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Black Arctic
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Immortal [Year 508 Spring]








Clydesdale X


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Clydesdale Mix x Vapor Treader - Design by Nasty <3

Black Arctic, or Kaito as he prefers, is a mix of his parents in every way that he can be. As an adult, he will stand at 19 hands and is rather stocky, though not feathered like his sire. His coat is a rich charcoal color with roaning on the majority of his body. His head is chiseled and well molded, almost like a work of art. Like his mother, he has double eyes, though they are golden like his father. The pupils are a striking blue shade that is unusual to horses.

Overlaying his dark pelt, Kaito has a deep navy color that is reminiscent of his mother’s markings. Over those, golden stripes catch attention and even glow in the dark. He has a striking star on his forehead and ears that are definitely from his mother. Black ram’s horns surround said ears and protect his skull from injuries.

He has a thick black mane and tail, though his wings are fins rather than feathered like his sire. They are almost draconian in appearance and aid him in the air as well as working as fins in the water.

Positive Traits: Honest, Trust-worthy, Open minded, Innovative, Creative, Generous, Respectful, Kind, Intelligent, Articulate

Negative Traits: Aloof, Fierce, Cynical, Picky, Critical, Rash, Impatient, Impulsive, Obsessive, Headstrong

Kaito is quite the creature, taking good from both of his parents but yet being his own being in every way. He is honest, almost to the point of being blunt. He is the kind of stallion that you can trust, being open minded and respectful to those that have earned his trust. He has a kind and generous heart, the kind of stallion that wants to help everyone and be the best that he can be. Kaito is innovative and creative, wanting to make things that help the world around him and those that he loves. It is a big part of him and he wishes to create wonders for Novus to love as their own. The stallion is well taught by his parents, being intelligent and articulate. He is the kind to love holding a conversation that helps both parties.

While he is a good stallion in general, he does have his downfalls. He tends to be aloof with those that he hasn’t had the chance to get to know. He is obsessive when he is trying to create things, often being the one to forget to eat or sleep when working on a specific project. He is picky and even cynical when working or dealing with someone new. He wants his projects perfect and he is never happy unless they are.

Kaito has a streak of ferocity that will often land him in trouble. This tends to be heightened when around his family or those that he loves. He can act rashly or even impulsively to try to protect and make their worlds better. The young stallion his headstrong and often of the mind that he is correct even if he isn’t. He has no patience for those that try to prove him wrong, nor waiting to try to figure out a new level to the puzzles that he words through.

Black Arctic, or Kaito as he prefers to be called, is the first born son of Sol Bestiam and Below Zero. He is the younger brother of Alfajiri.

He inherited both immortality and magic from his parents upon birth.

Active & Parvus Magic

Active Magic Lunar Radiation Manipulation - The art of manipulating lunar radiation and using it to one’s abilities and preferences.

- Tier 1 (Discipuli)

Tier one, the start of his magic. Kaito, like his sire, is limited to the lower atmosphere. This radiation is weak, limited by the strength of what he can grasp. As with the moon itself, the fuller the moon, the stronger his power will be. On new moons, he will have no radiation that he can grasp and will be powerless. On the full moon, he will have the most energy to use. Kaito can use this radiation to create small fires, though his fires will burn with cold rather than heat. He will be able to control the magic for roughly 15 minutes before his control will slip and the flames will disappear. He can also create bursts of light, lasting only 5 minutes and they will be icy white light. After each use of his magic, he will be unable to use any further radiation for 24 hours.

- Tier 2 (Vexillum)

At this level, Kaito can reach further through the atmosphere for his energy. While it still is dependent on the moon’s cycle, he now has very limited magic on new moons. At this tier, Kaito can control icy flames for roughly 2 hours before they disappear. Burst of light can be launched up to 5 times in succession, each lasting roughly 15 minutes. Increasing his reach has also allowed him the chance to use his magic for area effects. He can cool the area around him, dropping the temperature to nearly freezing but not quite cold enough to freeze. At this point, his magic is growing, but he still needs roughly 18 hours of rest after using.

- Tier 3 (Periti)

At this level, he has full pull on the radiation from the moon. Ice flames can be controlled for up to 6 hours at a time, up to 3 seperate groups. However, each additional fire will drop the control by an hour total. So if he wants to control 3 fires, he will only be able to hold it for 3 hours total. At this point, his light flares have progressed to being able to create his own moon that acts as a floating light. It does not give off any temperature changes or radiation, but can last for up to 4 hours to provide the stallion with light. He is also able to drop the temperature to roughly 0f to instantly freeze the area around him. After using his magic, he must rest for roughly 8 hours before being able to gather the radiation for use again.

- Tier 4 (Dominus)

At this level, Kaito is a master of his power. The stages of the moon no longer hold his powers and he has full use even on a new moon. At this point, he has complete control of the ice fires and his moon can last for as long as desired. He can also use the lunar light to drop the temperatures around him to dangerously cold levels. He can pull the tides as if he was the moon itself, causing them to come in or go out at will.

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Staff Log

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05/03/22 Char app accepted, Dusk Youth. Foal of Sol Bestiam/Below Zero. +20 signos for visual ref. -INKBONE
05/03/22 +1EXP for gaining inherited immortality. Approved, added to records, item sent. User declined quest. -INKBONE
05/03/22 +1EXP for gaining inherited active magic. Approved, added to records, Discipuli item sent. User declined quest. -INKBONE
06/03/22 +9EXP for Chaosy's 1, 2, and 3 year anniversaries 5/16/19. -INKBONE