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SPECIES: Hybrid - Unipeg

BREED: Arabian X Hanoverian X Dutch Warmblood

COAT: Black Tobiano

MANE: Long and Black

TAIL: Long and Black

EYES: Both eyes are bi-coloured and a mixture of blue and silver

HOOVES: Silver/Black

WINGS: My wings are beautiful and sleek to carry me where I need. Their feathers are a gorgeous combination of black, purple, metallic silver and blue. They normally tend to have a lustrous appearance to them.

MARKINGS: Upon my crown I carry a deadly accurate long twisted black spear. My body is elegantly decorated with metallic silver and blue plates that are actually a part of my skin. They cover my underbelly, tops of my legs, up towards my hips and around my chest. Their general appearance look very similar to shattered glass with the same general properties (shiny, reflective, etc) My two hind legs carry white socks while a long blaze accents my facial features.


Rhea is somewhat of an outcast who tends to keep to herself and avoid the allure of drawing close to another being. At times she can be quite opinionated especially when it comes to her own feelings or those of others. She is not one to back down from a fight but she will not go out of her way to start one. Having been ridiculed most of her life she will not stand back and let others judge her without getting her two cents in. At times she can have a hard time keeping her comments to herself but manages when it is absolutely of importance. She takes time to plan and calculate things before she jumps in to them always aiming to outsmart and beat others at their games. She refuses to think that there are things that she cannot do so she will push herself often past the breaking point to accomplish whatever it is she puts her mind to.

With her history being as traumatic as it was you could classify her as being very guarded. While she is attentive to each and every detail there are none that truly know the truth behind her icy exterior. Letting others in is something that causes her the most pain and something that has never happened so far in her lifetime. Why open herself up to more pain and torture when she can live in her own secluded bubble alone with her inner demons. Time will tell what the future will bring.

  • Sarcastic
  • Opinionated
  • Confident
  • Fearless
  • Intelligent
  • Observative
  • Hot Headed
  • Conservative
  • Broken
  • Overachiever

  • History


    Growing up in a herd that was always on the move Rhea has become very self reliant and capable. Her parents seemed to resent her but cherish her older brother so they never really took the time to guide her as she grew up around them. Instead of raising her themselves they pawned her off on one of the nurse mares so they could spend more time with her brother. She was always used to her brother coming first and hated him for it.

    No matter what she tried she was never good enough to earn the attention or respect from her family that she so much desired. Each moment she spent in the herd the worse it would become as it ate away at her slowly from deep inside her soul. Was she ever going to be good enough? Jealousy and hatred churned through her as she grew eventually shaping her into the cold hearted yet broken figure she resembles today.

    Having finally worked up the courage to leave her traitorous family she set out on her own to discover herself and find a place to make her home if she even deserved one that is..

    The first stop on her journey was a land known by most as Helovia. It was a rather odd place really where nothing ever could be taken for granted. In a way it suited her as it grew to be just as lost and lonely as she was. Her fighting skills grew here as she took on a multitude of strange threats and forsaken souls that crossed her path. She met many inhabitants of this helovian landscape and even took on the challenge of joining one of the herds that thrived there.

    Magic once drifted throughout this land she had come across and despite her odds she had even managed to claim a piece of it for herself. Her ability allowed to freeze objects to sub-zero temperatures eliciting severe frostbite and/or fragility up to the point of shattering. Although it was limited to objects within 5 meters of herself it still came in handy.

    It was the cold depths of the Aurora Basin that drew her in to call it home for a short number of months before chaos erupted throughout the land. Things were changing and it was then she realized that she had some how lulled her thoughts into complacency, she did not belong here with others. Nothing had changed in this world, she was still alone and could only ever depend on herself. Unfurling her vast wingspan she took to the skies to free herself of this place and all those who called it home. Her destination was yet to be discovered but where she would land is still in question.

    Active & Parvus Magic

    Passive Magic

    Bonded & Pets

    Armor, Outfit, and Accessories



  • Small blue goldstone crystal pendant woven into her mane using a thin black leather cord Shape/Colour Ref
  • Black leather sheath that attaches her steel blade to the inside of her hind leg


  • Unique curved ice like steel blade of 12 inches with its hilt covered with thick leather binding Blade Reference

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