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“Amrod Giauzar ― The Snake Prince”
“Ammy” or “That local dumba**”

● Pale green eyes, snake pupils
● Throat tattoo and leg tattoo
● 18.2HH
● Warmblood build - Holsteiner x Arabian x Marwari x Unknown Warmblood -
● Irregular blaze, white sock on left front leg
● Blue ''sparkles''
● Long straight hair
● Mane is always braided - tri coloured deep brown, silver forelock, blue middle with star/galaxy appearance in blue and silver
● Deep brown and grey tail
● Lots of scars

Amrod appears to be a perfect mixture of his mother and father. He is tall like both parents, even very slightly taller than his father as he stands at 18.2hh, muscular but slim, and well built in proportions. In terms of colouring he takes after Oberon, he is a dark chocolate brown. Amrod bears an irregular blaze that is thicker at the base by his nose and quite slim throughout the rest. It breaks apart just below his eyes ever so slightly. On his left front leg, he has a white sock marking. His cheeks, neck, shoulders and all four legs bear blue space markings like his mother and sister. Amrod's eyes are a pale green with a snake's pupil. Both his mane and tail are exceptionally long, like his mother Io Kairavi, though they are both straight. His mane is always braided unless otherwise stated. His mane and tail are a deep brown with his tail having streaks of grey running through it. His forelock is a silver colour and a patch of his mane in the middle is blue, both present with a star-like pattern. His tail drags upon the ground like his mothers and at times can often be seen in a bun with a braid running under the bun. The young man is covered in scars as well. Primarily on his chest and shoulders.

While in Caeleste the young man has acquired a few small scars and a large throat tattoo. A large hawk with a rose in its direct center covers his throat.

Somewhere along the way Amrod picked up a second tattoo: a large tattoo swallows his left leg in the design of a green snake weaving its way through red roses, and swallowing up a moon. The tattoo covers both the outside and the inside of his leg.


Wedding band on his right front leg with a tanzanite stone on it and elvish script saying ''Together by starlight''.

Stash Gallery | Moodboard

“Yelling "666" all day,
And I'm probably gon' burn for the shit I say”

As a foal, Amrod is a curious being who has questions for just about everything you can possibly imagine. He takes much after his mother in the ways of kindness and generosity but he is also a bit guarded. As an adult, Amrod will be serious, distant and dripping in sarcasm. He will cool and collected, stubborn, cynical/brooding and somewhat nasty in the way that he is brutally honest but, unlike his mother, doesn't care how he presents the truth. A bit calloused and rough around the edges he'll probably be the first to point out your flaws and tell you how to fix them. Amrod is a deep thinker and a bit of an emotional boy. He cares deeply for his family and friends, willing to do anything it takes for them but he will always weigh out the pros and cons before taking action. Much like his mother, his personality is often contradicting itself at every turn.


Amrod is very much a haunted being, after his kidnapping and torture as a young foal he has changed much. He can be described as a bad boy, a distant guy. He'd probably be that guy smoking a cigarette and leaning on the wall before he starts a bar fight. Amrod is nonchalant about most things, often blowing important things off and willing to fuck with just about anyone for his own amusement. He is a dark being with some depressive moments after the death of so many beings in his short life. In general he is a being who shrugs things off and probably couldn't give two shits about you unless you find some way to get close to him. Amrod suffers nightmares from his time in captivity as well. In his family he is closest to Luthais, his older brother. He is, however, an undyingly loyal being, if you're one to earn it that is. He holds respect for those he believes deserve it and is a fiercely protective man. Should the lives of his family, or their happiness, depend on the sacrifice of his own he would willingly give it up.

UPDATED - 2022

Amrod's sharp and biting sarcasm is no secret; in fact he is well known for it. After becoming a, present, father his edges have softened in unexpected ways; he is loving to his family, gentle with his husband and children in a surprising way. This, however, doesn't exactly bleed into his daily life for others. If anything his tolerance for certain things has lowered, having grown more protective of those dear to him Amrod can easily be described as prickly. He's more likely to lash out with his tongue however in jabs, making a point to single certain traits in others out. The biggest thing about his personality that has never changed, no matter how much one might try to, is his indifference for others. The star splashed man isn't exactly friendly with all, he'll listen to your concerns but will also make it clear that he simply doesn't care. He's not one to follow advice that he doesn't ask for and is known for going against the grain. Despite his general attraction to trouble he's not as quick to jump into drawn out fights as he used to be though if push came he'd most likely still be one of the first to throw a punch. He tries his best to set a good example for his young son and to make up on missing out on the life of his twins. Amrod is still very, very much (predictably) going to do whatever he wants if he can get away with it and still finds an enjoyment in riling others up in an almost dangerous way. Surprisingly enough the chocolate man is indeed religious! Though it's not often shown he still has a deep belief in the deity Sharad from Caeleste and will sometimes pray to them in times of need.

● Loyal
● Sarcastic
● Cocky
● Nonchalant
● Religious
● Indifferent
● Loving
● Paternal
● Aggressive / Protective

“Checklist of flaws like I'm runnin', errands
The only thing I'm good at is upsettin' my parents”

“If you're gonna hit me, hit me harder
Cause you better
knock me out
The first time ”

TW: Amrod's history involves abuse!

Amrod was born with a younger twin sister Luthien in the silence of a summer night. His mother had barely made it back into the lands of Elysium when the once Prince of Crucis made his arrival into the world. He spent many of his early days shadowing his mother, being babysat by his older brother Luthais, or trying to chase after his sister Luthien. The young boy lived a rather secluded life, contained to his mother little grove and herb garden for a good portion of his formative months until his golden mother had nearly died. Amrod, being present at the time, was left shaken in the world alone; his father and siblings having vanished into the wind after his mother had seemingly died. Left with no one but Shanti it's no surprise that he went back to his mothers grove to wait for his family to come back. Except, no one ever did. Amrod wouldn't be able to tell you how long he had stayed in that place, waiting for Luthais, his father, sister, anyone to come home. Though he doesn't talk of it much he does very clearly remember waiting for what felt like eons to a brand new babe.

When no one ever came home Amrod left with Shanti to go and find them, searching for his family he made his way to abandoned corners of the Kingdom where the fresh soul had held his mothers companion while they died. Though he was young he still recalls the feeling of the ghostly owl slipping out of his grasp, turning to dust in the wind, and leaving him with nothing but a small bundle of feathers that he hadn't been quick enough to grab before they too were swept away. When he returned to the grove he only found Etain who he had clung to; recognizing her as one of his mothers closest companions the young boy had clasped at the woman. Desperate to capture any kind of security in his young life though, this too, would soon be ripped from him.

From here it is a slow blur for him, he remembers his brother briefly returning, shortly being cared for by a mare named Arete who had been Queen to another Kingdom, and then suddenly thrown into the world of a third Kingdom. His kidnapping had been a traumatic experience for him in more ways than one; along with the world being ripped out from under him while he tried to adjust Amrod was often tortured. This has been the result in a large number of his scars, in fact nearly all of them are from the years spent in his personal hell. It was in this Kingdom where he would pass by the former Princess Rowan who he had fallen for slowly over time. His first crush, and arguably love, in life though he didn't see her very often.

When Amrod was finally released from his torturous capture he had been quick to find Arete and what was left of those he remembered of his childhood before he left Elysium. In a twisted sort of way the young man had been asking for a ''blessing'' to leave by the last maternal figure he had. When he left his homeland he had hoped that his history, more specifically his trauma, would leave as well but oh, oh how wrong he was.

Entering Caeleste Amrod continued to be plagued by the ghosts of his childhood, tormented in night-terrors that often kept him awake. He was also haunted by a pining for the Princess Rowan, and a desperate want for some semblance of familiarity. In his search of a home, a place to belong, he joined the Kingdom of Sharad where he also found a religion and a reason to pledge himself to a cause. Amrod's brash personality made it easy for him to develop a connection with many and he was quick to blossom under the eye of his Emperor Leonidas who he had come to see as a father figure. Participating in many events Amrod won battles, earning more scars, forging a bond with a phoenix named Lucius, and even his throat tattoo. He created bonds with other Kingdoms through different means, some of them rendezvous's and others more innocent in nature. The chocolate man was eventually rewarded for his hardwork in the Kingdom with the position of Regent, poised to be the heir to Leonidas. At least until he ran into Rowan again who he quickly threw everything away for. Still head-over-heels for the spotted unicorn Amrod followed her to the ends of the earth, into new lands and far away from his responsibilities in Caeleste. Eventually he caught up to her in foreign lands before she, again, slipped away and he returned to Caeleste again. When he returned Amrod developed a Black Market in the lands under the guise of his bar ''Hemlock'' where he ran into his sister Luthien, though she did not recognize him while he recognized her. Despite this the star splashed man never made an effort to reveal himself, never even acknowledging their relationship, and when running into his father he was quick to throw it in his face that Amrod would never be what he wants in a son. And even more, that Amrod simply didn't care if his father wanted a relationship because he had given up on waiting for anyone to find and save him a long time ago. The only family that he has ever consistently searched for has been Luthais, the brother who has always stood back to back with the reckless boy. Though Amrod never found him in Caeleste he had heard whispers once in a while that a man who looked like him was somewhere in the lands, before he could ever go searching for him though he first found Lorcan. In Lorcan the traumatized man found an unlikely connection, an unforeseen lover who would bring him great joys in the future. The two shared a night that would later bring about Elain and Faelan though Amrod would never meet Elain, as Lorcan would vanish from his grasp as well. Eventually, after many ups and downs and with a war brewing around the corner, he left Caeleste.

Somewhere along the way Amrod came to a land called Sovereign where he was briefly reunited with his brother Luthais on a winter night full of emotions. Overcome with the feelings of relief, longing, and even sorrow he spent the night with his brother, recounting all of the things they had missed out on. It was also spent with Amrod making many quips about how he was now taller than his elder brother. Perhaps more importantly it helped him realize something. When he was chasing after the ever elusive Rowan he was chasing after something that could have been, something that was always out of reach. But for a moment he had had something in front of him that he could have truly grasped if Amrod had only reached for it. And so, that was exactly what he was going to do now. The man was going to go find that future and finally grab it.

Luthais was the first one to leave Sovereign and then Amrod followed quickly after though he went in the opposite direction. He traveled through many different lands, always searching and asking about a dark kirin with stars and iron imprinted into his skin. Always looking for a way into Aklos, a way towards Lorcan. Towards what had felt like a home for even just that night. Eventually, after god knows how long, he was rewarded.

Arriving in Aklos via port (of course with Lucius still with him) he had been quick to make his presence known, in his own opinion if he made it known he was now in these lands and searching for Lorcan than surely the kirin would also find him. If he didn't search for him in a happy way than at least he'd find him to shut his loud ass up and for Amrod that was good enough at the time.

As it would turn out, Amrod was right and Lorcan did come to find him and shut him up. The smaller kirin had taken him back to his own home where, unknown to the taller man, Faelan had returned to. He only met his son due to accidentally waking him up when talking to Lorcan, discussing everything that had happened.

As a result of meeting Faelan (and hearing about Elain) the snake-eyed man stuck around, determined to play a role of some kind in his life. Because of this both Amrod and Lorcan were able to, eventually, confront the feelings they both had; resulting in a happy marriage and a third child named Aelfdene. In attempts to be a better man Amrod would follow in his mothers steps for a short time, opening a small apothecary, before the family discussed trying to find the missing Elain. Their first efforts was to send a large Great Dane by the name of Cailerian to find the albino though when neither returned it was decided that they themselves would go looking. Before leaving Aklos Amrod had sent Lucius out to search in other lands for the missing daughter, and within the next few hours the rest of the family left as well.

Amrod now enters Novus with his family in search of Elain.

Active & Parvus Magic

“I'd rather be spitting blood”


Tier one → Discipuli



Weakness 1: Dizziness
Weakness 2: Ear-ringing

Tier Two → Vexillum



Weakness 1: Fatigue
Weakness 2: Irritability

Tier Three → Periti



Weakness 1: Extreme pain in joints
Weakness 2: Small scratches appearing on skin - Will-not require medical attention

Tier Four → Dominus



Weakness 1: Gashes and injuries on skin - Will require medical attention
Weakness 2: Nose-bleeds that are usually ignored - Will-not usually require medical attention

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

“Get up off the ground. Spit your blood, and bare your teeth;
go down a savage, go down fighting.”

A female phoenix of a dark burgundy colour that appears to be nearly black. The fire she gives off is an inky dark purple, black and red. In size Lucius is quite large, appearing to be the size of an extremely large Black Eurasian Eagle Owl. Reaching a height of 4 ft with a wingspan of 8 ft and 7 in she is truly a sight to behold. Despite her dark burgundy, nearly black, colouring her eyes are a bright ruby red and both her beak and talons are a true black colour. In terms of personality Lucius can be rather serious, quite the opposite of Amrod in that where he is quick to answer Lucius is likely to watch others before giving an answer. The phoenix can be quite curious at times, happy to explore the skies. Like Amrod she can be quite sarcastic and uninterested in the lives of random beings. Despite her body being covered in inky coloured flames she doesn't burn others unless she wishes them to. Lucius can often be found flying above Amrod or resting on his croup.

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Wedding band on his right front leg with a tanzanite stone on it and elvish script saying ''Together by starlight''.

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