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Archion was born with a very special gift , and very special features .

His parents were minimal looking , pale with small horns and gentle smiles . He however , came out with a glow to his horns , and scales touching his body . They were soft at first , hardening within a few hours and becoming shining and golden , standing out against soft fur . They patch his neck and shoulders in small smatters , with some directly under his eyes .

He grew to fourteen three hands over the years , with an ivory coat smattered with soft golden freckling and a pink nose . His body is longer-furred than usual , with tufts feathering his ankles and along his hocks and the end of his muzzle , as well as the tips of his ears and the curve of his jaw . The mane and tail that matches his body grow free and wild , with his tail to the ground and connecting to his mane over his spine in a soft length that stands high .

Gold touches his ears tufts , shimmering and metallic , matching the scales on his body and the color of his pupils . His eyes are strange on their own , with the entire pupil and iris aglow , and the sclera black as night . His hooves are golden as well , cloven from the lineage of his parents .

His horns are another story , arching up over his head and neatly meeting above his head , arching out in spikes and glowing spots . Another draconic feature , the one that gifts him with his Dragonspeak ( other than the knowledge he was born with ) , are the sharp golden teeth in his mouth , and a draconic tongue , thin and tapering with a small fork at the very end .

His outfit consists of a sheer crimson scarf with gold beads at either end , as well as golden laurels that rest under his ears . Thin golden chains wrap his shoulders and neck , resting on his haunches and his lower legs as well , and three pairs of stud earrings and hoop earrings as well .

Scholarly at heart , Archion is a book smart and gentle being . He's softer spoken , tending to be more buried in a book in a library or outside instead of in courtly procedures . He does get involved in them , but prefers a book over more interactions . He's surprisingly well spoken , and tends to keep to himself at times , though he can and will be social if he has to be , and is fairly good at it , raised in a court himself .

He's kind at heart , learning the wisdom of the dragons has brought him a long way . Even after the scarring of his run from his homeland , which have given him particular little episodes . Any loud screams or shouts near him will make him flinch away , and he tends to scurry from conflict as fast as he can with his heart in his throat . Archion cannot and will not participate in any sort of violence , and it leaves him a little shaken for about an hour or two after , until he can find a center to calm himself .

Archion is a sweet soul , who likes to read more than anything else , as well as teach . Anyone that is willing to learn , he will try to teach , and he tends to speak Draconian in his excitement .

Archion was born in a far off land , to two parents of a middle class division . The land was known for worshipping dragons , and living among them . The great serpents were adored , being wise and immortal creatures that would bring no harm , only peace and prosperity to those that they lived among .

In this land , known as Esperion , there were extremely rare births . Foals born with the touch of dragons , with the tongue of dragons . Able to speak Draconic language , they were revered and called Dragonspeakers , raised in a more noble setting once their parents gave them to the royals for a better living . Archion was one of those foals .

He knew Draconion before he knew his own language , born with the marks of dragons ( the scales , and glowing horns ) . His parents knew immediately when he was born , as neither had scales or horns , and were merely devout to the wise dragons in their city . Archion was given to the noble houses almost immediately , and while not held away from his parents , he didn't see them that often , as absorbed in his studies as he became from a young age , devouring all the content he could on dragons .

The land was a very peaceful one , with no conflicts to know of thanks to the wisdom of the dragons . Yet , all was not peaceful for long .

A neighboring country became wickedly jealous , wanting the knowledge of the dragons for their own , and they launched an all out war and pillage on the city . It went up in flames easily , filled mostly with scholars and very little of those in the art of being soldiers . Archion awoke to the sounds of screams and the stink of fire and blood , and fled as quickly as he could . The dragons , who would not meddle in the affairs of equines , took to the skies and fled , refusing to take sides and stir the ire of anyone . His city burned , and his people were killed .

Archion is the last of the Dragonspeakers , if not the last .

His fleeing led him far from home , and while reading was one thing and learning of dragons , the real world was a harsh reality check . However , he struck luck when he wandered into the courts of Novus , and found a home in Denocte as a scholar . There , he speaks with the dragons of the markets , to soothe the pangs of loneliness in his heart , and the homesickness that plagues him so .

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Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Small Accessories : golden laurels that rest under his ears , thin golden chains wrap his shoulders and neck , resting on his haunches and his lower legs as well , and three pairs of stud earrings and hoop earrings .
Larger Accessory : a sheer crimson scarf with gold beads at either end

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