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Lysandros is made of fire and ash. He is built like the mountains he grew up on, as he should be. He cannot be a child of mountains if he does not bear a resemblance to them. Lysandros stands at an impressive 22 hands tall. Two sets of molten horns protrude from his face. They are made of a boney material, colored in the blackest of blacks. From the horns heat pulses, and the molten liquid falls endlessly from his horns. Upon his right shoulder is a large scar in the shape of an "x." This is the injury he sustained in his past that causes his slight limp.

Around his throat is a ribbon of black, the same black that speckles his pink lips. Upon his right hip is a geometric symbol made of the same molten liquid that pulses inside his horns. The mark is hot like fire and glows at the same intensity as his horns. These molten areas can be seen in his eyes. They tell of the fury in his soul with their swirling reds, oranges, and golds. Lysandros sports light gray legs beneath his blackened knees. His mane and tail are long and fade from the blackest pitch to a gray that is almost like white ash. His hair is wavy and sweeps down his frame like a dark storm that is reluctant to leave his side. His daggers are peach and seem to be one of the few places he is not mostly monochromatic.

Lysandros is a very confident individual. At times it can be completely indiscernible from cocky. He is sure of himself and his abilities and boasts openly to any who will listen. He believes himself to be in the class of the elite, having been spoiled in his homeland. Lysandros doesn't take 'no' very well and is quick to try and take what he wants anyway. He has very few social graces and fits into the stereotypical 'entitled' prince sort of persona. He's arrogant, and often at times when he has no reason to be. Lysandros typically favours the presence of women, and often feels as though he has something to prove to fellow males.

He is quick-tempered, although has much battle prowess and knowledge he likes to flex when before an audience. Lysandros is a mercenary type of individual, and even more eager to perform for others. He typically wants an audience for any fight he finds himself in. He struggles greatly without an audience and almost seems to doubt himself in their absence. Lysandros is not wholly a cocky, sure-fire asshole. There is some gentle nature to him, often reserved for his lovers. Though he is not typically one to stick to one individual for very long. Lysandros is very non-committal.

Lysandros hails from a land that is known to be draped in near-constant twilight. There were four kingdoms, and a few bands were strewn here and there. Lysandros was born into one that valued warriors and violence. Most equines of his homeland had evolved and developed some form of glowing markings. It was a way to distinguish where one's home domain was, as well as a way to combat the persistent twilight. The ability to manipulate the elements came naturally to many, but only certain types. Lysandros' home domain was exceptionally skilled in manipulating molten substances. Whether it was magma or metal, his homeland excelled in this. They were a force to be reckoned with. From a young age, Lysandros was trained to be an ideal soldier, and he was often told he was built for it. The stag took great pride surging ahead of his peers in success. His family was well known in his homeland, and often he had suitors throwing themselves at his feet. Whether it was out of fear or desperation to be close to the 'renowned' bloodlines was uncertain. Lysandros had great successes when battling others, but only while in a group.

He seemed to lose confidence without an audience to perform for. He became a gladiator for his domain and went on to do fairly well. At the age of seven, he retired from his 'career' in battle. Only fighting when it was necessary. Lysandros had received a serious wound on his right side that nearly made it impossible for him to walk. There is still damage to his right shoulder which causes a very subtle limp. Lysandros once had a great love for someone who was as damaged as he was. She saved him, and he was too blind to see that he loved her. His failures with her make him reluctant to look at anyone romantically. Lysandros is often volatile due to this time in his past.

Lysandros left his homeland, as he did so he was lost in a forest that dumped him into a world known as Caeleste. There he spent most of his time drinking or fighting. He dedicated himself to the summer herd Greeshma as a soldier. While in Caeleste he met Etain where the two had a fling which resulted in twins.

Lysandros eventually left Caeleste and then came back again years later. But Caeleste was damaged and monsters ravaged the little world. He was eventually forced to leave again after being nearly buried alive by a mummy. His powers vanished as soon as he set foot in Novus. Lysandros had shed his robes of sadness and looked upon Novus as a chance to start anew once more. He was determined to reclaim his magic and immortality or die trying.

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