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This young buck has a lot of growing to do, anyone can tell that as you look at long, spindly legs of a fawn, eager to be bigger and more impressive than even his striking father - and he sure is catching up fast. Already he is nearing his mother's height, at currently 11 hands tall, and he is eager to surpass her. His body is starting to bulk out, but he is still very much in that awkward state of growth, his wings starting to shed baby feathers, now able to do short distances as he learns to fly properly. His horns beginning to irritatingly emerge from his skull, much to his heavy annoyance and dismay, and his spine and back always irritating him as ivy and ferns begin to grow from his hide, alluding to his mother's own natural connection to the earth.

This young fawn has a coat of black that stretches from nose to tail, but paling to a softer gray at his muzzle, throat, jaw, belly, and the backs of his legs. His limbs are capped in ivory up to the knee, where thick bands of neon green wrap around each stocking, a firm break between black and white. His face shows a white blaze between dusky blue eyes, and another band of green wraps around his muzzle, tapering to a point between his eyes. Along his upper face, neck, and sides, small freckles of pale brown are visible, standing out against the expanse of night he is cloaked in.

Upon reaching his majority this buck will lean heavily towards his Irish Elk ancestry - the commonality in his parents breeding, and as such, will surpass both in height, growing to a towering seventeen point two hands (but certainly not meeting the impressive height of a pure bred Irish Elk, and how tall they can grow. His coat will be heavy with greenery, moss patches all over his spine, and neck, and head, and clinging to onyx horns. Ivy streams from his body on thick vines, lush with health, and the ferns that cover his body drape fashionably from his spine. His antlers themselves are massive, far closer to those of an elk than the deer like horns of his parents.

Like any other plant, the plants upon his body change subtly with the seasons, in spring, small flowers bloom along the vines and ferns, so small they're easy to miss in rich, soft pale whites among the emerald. In Summer, the ferns grow out, a little heavier, and along the moss, small mushrooms perk up if the summer has been a particularly wet one. In Fall, poinsettias bloom among the ferns. In winter, the ferns are far more sparse, with the ivy joined with vines of holly, small berries budding among his antlers like a christmas miracle.

Currently this small boy is an eager, and excitable fawn. He eagerly embraces the world and all it has to offer him like a tyke who has been given all the toys to build his own intelligence. The trees whisper secrets to him; and he holds them close, unspoiled; his own silent promises to keep nature as most treasured. And treasured it is; nothing is more precious to this fawn then the world that surrounds him, full of life and nature; and in that nature he finds his purpose and meaning; as he defends it with all he has; the makings of a coming EcoTerrorist of a Tree Hugger; but only if you threaten the natural world he is so fond of.

Beyond all of this, Diesel is an energetic boy who wants to embrace the world, and learn everything there is to learn. He has no bounds to his energy, taking on the world with everything he has (and then some). He is eager, excited; and he takes the world on with everything he has, and a no hesitations attitude that makes him believe that he is untouchable by the world. A fawn with a purpose, a fawn eager to prove himself, and a fawn that is just happy to be alive.

Diesel is the first born of Callynite, Sovereign of Dawn, and her bonded mate, Huehuecoyotl. Treasured fawn that he is, he grew up running at his mother's side, and his father teaching him to fly (even if his wings are part of his natural form, unlike his father's shape shifting magic). But more than anything, he grew up enjoying his time walking through the forest with his mother, watching the way the trees seemed to bend towards her, and the flowers kissed her ankles, how they would whisper to him in soft greetings, and share with the duo the secrets of the earth. Under his mother's tutelage he grew into a young buck, now just barely reaching six months old, the start of his horns coming in, the start of ivy and ferns budding among the moss coating his coat, and a passion for the earth in his heart.

Active & Parvus Magic

Nature's Voice Upon his birth, the grasses cradled this tiny soul, the flowers cooed at his adorable ebony form, coiled tightly in a ball of drowsy dysphoria. Upon his first steps, the bramble dulled their thorns, softened their branches to support his weight; and all of Nature welcomed their honored Prince.

Parvus - Just as his mother before him, the natural world whispers to this young fawn. It fills the void of the silent night, offers him a constant companion as he ages; and promises to always stand by his side as he grows. Constant. Unwavering. Present. He is never alone, because nature fills that void.

Tier One - At this first level, the young fawn seems to be able to encourage the smallest parts of nature. Tree limbs will shift to shield him from the sun. The grass will pillow beneath him when he lays down. It's all with out thought; it's all with out intention. He's young, he wants something; his magic bends to give it to him; as long as he keeps those wants simple.

Tier Two - As he grows, so will his magic. Tier Two cannot be unlocked until he is at least a year, as this is the stage where it becomes more practicing, less intuition based. He can encourage grow with a soft sigh, speed up the process by a few weeks, a month and a half at most. He can direct how the trees move; where the flowers blossom; where the fruit is created. At this stage; he is learning that not only does nature speak to him, it also wants to listen.

Tier Three - Tier Three can only be unlocked after he hits the age of two, requiring a more mature mind to take in the aspects that if he can convince the earth to grow faster, to bring fruit and vegetables forth; then perhaps to he can control the very nature around him. The vines will move to his demand, the trees will branch off and block the areas from followers, the earth begins to bend to his will for the short period of time it is around him. It is limited to only the natural world directly adjacent to him - further away than 5 yards; and the ability will start to fail, and anything further than 15 yards is untouchable.

Tier Four - Only unlocked after the age of three and a half, this is the step where the now mature buck can begin to see the world as something more than just the plants. He realizes the growth comes from his altering the chemical properties of the very soil. That moving the trees comes from altering the rock below to encourage the roots to take root elsewhere. He learns nature isn't just the trees, it's the very earth it grows on. He realizes, his power isn't limited to the plants that talk to him; but the very environment they spawn in. He can raise mountains (though it would leave him exhausted for months); he can alter the very terrain. He can breath in tune with the Earth.

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04/11/22 Char app accepted, Dawn Youth. Fawn of Callynite/Huehuecoyotl's successful breeding request TID6895; added to records. +20 signos for visual ref. -INKBONE
04/11/22 +1EXP for gaining inherited Active Magic (from breeding request). Sent Discipuli item and added to records. -INKBONE
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