will claim after he's accepted]

    The Staff is made from elder wood, smooth, and only stands about three feet tall, with a clear Corundum top. The entire staff weighs just under five points, the majority of the weight being from the Corundum mineral top. While originally used in Camelot to be able to channel magic through, it now seems to be for a more basic 'bash and run' use.

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