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Midnight silken flesh scattered with rough rock faces, ruining its smooth texture. Icy blue cold eyes starkly sparkle against the void of colour. Regal roman nose accentuating a long masculine face. Tail cropped short as practical and mane tied into small buns, fixed with ties. Naturally blending into the shadows, provided a shadow was wide enough to conceal his form. Standing 23hands he is taller than most. This massive form does not allow for agility, each movement must be carefully planned. Feathers covering enormous hooves. Enormous with a warlike stance and demeanour, thick and arched neck. His voice is smooth and calculated, filled with confidence and vigor.

Arriving at Novus had somewhat mellowed the raging storm that was within Jarek. He had been impulsive, unpredictable and at times cold in the past. His fierce temper still exists, it's just buried deeper. Waiting for the appropriate time for its utilization.

His personality has warmed, he takes more time in making his decisions and is more acutely aware of how they affect others. He still struggles at times to separate his own wants and desires from those around him. He is determined to do his best to find himself a better future.

The changes to his personality did not however take away his determination to succeed. He still inherently believes he would do well to be elevated to a high position in society. It is his internal drive to do better, to be better. He had seen his father be an incompetant ruler and he will not tolerate being a subject of someone he perceives as undeserving.

His intense personality tends to make him fixate on ensuring that whatever he is doing is done as perfectly as he can manage. This at times can be blinding to other issues.

The societal structure of his tribe growing up was one that did not frown on polygamy so long as all partners could be cared for and supported. It was more common for members in higher society to take multiple partners. Jarek being so inexperienced in romantic relationships has not had to navigate his beliefs about this yet. He would be open to having multiple partners.

He is attracted to femininity and femimine types. Jarek has struggled with relationships with women his entire life, finding it difficult to navigate his relationships with them. This would likely be attributed to losing his mother at such a young age. He would not raise violence towards them, but perceived he did not have much in common with them. Preferring to encourage his company to talk about themselves, often revealing more than what they intended. Deep down there is a seated fear that he was boring, washed out and no longer interesting.

Jarek was born in a dry and inhospitable desert. His very existence eventually drove his mother to her deathbed. She could not sustain feeding the young colt and the strength of her own body. She had managed somehow to nurse him past the stage of needing milk. Jarek’s mother had a fiery and fighting spirit, clearly something he had inherited from her.

His father had searched and searched and eventually found him with the body of his dam. Jarek was blamed for her demise, but he was soon celebrated when he started to grow and flourish with true nutrition. Jarek’s father had been an impatient and incompetent ruler, without his mother to steer them they were soon in financial ruin. Pride made it impossible for his sire to admit the impending crumbling of their society.

The people restless and unsatisfied soon discovered the young colt. He was a small improvement on his father in the sense that he could at least communicate intelligently. He was however still headstrong and irresponsible. He would eventually kill his own father to take the throne, promising a better world of those suffering. Evidently he was quickly in over his head. The people had seen him lounging with several mares, they had seen his explosive temper. This bloodline, they were done with. Jarek was driven and exiled from the city.

It had been all he had ever known. Jarek that night had dreamt of magnificent fires burning the city to the ground. He had heard whispers of olden gods who thirst for chaos and upheaval. They urged him to find somewhere else to rebuild. To create a new tribe based on olden laws and beliefs. That he would be the head of his tribe, that each member would fall into their place beneath him. Afterall the problem was not with Jarek, but with the civilians not appreciating him. He owed it to the world to try again. He owed it to the gods above to fulfill his destiny.

Arrival to novus:

After arriving in Novus Jarek quickly became obsessed with a mare named Torielle. The desert gods he had seen in his dreams and in the fire whispered to him that they were destined to be together, that she was necessary for his success. She was beautiful and this in itself captured Jarek’s attention. Jarek’s forward nature and inappropriate attachment to a woman he didn’t know caused Torielle to be immediately distrustful and understandably wary of Jarek. The height of this occurred during the spring festival where Jarek gave Torielle a gift of a fine white cloth veil and a hand made tomb. Torielle withdrew from his company and they have not since encountered each other again due to the intervention of the prophetic mare the Veil nebula.

Veil was instrumental in convincing Jarek to give up his false gods. She convinced him the path he was on would only lead to destruction and the misery of everyone involved. That his obsession with Torielle was not only inappropriate but not what either of them needed. She taught him about the gods of Novus and set him hopefully on a better path.

Since then Jarek has been trying to find his place in Novus, choosing to join the Day court. The desert environment was welcoming and familiar. It felt like a second chance. An opportunity to do better and become what he had always been destined to be.

Bare in mind this is Jarek's perception of the relationship and the character's listed may disagree or have a different perspective.

Jarek still finds Torielle intriguing but his obsession with her has faded. His feelings now reflect something more of avoidance as he is ashamed of what his previous beliefs were. He doesn’t want to make her feel any worse than he perceives he has done already. First impressions are difficult to change.

The Veil Nebula:
Jarek considers Veil to be a good friend. He trusts her wholly and attributes his recent success and improvements to her intervention. He finds her attractive, and is curious to learn more about her when the opportunity arises and they are not as distracted with his issues!

Jarek finds Fever fun and mysterious. He enjoyed flirting with her and playing their game of interaction. He is wary about her potential but recognises her strength. They have only met twice. The future of this pair is yet to play out fully.

Jarek considers Caelum a good friend and trusts her greatly. She has been a valuable source of information and company.

Jarek has just met Phoebe but he can feel the spark of their contact. He has high hopes for their relationship. Being a fellow soldier he finds her easier to talk to in a more intimate fashion.

Having just met Cordelia on his arrival to the Day court he is not sure what to think of her yet. His first impressions find her warm and motherly.

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