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A character from World of Warcraft; Tyrande is the chosen high priestess of the goddess Elune, the former general of the night elf Sentinels, and the current head of the Sisterhood of Elune.

A woman once locked in an ageless state, Tyrande still appears well into her youthful prime rather than the hundreds of years old she truly is. The high priestess is a delicate and willowy creature, but not waifish at all in appearance. Lithe despite her towering height, Tyrande looks as though a strong breeze might knock her over. Despite her dainty build, she is far from a weak mare, though Tyrande is mindful of her own weaknesses in the face of a stronger foe. Hailing from a long line of tall, elegant creatures has blessed Tyrande with a height not often seen among mares she has come across since fleeing her homeland. Soft, yet refined, she is a mare of almost otherwordly and ethereal beauty.

Blanketed in shades of greens and blues, Tyrande's primary color is a vibrant blue-green that wraps her entire frame. The blue-green gradually blends into a gentle blue the further down her legs it goes, meeting vibrant green hooves at its end. The blues and greens of her pelt are interrupted by jagged, inconsistent, and disorderly splotches of a misty pale mint that nearly looks white in certain lights. The soft pink of her skin colors around Tyrande's nostrils and muzzle, as well as underneath her eyes. Her doe-like eyes bear a bright, vivid yellow around the pupils while a dark turquoise makes up the rest of her irises,

Tyrande's mane and tail fall in heavy, long sheets of silky greens and blues with gentle waves to the locks. Her mane and tail drag along the ground; her tail, in particular, follows behind her like the train of a grand ballgown. Her hair mimics the colors of her pelt, but in reverse - gentle blue starts at her roots before gradually blending into a vivid blue-green at the tips. A great golden horn acts as a large golden crown as it arcs over her head, connecting to her skull behind her ears. Sharp points decorate her "crown" and are quite sharp to the touch.

For some occasions, Tyrande can be seen with parts of her hair braided or twisted away from her face in an attempt to tame the unruly locks of her hair. At all times, she is seen wearing a golden bracelet high upon the forearms of her front legs, where the bracelets meet the elbows of her legs and press upwards onto her shoulders.

"Only the Goddess may forbid me anything."

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Tyrande is a mare led by her emotions and her ties to friends, family, and those held dear to her. A mare who wears her heart on her sleeve, so they say. Some call it a weakness, but Tyrande sees it as a strength; for what is strength without love? After all, the love that her parents bared for each other has taught Tyrande that love is perhaps one of the most important things a creature could aspire to achieve. So, she welcomes all that she can into her heart. She bends a waiting ear towards those who need it, offering comforting words and often sound advice. Tyrande is a mare who goes out of her way to help others and is a charitable soul who just wants to see the world be the best it can be.

Her elegance and poise would have her the perfect princess...if she had been so lucky to have been born as one, instead of a commoner. She is well-mannered and soft-spoken, hardly raising her voice beyond a gentle lilt even when in the clutches of rage. Yet...Tyrande is prone to making rash decisions and perhaps not being too gentle in some of her assessments. Due to her emotional control (or lack of), she is often quick to make sudden decisions based on her emotions or threats towards loved ones. Tyrande is an honest mare but has yet to learn the true tact of "sugar-coating" her honesty. Not quite blunt but not quite soft, she tells things how they are as gently as she can - and sometimes fails.

Despite the virtues she possesses, Tyrande is also afflicted by streaks of vengeance. An inherently peaceful soul by nature, her need to mete out justice and seek retribution is a rare occurrence that is only saved for the things she holds dearest to her heart.

"The goddess gives me strength."


Born of a culture now long gone to the annals of time, Tyrande's birth brought great joy to her parents. For her people, the birth of a child was a tremendous event the whole forest celebrated. Though they led unnaturally long lives, they were rarely capable of bearing children. The arrival of new life amongst their ranks was always an extraordinary event. Even more fortuitous, an eclipse happened the day of her birth, marking Tyrande as a herald of the moon goddess herself. Due to the fact children were such a precious commodity and a rare gem to protect, she was essentially raised by the whole city of Selasera. Regardless of rank, any mare took time to dote upon her and any man always kept a keen eye on the moon-marked girl as she darted through the woods. Tyrande grew wanting for nothing and floated into adulthood with the love of all those around her.

Upon reaching her "teen" years, Tyrande was whisked away to the temple of their patron deity. She was to serve as a priestess for the very moon goddess that had so clearly favored Tyrande at her birth, for the eclipse was clearly a sign of a life of servitude to the goddess. Centuries trickled by once Tyrande grew into full adulthood, forever stuck in the physical prime of life, and at some point, she took the mantle of the High Priestess. It was her destiny they all said and Tyrande felt as though it was her duty to serve. Also as High Priestess, Tyrande now served in The Council, which was a group of five highly ranked leaders from each aspect of Selasera's life: The Monarch, the merchant's Grandmaster, the army's General, a representative of the people, and the High Priest or Priestess.

As the High Priestess, it garnered Tyrande many suitors but none of them ever succeeded. She was a creature created out of love, and thus only wanted such a strong love of her own. Tyrande would not settle for status or money, but only for true love much like her own parents had. Only one man came close, but the devastation wrought upon their forest home called him away from her.

Her life, as peaceful as it was, came to a violent end when invaders descended upon Selasera one night. They came to conquer and to pillage, setting fire to the ancient forest Tyrande and her people called home. She grew lost and delirious in the smoke and flames, calling upon the moon goddess to save them all. In her desperation to save the forest, Tyrande tapped into the core of her own magic and summoned stars to fall; yanking them from the skies to rain the goddess's wrath on the invaders. Great bursts of silvery magic flared all around her as Tyrande crumpled to the ground, slowly losing consciousness as her vision went dark.

It is only when she awakened in a land foreign to her did Tyrande understand the gravity of the situation. Her home was gone and likely her people with it. But the goddess had not forsaken her too, for the moon shined brightly over her head. The moon's light not only illuminated the night for Tyrande but also gave comfort. She was not entirely alone in the strange world she found herself in - her companion, a ghostly pale owl, stood as a sentinel over Tyrande's weakened form nearby.

And since then, she has wandered aimlessly searching for survivors. At some point in her travels, Tyrande lost her immortality. Rather than see it as a tragedy, she saw it as a blessing; a mortal life would save her from an eternity alone.



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"The goddess gives me strength." At all times, she is seen wearing a golden bracelet high upon the forearms of her front legs, where the bracelets meet the elbows of her legs and press upwards onto her shoulders.

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